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Monday, October 29, 2007

The NEW Romance of the Three Kingdoms Novel!

A Classic Chinese Masterpiece re-told in a new way.

The free chapters are online, just like mine.... - BJ Vadis

Just click the link to:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The First Few
Part 1

The sounds of battle rang out over the land.

As the two waves of rampaging martial artists became one, a ragged boy struck down an opposing teenager wearing a yellow cloth around his forehead. The child paused to steady himself, but he was sliced across the cheek by a larger youth in a gold coloured outfit and fell to the ground. Amongst the screams and the clanging of weapons, the large youth laughed as a small plain clothed foe neared, yet his voice was cut short as he was stabbed in the abdomen. The undersized man quickly raised his blade to finish the larger opponent when his own head was removed from behind. Wearing a yellow bandanna this killer appeared a strong combatant, however a nimble old man confronted him on his left side. As they closed on one another the old man dodged the slash of his enemy and rolled, cutting into the other's leg at the same time. He saw the foe slump and heard his painful scream, but as the elder came again to complete the fight he was slain by the wounded man. The stronger combatant, now wounded, weakly pulled his sword from the chest of the old man. Wincing in pain and holding his leg, he looked around and saw a group of youngsters bearing toward. Their faces showed a lust for blood and he could not hope to survive as they surrounded him. He flailed his arms and legs attempting to keep them at bay, but they quickly hacked off chunks of his flesh until the body stopped moving. One of the young men in the group decapitated the corpse and waved the skull in the air. He plucked the gold cloth from the scalp of the deceased and held it high. The fighters around him also raised the yellow scarves they had taken from the heads of their enemies. Together they screeched and cheered.

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