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Sunday, March 16, 2014 Clash of the Brainiacs - Part One

An Orc Shaman Clash of the Brainiacs

Back to the front of the southeast wall, the pressure from the Dark Forces is still on, and the Crusaders still hold on. Even the Grand Marshal, Rael’charon the elf tactician is engaged in a fierce duel against the Commander of the orcs, Brog’lac the shaman.
The orc deflects the elf’s flying dagger and instantly thrusts! The quick-on-foot Rael dodges the thrust almost without effort, and he strikes back with a lighting-speed kick.
SOKKK! The elf’s foot lands on the orc’s chin. The one-handed shaman gets a bit groggy, and the crafty tactician doesn’t give him even a second to breathe. He always do hit-and-runs so the mage-type orc can’t get the time he needs to cast a spell.
‘So, is this what you elves can do? Running around like timid little rabbits?’ says Brog’lac with a mock smile.
Rael’s face stays calm, answering, ‘That’s what we call ‘agility’. A Commander-in-Chief like you should’ve known that ‘agility’ is a form of defense, just like ‘skill’ to block and parry. What a shame, Dar’gum handpicked you randomly, maybe?’
SWISSHHH!! The green-skinned brute responds to this by swinging his bident so forcefully, yet misses the target! He snarls, ‘DAR’GUM!! Don’t you dare speak my archenemy’s name in front of me! We, the TRUE sons of Gremion will not bow to the one who made a laughing stock out of our glorious culture! So, we fled from Bresconnor and sought help from our ally, the Dark Forces.
We help them in their campaign, and in return they will help us reclaim Gremion and Bresconnor from that separatist scum!’
The elf adds a smile on his calm face and says, ‘And you actually think that your allies will keep up to their promise after you helped them? Seriously, I think Hagnorj’s move was cleverer by using the Dark Forces to conquer Bresconnor first before he helped them with anything.’
‘Huh! Hagnorj? Cleverer? No, ‘twas I who advised him to use that tactic.’
‘Really? Well, that’s great. But seeing you here, I think you’re losing your touch – or your arm, more like – I warn you, better choose your friends wisely before you drive your people towards destruction! Go back to Dar’gum. He will embrace you and your people will prosper.’
‘Going back, you say?’ Now the old orc reaches the boiling point. ‘Back to the traitor who killed the rightful Khan, his father-in-law to step up to power? No way! Not in a thousand lifetimes! And now, I must silence your meddlesome mouth permanently! Eat this! An Voltar’me Fyasch!’
CRACCKLEE! The Lightning Blast from Brog’lac’s bident bursts! The elf moves quickly and avoids being hit by the full blast, and DUASSH!! A bit of fire hits his left arm!
Frowning in pain, the elf throws another dagger, yet it’s so slow that the shaman deflects it easily and thrusts his bident to finish the elf off!
‘Die, and I’ll replace you as the cleverest being in Aurelia!’ The tusked green brainiac curls a maniacal smile. The injury slows Rael down, he can’t dodge the attack. His face turns deathly pale, and death is certain...
Suddenly, a chakram hits the bident so hard, deflecting it! Brog’lac’s mouth widen in disbelief. He looks to the direction of the attack and there he is, the old chronomage Eidos Crydias, catching the flying chakram with such power as if he’s still in his prime.
His eyes gleam radiantly, so is the Ring of Courage on his left middle finger. He used to be a cowardly opportunist, and now the ring strengthens his body, mind and heart 

Image Source: 
Orc Shaman by Saturnoarg ( )

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