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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outlaw City - The RPG Game

Written by Anamei Productions™

Outlaw City Project History

Outlaw City the project came about because of the first official contest held by the RPG Maker XP community: After having set up a subscription service, had it's first time in the black (financially) and that very Tuesday they created the first contest.

To Create a 5+ hour game within 2 months from scratch. No other resource limitations were imposed.

We decided to come up with a new project idea, and were talking over things people hadn't often done in an Role Playing Game, and one thing that came right up with a Super Hero styled RPG game. Intrigued with the idea, we took some of our super hero designs from a game called City of Heroes and put together a story that used them.

Outlaw City has seen one sequel, Outlaw City: Dark Past, which details the early adventures of one of Outlaw City's main characters when she was younger and in her original home.

Future of Outlaw City

The future holds some fun possibilities for Outlaw City, of it's original story, only about 2/3 manged to make it into the game, much of the more personal aspects of the characters were ignored and avoided, especially the back history of Proto and Mystic, and Sahra's father and mother.

There were plans to revise Outlaw City to include the rest of this story, but we decided that just revising an old game with new content was a waste, and are planning instead an Outlaw City 2, where the huge underlying theme of Malice from Dark Past and Outlaw City will be uncovered, as will the truth behind Sahra and her unusual family ties.

History of Outlaw City

Outlaw City is an RPG set in the post-modern day "Generation City."

During a world-wide energy crisis, a newly formed corporation, Generation Corp, offered to solve the world's energy problems on the condition that they be given money and an island to form a central power-generating hub that had completely sovereignty.

Sounding outrageous, the world governments scoffed and asked for proof that such a thing was possible. Generation Corp invited each country to bring scientific representatives to see their newest endeavor, an Infinity Generator, in a highly successful demonstration. After having proven that they could create massive amounts of energy quickly, cheaply, and cleanly, the governments agreed, funding was supplied, and the island city of Generation was born.

The Price of Sovereignty

Run by Generation Corp, the city soon became a very popular hub for the wealthy and for trade. Generation City, free from world laws, also became an ideal place for black market operations and illegal opportunities. Soon even worse began to gather, including terrorists, anarchists, and other violient delinquints.

However Generation Corp was well aware of the dangers that being sovereign carried; they had formed a highly advanced and well equipped personal army of peace-keepers. Thanks to their own laws, dealing with such people in a very brutal and final manner brought the city back to a more stable state.

World Preparation

The other countries, not wanting Generation Corp to take advantage of it's situation, spent hordes of time and money developing alternate sources of energy. Not long after these alternate sources became viable an unexpected disaster befell the Infinity Generators. An impenetrable energy field formed around the generators, cutting down the amount of energy gained to barely enough to run the city itself.

No one could discern from where or why the large field had formed, attempts to penetrate or manipulate it all failed. With Generation City's main source of wealth suddenly gone, people feared for the state of the city even as the governments activated their alternate sources of energy, abandoning Generation City.

This was not the only thing Generation City could use to keep itself alive however, the immunity from world laws soon became the selling point of Generation City, and the darker aspects of the city grew. A hub for illegal activities, Generation City soon found that the energy emitted from the shield had another negative side effect....

Odd Changes

More and more occurances of civilians mutating were reported. These mutations were not usually disfiguring, but instead were changes like greatly increased physical attributes and rarely even abiilities not unlike those of teenage comic-book heroes. When word spread, Generation City attracted even more of the dead life from the world, people who wanted to start over and young people who wanted to make a name for themselves.

Generation City became Outlaw City, and the foundation of power itself shifted to become an equal match between Generation Corp, the city government "The Knights," a group of underground specialists who called themselves the "Arcanum," and a shadowy group that few knew much about.

Current Day

On top of it all, many self-proclaimed heroes, vigilanties, began to crop up and use their new-found powers to deal with their own personal issues in usually violent manners.

It's one-such person, a young writer named Sahra Vintage, that our story centers around.

1. Over-customized RTAB system!
. . . A. Customized Skill Effects, ranging from Transformations to special buffs to % HP reduction and more.
. . . B. Specialized MP replacement: Stamina, which recovers each turn.
. . . C. HP and Stamina regen levels replaces old item healing and "heal" botting.
. . . D. Raised effectiveness of debuffs and "holds."
. . . E. Removal of "Item" command.
. . . F. Damage caused raises a character's "stress," which is used perform special "Super powers."
2. Customized Skill Learning and Enhancement System!
3. Full range of dynamic difficulty levels!
4. End-game Score ranking based on numbers of fights and difficulty levels!
5. Enemy level scaling and special attacks which are only released in higher difficulty levels!
6. 5+ Full Hours of Gameplay.
7. Variable ending based on your performance.
8. Short special feature after the ending.
9. New Game+ (stability questionable)

Download from Here

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