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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 4: The Possession

Chapter Four: The Possession

Maven, Reyl and Jarvis returned to Handelburg with the spoils and proofs of the quarry. Reyl and Jarvis went to the Hunters’ Guild to claim their pay, while Maven went to Olivia’s house to visit. According to Reyl, Olivia complained that she was not well and Reyl just went to Karlsbard Caverns alone.

When Maven arrived at the door, she eavesdropped and then peeped at Olivia talking to herself. Olivia was apparently possessed by the Ice Goddess, Frei Val’shka, whom she summoned through a backfired necromancy practice. The Ice Goddess planned to rule the world again, and she urged Olivia to take the treasured artifact, the Frost Tiara Freigaline wtih a promise of great power for the wearer (as the greatest wizard in the world). It actually contained Val’shka’s mana core (residual power), reserved when she was frozen to death as her spell backfired.

Note: Val’shka once casted the ultimate frost spell: Frozen Doomsday. Unfortunately, that spell cannot be used in the already frozen environment or it would backfire and froze the caster instead.

Well, that’s bad! What must Maven do?

Menu Choice:

A) Pretending that she didn’t know – Jump playalong:

B) Confront Olivia – Jump oliviakillmaven:

Label: oliviakillmaven

Maven confronted Olivia, and Val’shka’s soul ordered Olivia to silence her. She fought Olivia, thinking that she could defeat her, but apparently she was wrong. With Val’shka’s support, Olivia was too strong for her. One Blizzard spell destroyed the house and Maven along with it. (GAME OVER)

Label: playalong

Maven knocked at the door, ending Olivia’s trance. Olivia wasn’t to happy to see her again. After Maven explained on how she and Jarvis helped Reyl finish the quarry and Reyl going berserk, Olivia got a bit friendlier. She then asked Maven: Is Jarvin your boyfriend?

Menu Choice:

A) Yes – Jump oliviafriendly: Good! Olivia showed a most friendly smile. Jump oliviacontinue:

B) No – jump oliviaquestion2: Olivia asked again: Is Jarvis handsome and of your ideal type?

Menu Choice:

A) Yes – Jump oliviafriendly2: Jarvis is a bit uptight, but they’ll find a way through somehow. As friends, the chemistry is good. Who knows? Jump oliviacontinue:

B) No – jump mavenlied: Reyl & Jarvis showed up, Olivia told Reyl that Maven has lied about Jarvis, looking displeased. Olivia thought Jarvis was real handsome, but she still loved her Reyl. Reyl stared at Maven, starting to distrust her, but Jarvis understood Maven’s intention and he just smiled and backed her up. Jump oliviacontinue:

Label: oliviacontinue

Reyl told Maven that he and Olivia were doing all right and thanked her for the help. He has divided quite a handsome pay with Jarvis. He also suggested Jarvis as Maven’s ideal partner and love interest, to which Maven only nodded. Maven and Jarvis left the premise after saying goodbyes.

However, Maven got uneasy and told Jarvis about Olivia being possessed. Jarvis suggested that they spy on the two again so they can do anything necessary to save the day. Jarvis also told her about Val’shka, the Ice Goddess who possessed Olivia, how powerful she was and how bad things might get (the 2nd Ice Age) if Val’shka ever gets to full strength again. They must stop Olivia at all costs to lay her hands on the Freigaline Tiara.

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