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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Map of Terra Everna - Update 2013

The Continent of Aurelia - Updated 2013 with name changes and revisions

World Map of Terra Everna - Update 2013 with name changes and revisions

Additional notes on:

Terra Everna World Map

Emphasizing the concept "Planet Earth in another dimension"

The continents are (with erratas and name changes):
- Aurelia (Europe-like)
- Orien (East Asian-like)
- Myriath (America-like)
- Quezal (South America-like, part of Myriath)
- Al-Kalam (Middle-East-like)
- Arcapada (India, South East Asia, Oceania and Australia)
- Boreal (Australia-like, part of Arcapada)
- Ubanga (Africa-like)
- Frigia (Greenland and Antarctic-like)

Continent of Aurelia

- The Kingdoms of Edel, Merida, Halethia, Ashtri and Castoria were united as Regia Confederation.
- The Kingdom of Bresconnor was previously named Kullsheim, the second Orc Nation.
- The previous city name of Crypton in Sylvania at the start of the Arcane Age was Solatar, the Sun City, before vampire rule.
- The Portal to the Underworld was sealed after Arachus and Vordac seized Sylvania from the vampires.
- The Town of Galvanir was built on Hail'varan Plains to commemorate the Great Battle (after the Third Crusade and the beginning of the Third World Age and Latter Arcane Age).
- Celc was once a big city until dragons reduced it into ruins at the beginning of the Arcane Age.

Map and World of Terra Everna created by Andry Chang

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