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Friday, March 21, 2014

ADILAGA Clash of the Legends - The Game

ADILAGA – Clash of the Legends
Role-Playing Fighting Game
Story and Script by Andry Chang
©Created 2014 by Vadis Entertainment

Game Overview:

A mysterious organization of super villains and supernatural forces caused chaos and terror, mainly in Jakarta, Indonesia. In response, an initiative called ADILAGA Foundation emerged. ADILAGA recruited superheroes, whether they are people chosen by supernatural, legendary or mythical beings or simply altered by freak accidents. Besides that, the foundation also held competitions of superheroes to encourage friendship and cooperation between them.

Sixteen super humans, including semi-deities and semi-devils were pitted together in a great bout, ADILAGA. Who will prevail? Who will fall? Will they survive in each hero’s conflict? Will they stop the evil supernatural organization once and for all? The answers are here in the Great Fight, ADILAGA – Clash of the Legends.

Latest Version: 1.00
Genre: Action / Role Playing Fighting Game
Platform: PC Game
Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Game Feature: In-Between Stages Story Progress. Each superhero has his/her own conflict.

Game Download Links:


Important: Compact game downloaders are advised to download RPG Maker VX-Ace RTP (Run-Time Package) and install it anywhere in your computer (or in the Games folder).

Bondan (Reog) unleashes the 1st Finishing Blow on Varuna.

Game Features:

1.       First-Person Fighting Game with turn-based battle system (standard VX-Ace).
2.       Original graphics from characters made and drawn by Andry Chang.
3.       Engaging stories per character with story progress per stage. Six stages total per story.
4.       Use of “original artifacts” as equipments to power-up and customize your hero.
5.       Three power levels per character in Story Mode, to ensure all abilities are used.

Artazure, one of the NPCs for Special Stage opponent in Adilaga Version 1.00

Characters: (16 total)

Superheroes (Adilaga League)
  1. Cakra, the Crimson Lightning
  2. Varuna, the Aquamarine Knight
  3. Reog, the Blackblood Tempest
  4. Barong, the Eartheart White Lion
  5. Rangda, the Starfire Witch
  6. Dahlia, the Nature Violinist
  7. Solara, the Sun Priestess
  8. Hima, the Frost Efreet
  9. The Stickler, the Persistent Restorator

Super-Villains (Playable for Single Fight Mode):
  1. Singabarong, the Beast Barbarian
  2. Nyi Roro Kidul, the South Sea Queen

Super-Villains (Non-Playable)
  1. Gangren, the Abominable Zombie-Man
  2. Okkult, the Ghost in the Shell
  3. Blakk Jakk, the Ebony Dancer
  4. Artazure, the Azure Dancer
  5. Murca, the Dark King

Adilaga Skyheim HQ Lobby. Room for extensive battle experiences.

For more information and updates about ADILAGA – Clash of the Legends, please visit: – Official Site for Vadis Games – ADILAGA (English Version) – More ADILAGA Stories, short stories. – Candidate for ADILAGA and MARTIAL WORLD site.

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Twitter: @andrychang

And here's a closing word: Omnipotent Catastrophe!

Exclusively for FireHeart-Vadis viewers!

Adilaga Wallpaper 1024x768 by vadis on deviantART

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