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Friday, May 28, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Three Part 2

Varestine City

After shopping a bit, go to the Walthorn Guild building (lower left corner of the city next to the castle wall). Sign up for the Lumien Trolls quest with the clerk on the left. You may also take the bonus quest of finding a runaway boy (more will be added on later versions).

Mini-games: Horse Race level 1 and Rob’s Crossbow Practice level 1

Walk out from the city and you’ll be confronted by a rival hunting party, Baxter and Ellephar. Just talk to one of them (VERY IMPORTANT - Let them approach you) so you’ll aware of what they’ll do later in Lumien Forest.

Lumien Forest
Quest: Lumien Trolls – Mainstream

This forest is indeed a labyrinth, especially if you need to defeat three trolls to collect their ears plus the booby traps set by Baxter and Ellephar along the way. There’ll be another event when you stumble upon the third group hunting the trolls also, so better prepare at least one dispel herb to help the leader of the third group.

BOSS: Forest Troll (HP: 2000)
The three trolls are in separate locations in the forest.
Beware, it has strong attack and defense and can regenerate.
Drop Item: Mace

After defeating the three trolls, you’ll be transported (“teleported” to be exact) back to Varestine.

Settle your quest completion with the clerk on the center and collect your reward money from the cashier on the right, save your game and walk out from the building, and you’ll find yourself in the Varestine Cemetery for a special event: Rob’s another flashback.

With that, Robert only has one thing to do left to make peace with his past, and he needs to go to Alceste, capital of Lore Kingdom.

Hotshot Pass

Well, since the toll gate to Alceste is closed, you need to detour through this fiery cave on the left through the mountains. It’s a very tricky place, and the trick is: When you first go in and move to the bottom of the map, you’ll find a three-forked path. Just choose the middle path exit and you’re out of that area.

However, if you desire more challenge and bonuses (in treasure chests), you might want to try all paths of this tricky place first and exit with the same manner as above. Tip: The original cave is if the middle entrance leads to the world map.

The path is: (exit-to-entrance, L=left, M=middle, R=Right)
Hotshot Cave 1: L => 2R M => Out R => 3L
Hotshot Cave 2: L => 1R M => 2L R => 3M
Hotshot Cave 3: L => 2M M => 3R R => 1L

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