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Monday, September 06, 2010

Ancient Pixelry Battleground

Ancient Battlegrounds


Ancient Battleg...
Added: 02 February 2009
By: Commander Jaspo

Created by:
Commander Jaspo

Game description:

It's finally here! The long
unanticipated release of the
complete version of Ancient
Battlegrounds! It is a long
playing war game set in the
early years of human
existence, focusing on the fight
between the Cushites and
Caananites as they attempt to
conquer Mesopotamia. The
gameplay style is similar to the
galactic conquest mode in Star
Wars Battlefront II. Unfinished
upon it's submission for
competition02 more than a year
ago, it is now complete,
improved, and expanded upon.
It now includes, among other
things, a bonus system. This
game is not meant to be played
through in one sitting and
therefore has been equipped
with a nifty "save" button.

BJ Vadis' comment:
Now here's one addictive game with GameMaker.
Though I only played the Very Easy mode, I wouldn't mind playing it again, as Cushies or Canines (oops)


Pixelry 1
Added: 31 March 2010
By: EvelendGames

Created by: Evelend Games

This is really an incomplete version, because we needed more time to complete the game. There are a few known bugs
at the menu, at the forge and in the last battle of the game. We are going to upload a better version of it in the near future. Thanks!

"Come near, since I'm telling you a story that took place long ago. Listen carefully..."

"...'Who achieves to defeat my best knights, the 5 Champions, in the Royal Cavalry Chamionship, thou will be who marries my dear daughter, the princess Annabelle Hyacinthe Arianna di Grandigund.''

BJ Vadis' Comment: LOL, another Annabelle...!!! Just created a story with an "Annabelle" on it hehe.

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