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Saturday, June 26, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Four Part 1


Out of the fiery tracks, go east and enter the capital of Lore Kingdom, Alceste City.

Alceste City

Upon entering the gate, Robert tells the party that he needs to visit his friend’s house, the green-roofed suburban house on the bottom right corner behind the outer city wall. Find and enter the house and talk to the woman inside: Dorothea Turnbill. Get out of the house and head to the Bistro Hut, the wooden building just across the inn and jewelry store. Talk to the chubby man eating like a machine there to trigger an event between Rob and his old friend Sir Tylich Turnbill.

After that, exit the bistro hut to get the quest item: [Elven Cookbook].
Read (use) it to note the ingredients you need to make the ultimate dish:

Quest: Yggdrasil Extravaganza - Mainstream

1x Garlic, 1x Spinach, 1x Carrot, 1x Ginseng
1x Mandrake Root, 1x Mandrake Berry, 1x Nightshade Mushroom
1x Special Spices (basil, turmeric, galingale, nutmeg)
Plus, one slice of Tenderloin Steak.

You can buy the ingredients in the marketplace just next to the inner city gate, except Special Spices and Tenderloin Steak. Talk to all merchants there (mandatory!) and you’ll get the clue for getting the special spices from a hooded, mysterious supplier.

Explore the city and you’ll find three hooded people there. The one you seek is on the upper-left corner of the map, strolling along the buildings south of the moat, while the others will either steal your money or kill you instantly (instant death – subject to revision).

Ready at least 1,000 – 2,000 geines before you talk to the hooded person who turns out to be Ney’varith Ushmiel, a she-elf mage and buy the Special Spices.

The last ingredient is Tenderloin Beef, and the only place you can get it is the barnyard on the bottom left corner of the city between the walls.

Alceste Barnyard
Quest: Barnyard Rodeo – Mainstream

Alas, the shopkeep can’t sell anything because there’s a problem at hand: The cattle there are mutating into monsters! Volunteer to help find the cause and solution to this problem in a “barnyard rodeo”, fighting mutated cows (Lesser Minotaurs) and the MINI-BOSS: Mutated rooster (Cockatrice).

Search in the well and you’ll find the cause: the magic crystal called Thaumaturvium with power to mutate beasts and plants into monsters. This is a quest item, so keep it always in the inventory.

Buy Tenderloin Steak and touch the stove in Sir Tylich’s suburban house to cook the Yggdrasil Extravaganza. Pick up (or rather) drag Sir Tylich out of the Bistro Hut and back to his house. He’ll taste the food and will agree to help you at last.

Again, talk to the hooded Ney. She’ll help you gain access into Marlham Royal Palace (north edge of the map) while Tylich arranges the appointment with Rael’charon and asks you to come again near the palace gate by midnight.

Take your time, restock your potions and play some mini-games: Horse Race Level 2 in the stable near Sir Tylich’s house and Dice Guess – Pea Guess game in the pub on the top right corner of the city map.

When you’re done, save your game and rest at the inn. Night comes, and it’s darker than usual. Go to the upper end of town near the moat and talk with Ney’varith the elf there. She’ll tell you that Rael’charon has agreed to meet in the Royal Orchard in the palace. She then conjures a bridge of vines over the palace rampart. Just climb the “bridge”, and voila! You’re in!

This is the exact location of the "vine bridge" and meeting point with Ney:

Cristophe Deveraux the Paladin

You can explore the castle grounds first for bonuses in treasure chests (gamers’ privilege) before “touching” the character in the center the orchard to talk to him.

Rael’charon the elf is actually the Royal Advisor of Lore (“borrowed” from Thyrine). He then asks you a favor to find the Princess of Lore, Eloise who has a weird habit lately of going to Alceste Cemetery every midnight.

Robert then agrees to investigate it. Rael’charon joins the group and the scene changes into the cemetery entrance.

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