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Tuesday, January 01, 2013 The Ravaging of the Sun - Part 3

The Mythical Chimera from -

Although the hunters are far below the sun, the impact of the explosion sends Chimera’s enemies rolling everywhere. And not only that, pieces of the ‘sun’ also rain down as fireballs and kill more people who get hit by them.
 After the rain of fireballs subsides, the hunters look up and – to their disappointment – Paliades and Chimera are still there, floating in the air, practically unharmed. Paliades looks down at his enemies, and stands firm on Chimera’s back. He is holding two different weapons at the moment, and one of them is unmistakably the great sword, Kraal’shazar, the Deathblade. It’s indeed the ultimate dark weapon with Vordac’s spirit sealed inside. The colors on its blade and handle are jet black and ruby red, with a carved red winged, skull-faced devil on its hilt. Seven runes are carved on it, symbolizing the seven sins, the sources of all dark energy. The great sword itself is surrounded by a thick dark aura; it’s so thick and evil that illusions of shadowy skulls are visible for everyone, even Chiel the micha.    
Slowly but surely, his entire body transforms, his muscles get bigger and bigger, his spiked armor shatters in pieces. The skin color of the right part of his body and face change to blood red, and a pair of horns grows from the skull, coming outside the head. Paliades surely looks like a devil now – no, not just any devil – he looks like Vordac now.
‘Now you believe me that I know this place from A to Z. I only tell you the mechanical aspects of it because I need to gain your trust and eliminate as many as possible of your number. So, as thanks for all who helped me to reach this place, I’d like to fill your curiosity up before I send you on a one-way ticket vacation to hell.
You see, there’s no one here who can break the seal of Deathblade, because Azrael, the only one who knew how to do it, has died without telling anybody else. Queen Carolyn, of course, naturally, bound herself magically so she will die the moment she tells anyone how to break the seal, and furthermore, she erased Theripides’ memory on how to break the seal when the construction of the trap chambers are finished. So how do I know? Theripides, thanks to him, secretly added his own blood in the seal and immediately told his son, so only he and his descendants can break the seal by dropping Nikanomikos blood inside the sun, on the orb Kraal’shazar was in, The Heart of the Sun. And there I was, I did it, the orb opens, and jackpot!
Well, I guess I won’t need this anymore,’ says Paliades.
Paliades throws away his old weapon, the great hammer Terra Nakro╬▓.  Desmond sees it falling on the floor, and carefully comes forward and takes it.
‘Oh, yes, Desmond. Have it for yourself. Terra Nakro╬▓ is its name. And… what a pleasant surprise!’ Paliades sees someone floating down quite far from him. ‘It’s nice to you to drop in, Viscount. I guess you are very lonely up there and want some companions in hell.’
Yes, it’s him all right. Adler von Bachmann, floating down from the sacrificial pit. He finally decided to jump into the pit at last. Whether he’s lonely up there, or he finally saw through the illusion somehow.
Seeing Paliades holding the Deathblade with a dense dark aura around him, Adler springs forward, using his great sword Ulcergash as a step and thrusts with it straight to Paliades.
Paliades sneers at Adler, saying, ‘Oh, jumping straight into the party, aren’t we? Shall we serve our appetizer then, Viscount Grill a la Chimera?’
As if it understands his master’s words, Vyr’s head breathes fire at Adler. Adler barely defends himself with his Whirlwind Slash skill, but the fire hurts him anyway, though not severely. Chiel the micha flies towards Adler to heal him, but Adler slaps it away. One may say that it’s another example of Adler’s arrogance, but we immediately come to know it to be untrue as a Ball Lightning comes between Adler and Chiel.
Paliades laughs aloud as Chimera descends slowly, saying, ‘I guess we’ll skip Micha Shock Roast then, and here’s the next menu, Hunters Press-to Pancake!’
And as soon as it is said, Chimera lands quickly, stomping on a few hunters who are not lucky or agile enough to avoid its feet, crushing them to death. The three heads and tail roar in unison, and begin to blast and attack to every direction, claiming more and more casualties. All the hunters and champions are totally devastated now. They are not outnumbered, but inevitably out-powered by Chimera and Paliades, The Ravagers of the Sun. None of them have any chance to draw their skills or even hit Chimera with anything.
The heir laughs even louder.
‘Now it’s the time to finish them all! Chimera! Serve the main course, Feast on the Champions! NOW!!!’
The Mythological Chimera from

The three heads move in sync with each other and breathe out their respective energy blasts. This time the lines of fire are somehow united: fire, wind and lightning as one combined blast. The blast swipes around the room, and wipes the hunters out. Even Ellephar and Dar’gum are badly hurt by the blast. They only escaped with their own lives. A healer – who actually is a spy monk from Valanis – rushes to heal them, but he is burned to crisp by the Chimera’s grand blast.
Seeing that their lives are hanging on a thread, Hernan lets out a desperate yell, ‘Attack the heir! ATTACK HIM! Together! Some of you attack Chimera to keep it busy! ATTACK! It’s our only defense! TOGETHER!’
The champions nod at Hernan quickly, and charge. Sheena, Alexis and Robert launch a frontal attack towards Paliades with their respective skills: Double Ten-Point Chain Slash, Phoenix Rampages in Hell, and Ten-Point Chain Slash. Paliades counters the attacks with Meteor Napalm Rain. The meteor bolts look like skulls because they are reinforced with the dark energy from Deathblade. The attacks are so quick and frequent that the three attackers and Paliades take and give damage and block each other’s blows as well.
Desmond uses his new weapon, the second-hand giant hammer from Paliades and hits Borg’s head with Landsplitter Quake, making it dizzy and slightly off-balanced. Seeing this chance, Dar’gum lands several slashes on Eshmyr’s head, applying a different type of Landsplitter Quake using his great axe. Adler hits Jokul’s head with his best combo, The Shattering of Heaven and Earth, inflicting a considerable amount of damage upon it and defending himself from its jaws and ice blasts at the same time.
An impressive display of tactics and beautiful swordplay is shown by Hernan. With his Albatross Rapier, he applies the Dances in the Cascades counter-thrust on Vyr and Voltar’s heads by blocking Vyr’s head’s direct attack and redirects it towards Voltar’s head. The two heads bump against each other. Hernan continues with his most powerful skill: Symphony of the Seven Seas by slashing around them with beautiful somersaults, actually guiding Vyr’s head so it becomes entangled with Voltar’s head.    

note: file from may08 rev03 pg328 start next chapter
Author's message: 
Come forth, Paladins!  Fulfill your destiny!

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