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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 3: Karlsbard Berserk

Chapter Three: Berserk in Karlsbard

Maven and Jarvis went inside Karlsbard Cavern. The dark cavern was full of dead-ends, quicksands, and monsters. The journey inside include a crazy slide into the center.

In the center, the couple caught up with Reyl, who was fighting alone with the quarry: Garghnak, an ultra-rare monster resembling a giant three-eyed, four wings, armored chest manta ray: the freak of freaks. Sadly, Olivia was not around. The three just fought together, and Maven cooked up a tactic to shoot:

Menu Choice:

A) The three eyes – Jump threeeyes

B) The mouth – Jump mavendead1 – Jump mavenzap: Garghnak chew the arrow! Maven got electrocuted beyond superhuman endurance, and died (GAME OVER)

C) The chest – Armored chest, the thickest of all. – Jump chest

Label: threeeyes

The three eyes seem quite vulnerable, the obvious weak spot of all. Just as Maven shot at it, Reyl suddenly went berserk as though he was crazed/in trance. He attacked the eye and got in line of the arrow shot. He was shot on the back through his heart, and lost his life on the spot.

In fury, Maven shot the three eyes and killed the monster, but she wept on Reyl’s death. She ran out of the cave and out of everybody’s lives, in the deepest regret of her life. No one has ever heard of Maven anymore. (BAD ENDING)

Label: chest

Maven observed a bit more and spotted a tiny red speck on the monster’s chest. Just then, Reyl attacked more brutally, and Caeleth had just enough time to notice that and be more careful. She found an opening, and she shot the red speck! Blood sprouting out like fountain, and Garghnak keeled over.

After they killed the quarry, Rey continued to get berserk and attacked his companions! Maven sprang into action.

Menu Choice:

A) Threaten Reyl with the arrow straight at him – Jump shotatreyl: Reyl charged at you, and you just shot at him at the critical moment. Reyl’s dead and you lost your purpose in life (BAD ENDING)

B) Let Jarvis handle him – Jump stun: Dennis stunned Reyl with the Stunning Spell.

Stunned, Reyl’s berserk gradually wore off and he is himself again. Maven/Jarvis asked Reyl about his berserk, and he admitted that he didn’t know. He just got angry, and the next thing he remembered was he has killed/destroyed anything in his path. His berserk began 2 months ago.

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