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Sunday, June 27, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Four Part 2

Alceste Cemetery

Explore the area, move boulders by simply “pushing” them, follow the path, fight off undead, namely skeletons, ghosts and zombies until you reach the entrance gate to the royal mausoleum. Save your game and prepare yourself to deal with:

BOSS: Guryal the Defiler, Skeleton King
HP: 3500
Along with three skeleton warriors, he’ll attack you with some fancy moves, including Three-Point Chain Slash, Flying Blade and Poison Breath. The trick is: always try to trick the enemy before he tricks you.

Once you defeat him, freshen your team up before entering the next area.

Royal Tomb

Now here’s one tricky area. You’ll have to open doors, push levers and push boulders to proceed (Think first! If you’re stuck you’ll have to load your game and restart!), and here’s the clue – figuratively according to the map.

You start from the “bottom of the map”, and the gates on the left and right are closed.

1st Tier
Move (ACTION button) Lever A on the left, and Gate A on the right will open.
Move (ACTION button) Lever B on the right, and Gate B on the left will open.
(Proceed Up)

2nd Tier
Move (ACTION button) Lever B on the right, and Gate B on the left will open.
Move (ACTION button) Lever A on the left, and Gate A on the right will open.
(Proceed Up)

3rd Tier
Move (ACTION button) Lever C on the left, and Gate C on the center will open.
Move (ACTION button) Lever D on the right, and Gate D on the right of 4th Tier will open.

4th Tier
Proceed up through the opened Gate D on the right.
Move (ACTION button) Lever E on the top right, and Gate E on the left will open.
Proceed up through the opened Gate E on the left.
Move (ACTION button) Lever F on the top left, and Gate F on the center will open.

Save your game and prepare your party, and then go through the opened Gate F. Move straight up to trigger a cutscene and a battle with...

BOSS: Bakkhal the Foul, the Ghostly Necromancer
HP: 4000
As a magician-type ghost, he is hard to hit with normal attacks and tend to use magicks like: Weapon Curse, Lightning Blast, Lightning Burst and HP-absorbing Vampirism. Be patient and use your resources especially Carol’s magic, and you will prevail.

After defeating Bakkhal, it’s back to the palace for a long story cutscene involving Robert who finally settles (almost) all matters of his past and is ready to face the future.

The next thing the group wants to do is to go to Grad Mountains in Aurelia Mainland to meet Carolyn’s ex-tutor, Paolo Marvellini.

IMPORTANT! Before setting sail, bring at least 1500 geines with you (500 geines for the ship fare, and 1000 geines for an important purpose). If not, you’ll be in deep trouble (unless we fix something up in later versions of the game, maybe 4 or so).

After replenishing your supplies, go out of Alceste and walk eastwards to the harbor of Wagnerport. Pay 500 geines to board the ship and off you go, sailing to Arcadia and the next chapter.

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