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Friday, September 17, 2010

Eternal Paradise


Eons ago, the world and all of its splendours were created by the magnificent and all-powerful being simply known as the “Creator.” It wove the threads of life, and upon creating the planet Earth, spotted it with its most cherished life-form: man.

Having gifted mankind with all of its blessing and necessities, the Creator simply watched as man forged his own path in life, and over the decades crafted himself in to a race of truly wondrous individuals numbering in the millions.

The Creator, however, grew tired of this creation, and thus gave life to four heavenly Kings to watch over and monitor the world in his stead. One of these Kings, Celes, wanted more than the Creator could ever possibly give her: she wanted its power—the divine power of creation. Upon being rejected of her request, the mighty guardian revolted against her creator and all of his creations, and was tossed from her perch atop the heavens in to a realm of purgatory; an island resting between Earth and the Heavens, but far enough away from either that they'd taunt her position for all of eternity.

Countless years have passed since that fated day, and now that island prison hanging in purgatory between Heaven and Earth will become the destination for four youths seeking revenge against a murderous man. Their journey, however, may lead them on an adventure that could reshape the very foundation of all that was, and all that could ever be...

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