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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MilanoCat's Tenkentai RPG Maker VX Battlers!

Original Site Source (in Japanese):

So, yes, I'm doing this Milano Cat guy a favor by translating the page into English and redirect the link to his original page. The second reason is, his RPG Maker VX Tenkentai Side View Battlers are sooo cool, you must download 'em all! Don't forget to credit MilanoCat for sharing it with us!

Tags: RPG Maker VX Resource, Resources, battler

Links to download the resources: Just follow the 2nd if the first links are broken

Battler Set 1 : Angels, Elf Rangers, Succubus, Incubus

Battler Set 2 : Minotaurs, Nagas, Imps

Battler Set 3 : Goblins, Trolls, Carnivorous Plants

Battler Set 4 : Pirates, Sea Monsters, Kraken

Battler Set 5 : Mummies, Egyptian-Styled

Battler Set 6 : Fishmen, Mosquitomen etc.

Battler Set 7 : Gavials, Archangels

Battler Set 8 : Witches, Warlocks, Lich

Battler Set 9 : Mermaids, Giant Aardvark, Common Beasts

Battler Set 10 : Harpy, Bat, Fairy

Battler Set 11 : Fire monsters, Cockatrice

Battler Set 12 : Undead: Skeletons, Zombie, Ghoul, Banshee

Battler Set 13 : Common mutant beasts

Battler Set 14 : Orcs, Ogre

Battler Set 15 : Crusade kings, mounts

Battler Set 16 : Winter Monsters

Battler Set 17 : Knights, Soldiers

Battler Set 18 : Griffins, Primates

Battler Set 19 : Common People

Battler Set 20 : Behemoth, Moby Dick RPG Battlers

Battler Set 21 : Knights, Super Warriors Worldwide

Battler Set 22 : Gnolls, Angels, Naga Queens

Battler Set 23 : Dragons

Battler Set 24 : Cerberus, Hellhound, Centaurs

Battler Set 25 : Dragons, Drakes, Mermaids

More to come in the original site, so be sure to check often!

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