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Tuesday, January 01, 2013 The Ravaging of the Sun - Part 4

Aegis the Thunder Bird (Dio Summon in FireHeart) from

Meanwhile the mages, archers, and some other hunters on the other hand use their spells and ranged attacks on Chimera’s body to divert its attention but with care not to hit their short-range comrades.   
Alexis’ chest is grazed by the blade of Kraal’shazar and he is thrown downwards by the impact of the dark force. Paliades’ Meteor Napalm Rain successfully repels Robert and Sheena’s attacks at last and hurt them moderately, but after that Paliades falters a bit. A swordsman sees this and hits Paliades with an unknown, not very powerful combo yet it hurts Paliades considerably. Paliades screams painfully and swings the great sword Deathblade horizontally and splits the swordsman’s head in half. Paliades smiles behind his frown of pain, and this turnaround momentum turns against him. The heir’s eyes open wide, and he instantly becomes aware of his condition.
‘Gotcha, you bloody heir.’
Paliades turns his head to his right and sees Kyflynn behind him. Kyflynn the Windwalker just smiles slyly and pulls his dagger Maraj’vriad out from Paliades’ back. It seems the night elf assassin has appeared out of nowhere and backstabbed Paliades.
‘One thing you should know about this dome is,’ says Kyflynn threateningly as he moves very fast to a safe distance. ‘That we are all much lighter here than outside and other chambers in Enia’s Sanctum. About one sixth or seventh of our actual weight, I guess. So there’s no wonder if we floated before we landed. And I feel much quicker here so you were not able to detect my movement just now. Take this as my gift. It’ll ease your mind during your journey to hell with Vordac.’
The semi-devil Paliades twitches his lips and says, ‘But I don’t intend to go to hell just yet. You see, you forgot one little thing… you know, it’s Chimera, my partner in crime!’ He kneels and puts his hand on Chimera’s body. ‘Chimera! Now I merge with you! Embrace… your master!’

Chimera’s back liquefies, and Paliades sinks into the liquid metal along with Deathblade. After Paliades sinks completely, Chimera’s body transforms. It gets up and becomes erect, standing on its two feet like humans do. Chimera’s abdomen opens like a kangaroo’s pocket, and Paliades comes out from the pocket, and rests there with his chest and upper body bare and free, and his two hands hold and swing the Deathblade threateningly. The merging process is now complete. 
 Paliades’ body also experienced mutation while he was in Chimera’s body. Now he’s semi-devil, semi-human, and semi-machine, with runes tattooed, embossed all over the normal-skinned part of his body. It seems Paliades must hold the Deathblade long enough in order to complete the merging process between Vordac and himself.
Robert thinks hard to find a new way to destroy the heir.
Argh! Now the Deathblade, the heir and Chimera are merged, and they are more powerful than us altogether…
Robert is thunderstruck. He just realized something. Then he walks and stands right in front of Paliades-Chimera, points his father’s kiliji on the monster and shouts.
‘Ever since I accepted this quest, I knew this would happen. Destroying the heir would be an impossible task. You may be more powerful than us altogether, but you forget one thing. You are alone, and we are many. Enia has taught us much in this journey: sincerity, resourcefulness, team work, honesty, sacrifice and now, bravery. So, by Vadis, with all we’ve learned here and our combined strength we CAN destroy you! We will send you, Vordac, Chimera, Deathblade, and the lot to oblivion!’
The rest of the champions and hunters’ morale is roused by Robert’s speech, and almost all of them yell ‘Destroy him!’ or something like that in response.
‘Hahaha, nice speech, Robert the Orcbane, but you’re too overconfident! You try to digest what you can’t chew! Let’s see if you can digest this! Doomsday Dessert!’
Chimera’s Final Form, with Paliades’ body and mind merged with it immediately attacks simultaneously, with all three heads and tail. Its feet stomp the ground, creating an earthquake to harm and prevent anybody else to avoid or counter its attacks. Robert will surely die if he gets hit by the series of attacks targeted to him, but he is saved by Kyflynn. The night elf assassin really makes the most of his advantage in this room. He snatched Robert and took him away before the attacks arrive, with godly speed.
The mages see this opportunity to attack, as Chimera is busy with Robert, Kyflynn and the rest. Iris and Agustina are both ready with their summoned avatars, Jokulion and Eshmyria. Carolyn, on the other hand, now tries something she hasn’t done before in her life, summoning Aegis the Thunderbird, the guardian spirit of lightning, and Vadis’ faithful pet and ride. She swings her Esthagar magical trident six ways, making a hexagonal portal in front of her.
‘An Aegis Aschi!’
As it is Carolyn’s first attempt, Aegis comes out from the limbo portal with difficulty, but it makes its way through anyway.
There’s no time to waste. Together, Iris casts Typhoon, Agustina casts Avalanche, and Carolyn casts Wrath of the Skies on Chimera.
‘Raduyev Eshmyriad!’
‘Vare Jokulhaups Nek’havr!’
The spells hit Paliades-Chimera like a continuous rain. Chimera’s heads roar in pain. Then come cracking sounds from the various parts on Chimera’s head and body. The lightning-based Xacravenos spell really has a disastrous effect on metallic compounds; Avalanche amplifies and spreads the electrical effect of Xacravenos and Typhoon makes Xacravenos more powerful.
No matter how powerful Chimera is, its heads and tail can’t withstand the three guardian forces’ combined and continuous spells. The spells are so focused those four targets, so the damage multiplies and multiplies. At last Vyr, Eshmyr, Jokul and Voltar, the heads and tail are broken and shattered in pieces. Paliades roars, still under the pressure of the spells.
‘NOOOO!!! It…. it can’t be! Chimera… the greatest combination between magic and technology! No way can it be beaten!’
‘That’s because there’s no way you can beat the Patrons of Nature, especially when they’re working together,’ says Robert. ‘Unless you can focus your attacks on one single target. But you are one, and we are many and unified. With team work, no one can stop us. That’s Enia’s clues and teachings all about. And now the laughs are on you!’
The spells cease, the magicians are drained of their spiritual powers and withdraw their avatars and themselves. Now Paliades only have Borg intact on his body, and together they charge desperately to kill all. Paliades swings the Deathblade fiercely. One by one, the hunters get trampled and slashed and Paliades keeps on rampaging like a blinded boar. He doesn’t care whether he killed a hunter or champion, none shall survive once he’s done.
Just then a sword flies towards Vordac’s heir from quite a distance. It’s none other than Adler’s great sword, Ulcergash. Paliades is aware of it, says ‘Too slow!’ and outstretches his left hand to catch the sword so he can use it for himself.
But something hits Ulcergash midway. Paliades is shocked. It’s Alexis! He leaps and hits the hilt of the flying sword with all his might with his twin swords Im’htaloc and Im’colath, so the great sword darts much faster than Paliades expected. Paliades can’t avoid it because his lower body is merged with the slow and large Chimera, and Chimera’s hands can’t move fast enough to block the sword.
There’s no avoiding it. Ulcergash finds its target on Paliades’ chest, and penetrates the heir’s body to the back. Paliades is now pinned on Chimera, and the Deathblade is thrown from his hand. In front of Death, however, Paliades puts an insane smile on his face.
‘Hee hee heee… You killed me, aren’t you? But I won’t die alone, because in ten minutes, I’ll explode myself with Chimera and you all will die with me in this sanctum! The party ends here! Thank you, and see you in hell!’
With his last strength, Paliades breaks Ulcergash in half with his demonic hand and sinks into Chimera’s abdominal pocket. The countdown begins!
Carolyn shrieks, ‘Oh, no! There’s no way out from this room! What should we do?’
In the first minute of confusion, Kyflynn suddenly remembers something and shouts.
‘Quick! All of you gather here! Father Andreas, please cast Mass Protection on us and cover us from this explosion!’
‘Are you mad, Flynn?’ says Sheena. ‘This alone won’t be enough to protect us from huge explosion! We’ll be dead for sure!’
‘Don’t you get it, woman? The gravity in this room is one sixth from normal! So if we jump at the same time the explosion hits us, the force of the explosion will float us back through the sacrificial pit, into the lava room!’
‘Oh, I get it now. You’re really something, Mr. Kyflynn. You know what, if you can lead us out of here, you keep the mythril greaves. I won’t take it from you unless you give it to me.’
As the hunters are all gathered and Andreas casts Omnigalatr on them all, Kyflynn answers Sheena, ‘I don’t need to deal with you and I can’t deal with you this way. We need all of us to escape, so it won’t depend on me alone.’
Meanwhile, as the last minutes tick away, Hernan sees Adler holding something that makes him alert. ‘Lord Adler!!! Is that the Deathblade you’re holding?’
‘Yes,’ says Adler. ‘So what? Paliades broke my Ulcergash, and I claimed his sword. A sword for a sword, then.’
‘But it’s an evil sword! And Vordac’s spirit is sealed inside it! I don’t have time to fight you if you want to be the new heir!’
‘Can’t you see, Hernan? Paliades has unsealed Vordac’s spirit and is dying with it! See this sword? It’s perfectly safe now. See me? I don’t change a bit!’
‘Yes, that’s true, Lord Adler. Now shall we jump first, then?’
A few seconds after Hernan said that, Chimera-Paliades explodes. The explosion is so powerful; it disintegrates even Orlevant and the dead hunters’ bodies. The survivors jump together and float upwards using the impact force of the explosion, and are completely protected from damage at the same time. That’s Kyflynn’s contribution for the escape.

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