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Sunday, May 16, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Three Part 1


You go back to the inn and Robert is now on his bed – gone! Well, there’s only one place you’ll find him for sure: his usual corner in Golden Ram Pub. Just talk to Robert and he’ll join your party as Cristophe’s mentor.

For the first task of this newly formed team, go to Sansarine Guild and take the Troll Hunt Mission in Lumien Forest. You need to go to Varestine City in Eastern Lore to sign up. The road straight to Varestine from the south is guarded tight and blocked, so you’ll have to go all the way north through Trident Cave.

Trident Cave

As the name stands, it’s a three-way cave. A problem arises: The toll gate keeper lost the key to the gate. Take the leftmost path until you get into the room where the stream is running inside. Go along the frozen path. The key is right below the shrub on the wall (take it by pressing ACTION button), and you can use it to unlock the heavy gate on the rightmost path. Exit the cave and go northwest to...

Partridge Town

Rest here for a while and shop for goods, weapons and armor. Talk to a young drunkard, Felmar in the restaurant section of Partridge Mall (the biggest building in the upper left corner) and take up a quest to deliver his letter to Dinara, the girl he likes.

Dinara lives in one of the nine identical houses in Partridge Real Estate, the one in the center. HINT: The content in the houses (left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

No.1: Talk No.2: Talk No.3: Talk+Bonus
No.4: Instant Death! (subject to revision) No.5: Quest No.6: Item
No.7: Battle No.8: Talk+Item No.9: Vacant

Deliver the reply letter from the girl to the drunkard to receive reward. After you’re done walking around, exit town, go to the east corner and then south to Arkvale Village.

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