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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Kingdoms - Campaign for Hanzhong

Part 1 of Episode 56 in the Rotk Tv Series :

Using tactics and strategies.., Zhang Fei and Ma Chao manages to defeat Zhang He and Cao Hong's forces, and claims the victory of obtaining Wakou Pass to thereby allowing Liu Bei and the Shu Army to be one step closer into capturing Ba Xi and Han Zhong.

Furthermore.., Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang appoints the veteran generals Huang Zhong and Yan Yan to use certain strategies to defeat Han Hao and Xiahou Shang, thereby assuring the defense of Jia Meng Pass, and allowing Liu Bei and his forces to push deeper into the Han Zhong territory.

Meanwhile.., Cao Cao hears of the superb advancement of Liu Bei and the Shu Army, and assures that he will personally lead his forces to further defend the Han Zhong territory. Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang.., in knowing that taking Mt.Ding Jun would be of vital importance if they ever going to take Han Zhong and its defender Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He.., is then persuaded by the veteran general Huang Zhong to defeat Xiahou Yuan. Although being old as he maybe.., Huang Zhong nevertheless chose to undertake the task of capturing Mt.Ding Jun, and with Fa Zheng serving as a guide..,

Huang Zhong manages to trick Xiahou Yuan's forces into confusion, and Xiahou Yuan thereby loses Mt. Ding Jun in the process. Xiahou Yuan, being angered by the loss of Mt. Ding Jun, plans to recapture the mountain by provoking Huang Zhong to come out and fight. On the other.., Huang Zhong is advised by Fa Zheng to not take the bait, and instead wait for their oppurtunity to strike while using stalling tactics. Thus.., Huang Zhong uses Fa Zheng's tactics in stalling for time in the process, to successfully slay the unalert Xiahou Yuan at the foot of Mt. Ding Jun...


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