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Sunday, March 16, 2014 Clash of the Brainiacs - Part Two

Brog'lac the Arch- Orc Shaman
so the courage actually comes from his own confidence. Like the saying, I feel so young even though I’m so old.
He stares straight at the big-headed, narrow-minded orc and says loudly and clearly, ‘Wrong. If Rael dies, I will be the cleverest man in Aurelia, and you must defeat a thousand, no, a million more clever men to become the number one. Brog’lac, the King of Fools: that suits you more.’
The orc grunts, saying, ‘Tchah! And you, old man deserves that title for fooling yourself by acting high and mighty. I’ll teach you the last lesson of your life: Don’t mess up with me, old man, whatever your name is, ‘cause I’m way too clever for you!’
‘The name is Eidos Crydias, you scantily informed scum! You might want to remember that on your way to fool’s hell!’
Brog’lac points his bident at Eidos, challenging, ‘Before that, I’ll see what you got besides a flying chakram and a big mouth, Kudos.’
‘Whatever. Now for the first lesson – dodge this! An Voltar’me Shuryv!’
CRACKLLE! A Lightning Bolt travels in super speed towards the target, and Eidos already prepares a defensive counterspell!
‘Chrono Langst!’
The Time Slow spell actually works on other spells too! The bolt travels much slower, slow enough for Eidos to dodge it fully, pump his aura and cast!
‘Megalon Zathr!’
FWOOM! FWOOM! Like rain comes the Meteor Shower, a threat so powerful even for those with wings. Brog’lac runs here and there, trying to dodge the falling fire-rocks and tries to block one. CLUUNK! The electrically reinforced bident blocks the meteor, and the impact is so hard that the bident almost falls from its master’s grip.
Brog’lac grits his teeth in pain. His hands feel numb and shaky altogether. Still, he forcefully boosts his aura to the max and...
‘Vare Voltar’me Tyral!’
Now comes an attack similar to Meteor Shower direction-wise wtih a different element and intensity: Thunderstorm. The lightning bolts are more numerous, faster and harder to dodge, though each has a lesser force than a meteor.
The seasoned chronomage, of course, casts a quick counterspell: ‘Chronoblitz!’ on himself and his movements become considerably faster.
SWISH! SWISH! Eidos dodges each and every bolt gracefully like a dancing ballerina – well, not exactly, because it will make him look silly – and his face stays calm and focus. One mistake, and he’ll get the shock of the lifetime.
The orc’s eyes are bloodshot with anger. With a roar, he adds some more force into his spell, ‘Amplifor!’
The Thunderstorm bolts get thicker, faster, stronger than before. The impact area gets wider and wider, hitting friend and foe alike, though they have tried to stay far away from the dueling magicians.
ZAP! One thunder bolt hits Eidos’ chakram. The electric current spreads through the chakram on Eidos’ hand, so, ‘Eeowch!’ the chakram falls from his hand.
‘Haha, who’s the cleverer one now, huh?’ Brog’lac’s smile widens with glee. ‘You are defenseless, and now you die! HEAAHH!!’
The orc shaman withdraws the Thunderstorm by absorbing the excess mana with his bident and points the weapon again at the old Parthenian!
‘An Voltar’me Fyasch!’
Again, Brog’lac shots a Lightning Blast at his opponent. Without his chakram, Eidos can’t block ant the blast is too quick for Eidos to evade, even in a hastened state, and...
TCHWIPPP!! The old vanishes before the lightning touches him! The orc’s face changes like, he can’t believe his eyes.
‘H-how come?’ says Brog’lac to himself.
‘Think fast!’ Suddenly, Eidos reappears behind him, grabs the chakram on the ground next to the orc and spins it horizontally to split the mean, green geezer’s torso in two!
‘AGGHKKK!’ The orc shaman steps back reactively, and the chakram grazes his robe and stomach! Brog’lac touches his stomach to check. The wound is not deep, but blood keeps coming out. Without a proper treatment, he will die from loss of blood. He has lost his arm, his pride, and now all he got is his life – he can’t afford to lose it. With a life, he has a chance to restore his honor with his one hand. He can’t die here and now.
‘You’ll pay for this next time we meet, Kudos Phidias!’ The orc runs away.
‘The name’s EIDOS CRYDIAS!’ The chronomage protests and chases him, and abruptly stops in his tracks.
‘Whatever!’ Only Brog’lac’s voice comes as he is lost fro Eidos’ sight in the heat of the battle.
The old Parthenian takes out a spirit potion, drinks the whole vial in one gulp and murmurs, ‘That’s the last of it. What a troublesome orc, the reason why I hate to be in this war from the start. Ooh, my poor old bones...’
It seems the effect of the Ring of Courage has already been deactivated, and it must ‘self-recharge’ again before it can come into any use. 

Erydos Crydias (a.k.a. Eidos) is a Time Mage or Chronomage.

‘Commander Rael, the reinforcements have arrived!’
            An Escudian soldier comes with this report when Rael’charon joins Robert and Carolyn on the southeast wall. Carol quickly treats the Grand Marshal’s wounds while Robert keeps the enemies away with his two swords.
            The elf replies, ‘Finish your report, soldier!’
            ‘Sir Vincent has come with the third division, and he told me that Genilda Yemima, Khan Dar’gum and the orcs are coming with him.’
            Hearing that, the elf clasps his two hands and prays, ‘Oh Vadis the Merciful, thank you for your timely aid,’ and continues to talk to Carol. ‘But still, the enemies are too many, and they have all the advantage and knowledge in this territory.
            Their strategy must be of Talbot’s, and I reckon that this is not their full force. We need to break out and strike straight into Kraal’Thragon before the enemy main force and top generals come.’
            Carol’s face turns tense with surprise, saying, ‘Y-you mean...?’
            The elf nods. ‘Yes. You and the other Paladins will board the Aurora, go straight towards Kraal’Thragon, infiltrate that place and eliminate their top leader.’
            ‘...Vordac’s Heir?’
            ‘Exactly. I know this is an extremely daring plan and most likely, the enemy already know of this move. The top generals must’ve been waiting in there for the primary target: Vadis’ Heir to come. So I thought, why not? We’ll bring the primary target they want and a hell to pay for it. We have no choice but to infiltrate Kraal’Thragon or perish here anyway.
You and Robert, go and tell the Paladins! I shall find Eidos to have him...’
‘I’m here, Rael. What do you want me to do?’ says Eidos who just arrives from his duel with Brog’lac. Carolyn dashes off to tell Rob about the plan and Rael’s orders.
Rael answers, ‘I want you to take the Aurora and the Paladins and strike directly to Kraal’Thragon.’
‘WHAT!?’ Eidos snaps, his eyes widen in disbelief. ‘Are you mad? Taking my masterpiece behind enemy lines with no chance of return? Over my dead body!’
Hearing that, Rael’charon snaps back, his eyes blazing with anger, ‘Can’t you see, Eidos? If you stay here, you will surely die and your so-called ‘masterpiece’ will be destroyed anyway! Don’t fret! The griffin and pegasus riders will escort you all the way. the Aurora will drop the Paladins in Kraal’Thragon and you and your precious airship can go back to Parthenia and be dismissed from this Crusade.
Seriously, Eidos, don’t you care about this world? That’s a conduct not worthy of a Paladin, you know.’
‘Yes, I know that. I never wanted to be a Paladin and a hero from the start. All I want is to sell my inventions, get rich from it, retire these old bones and enjoy the twilight years of my life in peace.’
‘Is that so? If that’s the case, let me ask you something. How can you live in peace in a chaotic world with no one to buy your airship? A man with you level of intelligence must’ve understood this simple logic. Now please, Eidos. Help us this one time, and the world will remember you for ages to come as a true, great hero.’
Hearing this, Eidos falls silent. He then pulls out a signal flare from his pocket, lifts it up high and BLAAARSH! A pink flare shoots out and explodes in the air, bursting in colorful little flares.
‘This is not a carnival, Eidos,’ says Rael, frowning again.
‘Hey, just trying to be different, Commander. All of you up there, sorry!’ Eidos shouts upwards.
The signal is, of course, easily recognized, and the result is quite instant.
The Aurora, a magic crystal-powered airship with a shape resembles a dragon descends slowly, still repelling the flying enemies with arrows and crystal-powered plasma cannons like a bull swatting pesky flies off from its back with its tail.
Eidos sees the Aurora hovering closer to him, turns to Rael and says, ‘Thank you, Rael for helping me see the errors of my way. I understand now that the true purpose of life is to contribute to the world and other people, not to satisfy my own ego. Now, I’ll go with no regrets.’
Rael responds with, ‘May Vadis be with you,’ seeing the old chronomage climbs the rope ladder into the airship. He turns around to face the enemies on the wall with thoughts in his head.
Robert, Cristophe, Carolyn, Adler, Hernan, Kyflynn, Iris, Desmond, Tina, Eidos and Dejan, the Eleven Paladins. May Vadis be with you all. Go forth, and fulfill your destiny!

Picture Source: 
Orc Shaman by Michele Frigo
Time Mage by AKK Studio

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