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Saturday, January 19, 2013 - I'm Here

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I’m Here       
I’m here.
            A woman is bathing alone in a pool of milk, an indoor marble pool in a big, marble room. She is the same blue-haired woman who heard voices in her bedroom some time back. She is startled to hear that voice again.
            I’ve found him, the chosen one.
            She holds her head. She is in a greater pain than before. The voice is throbbing in her mind like the poundings of a sledge hammer. It’s threatening her, torturing her mind.
            I was delayed, but I was not stopped.
            She frowns, her eyes are widened, her teeth grit and chatter.
            I’m here. But I don’t come out. Yet.
            Her face shows a bit of confusion, but then a grim determination. She tries to fight the pain and catch the message, no matter what.
            When the time comes, I’ll come out and conquer all.
            Hhahaha…. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!
            The last laugh is the most painful pressure, a direct blow in her mind.
            Then her pain suddenly subsides like a chilly, soothing wind after the storm. The woman is having her own thoughts now.
            So this is an ultimatum. Things are becoming clear to me now.
            She murmurs to herself. It seems it’s her habit, maybe out of loneliness and all the pressures of responsibilities she must bear on hearing this kind of message.
            ‘I know what to do now.’
            The woman wades along the pool of milk, climbs the steps at the other side of the pool, grabs a cloth, wraps it around her body as a towel and she walks out slowly from the marble room.

End of Chapter Seven
End of Book One: Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter
Completion Date: April 8, 2006
2nd Draft Completion Date: October 18, 2006
3rd Draft Completion Date: May 2008
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Xylen Felicitia - The High Priestess of Valanis
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Here's a bonus: Ending from the Game Version! Courtesy: YouTube

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