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Sunday, May 16, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Two

Robert "Orcbane" Chandler the Ranger


Explore the town for a while and talk to everybody there. Go to the weapon shop, talk to Gershon who is specially grumpy right now. And then you ask the man who is browsing on the left corner of the shop about Gershon’s attitude. The man, Eldric the Diehard then tells you about a gang of kobolds led by A’bong the orc robbing and killing travelers, also robbed the couriers transporting Gershon’s goods.

After that, drop by for a while in the pub and talk to a white-haired man sitting on a corner. After the first talk, talk to him again until he tells you that his name is Robert.

You then go to Sansarine Guild, asking the clerk about the kobold gang quest or just go directly to the guildmaster Hulfred Randall in his office on the second floor. The quest, which is not for novices like Chris and Carol is already taken by none other than Robert Chandler, an intrepid bounty hunter famous by the nickname “Orcbane”. Just accept the task of collecting 10 cobalt ores by defeating kobolds in Harper Hills Cave.

Harper Hills Cave

It’s the first cave due east from Rand. The path is somewhat trickier with dead-ends, detours and poison traps. It’s actually a crystal mine laden with the crystals Arsenicum: touch it and you’ll get poisoned, and Halizeum: cures all poison by just touching it.

To save time, collect all 10 ores first and just follow the path before you enter A’bong’s Lair. There, Robert is confronting his quarry – A’bong and you just join him to help. (Robert joins your party!)

BOSS: A’bong the Orc

HP: 3000
A’bong are with two kobolds. He attacks quite slow but powerful. Always try stunning or sleep magic and beware of his power moves, Megaton Impact (Earth).

After defeating A’bong, you and Carol take Robert back to the inn in Rand (instantly). You might want to go back to Harper Cave again to finish your task or leveling up. There’s a secret exit on the top-right crack on the wall in A’bong’s Lair. It’s one-sided so finish your business before going out. Return to Hulfred and get the reward you deserve.

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