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Monday, October 15, 2007

Saint Seiya - Characters List

List of characters in Saint Seiya

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This article concerns the characters that play a role in Saint Seiya (also known as Knights of the Zodiac), an manga series about a group of five mystical warriors, authored by Japanese mangaka Masami Kurumada, and later turned into anime.



[edit] Athena's Saints of the 88 Constellations

  • Saori Kido (城戸沙織 Kido Saori) also known as Athena
Age: 13
Height: 1.55m (5'1")
Weight: 44kg (97lbs)
Birthday: September 1
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Greece
Techniques: Misopetha-Menos (used on Dohko), Protection Sphere (used in Hades chapter protecting Bronze Saints), Seal of Athena, several kinds of energy blasts, healing auras.
Seiyuu: Keiko Han (潘 恵子, はん けいこ), Fumiko Orikasa (折笠 富美子, おりかさ ふみこ) later series, Asumi Nakata (中田 あすみ, なかた あすみ) (Hades saga).
The leader of Bronze, Silver and Gold Saints; she is the reincarnation of the Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena. Though mostly unable to physically fight, she has an extremely powerful cosmos that gives her a notable endurance to pain and extreme conditions (as proved in the Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon arcs) and healing/defensive powers (she's arguably the most powerful healer in the whole Saint Seiya universe). She usually channelizes it through a golden aura or her sacred staff.

After Saga (under the guise of the Pope) tried to kill her when she was a baby and that Aiolos rescued her, she was given to Mitsumasa Kido who raised her as his grand daughter. As a child, she was initially very spoiled and rude to the Bronze Saints, but as years passed and she first took over her grandfather's foundation and later discovered she was the new reincarnation of Athena, she acts much more mature and responsible about her mission. She's usually calm and collected, an excellent strategist and very compassionate.

Saori later on commits suicide in the Hades arc to enter the land of the dead and meet Hades face to face. The dagger that she used to slit her own throat is the exact same dagger Saga tried to use against her when Aiolos rescued her in time 13 years ago.

She is known as Princess Sienna in the English manga and the edited English anime.

[edit] Bronze Saints

  • Pegasus Seiya
Main article: Pegasus Seiya
  • Dragon Shiryu
Main article: Dragon Shiryu
  • Cygnus Hyoga
Main article: Cygnus Hyoga
  • Andromeda Shun
Main article: Andromeda Shun
  • Phoenix Ikki
Main article: Phoenix Ikki
  • Other Bronze Saints
Name Age Height Weight Birthdate Blood Type Birthplace Training location Techniques Meaning of the Name
Unicorn Jabu 13 1.65m (5'5") 55kg (121lbs) November 3 B Japan Algeria Unicorn Gallop From the Japanese "Unfair Warrior"
Hydra Ichi 14 1.70m (5'7") 56kg (123lbs) February 10 B Japan Finland Mellow Poison
Wolf Nachi 14 1.71m (5'7") 57kg (126lbs) July 20 AB Japan Liberia Dead Howling
Lionet Ban 15 1.81m (5'11") 83kg (183lbs) December 30 B Japan Tanzania Lionet Bomber From the Japanese "Barbarian"
Bear Geki 15 1.88m (6'2") 102kg (225lbs) May 15 A Japan Canada Hanging Bear From the Japanese "Violent"
Chameleon June 14 1.60m (5'3") 45kg (99lbs) April 17 O Ethiopia Andromeda Island Chameleon Whip From the name of the Japanese magazine June

[edit] Black Saints (Ankoku Saints in the anime)

  • Black Pegasus (Black Saint of Pegasus)
Age: 15
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: July 13
Birthplace: Israel
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Black Pegasus Ryusei-ken (暗黒流星拳, ブラック流星拳), also known as Black Death Punch/別名:黒死拳(Kokushi-ken)
Seiyuu: Shigeru Nakahara (中原 茂, なかはら しげる)
His version of Black Ryusei-ken (meteor punch) causes poison in Seiya's body with burning black marks that spreads all over Seiya's body. Over time, Seiya was later saved by Shiryu by drawing out the black blood from the 13 pegasus star points on his body.
  • Black Dragon (Black Saint of Dragon)
Age: 15
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: August 10
Birthplace: Poland
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: "Surrender of the Dragon" combine attack using one finger (“伏龍”との連携攻撃、指一本による突き (Huku Ryuu Kougeki)
Seiyuu: Ken Yamaguchi (山口 健, やまぐち けん)
The strongest of the 4 black saints. Before Black Dragon's death by Shiryu's defeat, he was finally convinced to believe in "Friendship" that Shiryu kept telling him about and stopped Shiryu's bleeding before he died.
    • Black Dragon (the hidden one, appeared in manga only)
Age: 15
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 8
Birthplace: Poland
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Ability to hide in the darkness, shadow like to Black Dragon and combine attacks.
The blinded elder twin brother of Black Dragon. Shun's nebula chain noticed the hidden Black Dragon and Shun warned Shiryu to watch out for the one in hiding. Shiryu finally realizes the existence of the hidden Black Dragon and defeated him with one hit.
  • Black Cygnus (Black Saint of Cygnus)
Age: 15
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: December 28
Birthplace: Finland
Training location: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Black Blizzard (黒吹雪, ブラックブリザード )
Seiyuu: Kazumi Tanaka (田中 和実, たなか かずみ)
In the manga version, Black Cygnus ripped out one of his eyeballs and sent it to Ikki to show him Hyoga's technique in the reflection of his eyeball just before he died. In the anime, Black Cygnus broke off the swan head on his helmet instead.
  • Black Andromeda (Black Saint of Andromeda)
Age: 14
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: October 4
Birthplace: Turkey
Training place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: "Black Fang Nebula" also known as "Black Nebula Chain"(暗黒流牙星雲, ブラックファングネビュラ、※アニメでは暗黒ネビュラチェーン)
Seiyuu: Kaneto Shiozawa (塩沢 兼人, しおざわ かねと)
His version of Black Fang Nebula can turn into piles of snakes and choke his enemy. However it's no match for the real Nebula chain of Andromeda Shun. He is defeated when Shun was provoked from Seiya's self sacrifice of cutting the nebular chain and falling deeper into the pit.
  • Black Phoenix (Black Saint of Phoenix)
Age: 15
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 63kg
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Training Place: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Black wings of the Phoenix
Shadow warriors of Ikki
Seiyuu: Michihiro Ikemizu (池水 通洋, いけみず みちひろ)
  • Jango (General of the Black Saint after Ikki's redemption)
Age: 18
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 101kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: August 8
Birthplace: Samoa
Training location: Death Queen Island
Techniques: Death Queen Inferno
Seiyuu: Banjo Ginga (銀河 万丈, ぎんが ばんじょう)
Black Saint's leader before Ikki kills him with Phoenix Gemma Ken.
  • Guilty (Ikki's Master on Death Queen Island)
Age: Unknown
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 91kg
Birthday: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Birth Place: Unknown
Training Place: Unknown
Technique: Unknown
Seiyuu: Hidekatsu Shibata (柴田 秀勝, しばた ひでかつ)
Ikki's master's identity is unknown because he always wears a mask. He teaches Ikki to draw power from hate and to provoke Ikki into hate. He killed Esmeralda and just before he died, he revealed to Ikki that Mitsumasa Kido fathered 100 orphan children (only in the manga) and Ikki is one of them to provoke Ikki on a mission of hate and kill all that's related to Mitsumasa Kido.

[edit] Silver Saints

The Saints wearing the second most powerful Cloths are the Silver Saints. The Specialists in Battle. When they receive an assignment of the Sanctuary, they go to any part of the world to fulfill it whatever the cost, using all their power. They represent the true concept of a Saint of Athena, those are the Silver Saints.

Another mission given by the Sanctuary for the Silver Saints is the one to take care of the Cloths that does not have owners. It is not rare to see Silver Saints training potential candidates to one of these Cloths. To find a successor worthy of its Cloth is part of the work of these Saints. As many Saints and Cloths were lost in the last Holy War, to train new Saints and to increase to the power to fight are the important tasks to be fulfilled before the next Holy War. [1]

In total there exists 24 Silver Saints, but only sixteen was active in the story of Saint Seiya. The Silver Cloths, the principle of a Silver Saint exists only in the color Silver, (though they are multicolored in the anime) and they freeze at a temperature of -200°C. Currently there has only been 18 Silver Cloths confirmed, but the Silver Cloths of Orion, Shield and Southern Cross may soon fall in there line. The 17th & 18th Silver Cloths was revealed in the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia, they represent the constellations of Crater and Ara. Recently since the start of saint Seiya Next Dimension, a Saint who was active in the previous Holy war with Hades were revealed as Crateris Suikyo.

  • Herakles Algethi
Age: 17
Height: 2.40m
Weight: 180kg
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: August 15
Birthplace: Africa
Training location: Uganda
Techniques: Cornephoros
Seiyuu: Daisuke Gouri (郷里 大輔, ごうり だいすけ) 、Naoki Imamura (今村 直樹, いまむら なおき) OVA version.
One of the three silver saints sent after Seiya while Seiya's in the hospital. He was defeated when Seiya put on the Sagittarius gold cloth.
  • Perseus Algol
Age: 17
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 83kg
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: November 11
Birthplace: Saudi Arabia
Training location: Austria
Techniques: Rhas Al-Ghûl Gorgoneion, Gorgon Kick
Equipment: Medusa Shield
His Medusa shield turned Shun into stone. Shiryu had to blind his own eyes in order to defeat Algol. (In the anime, Seiya was turned to stone aswell.)
Named after the star Algol ("Demon Star"), known for its varying brightness.
  • Hound Asterion
Age: 16
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: February 20
Birthplace: Denmark
Training location: Austria, Brocken Mountain
Techniques: Million Ghost Attack
Asterion has the ability to read the opponent's mind and heart.
Named after Asterion, husband of Europa.
Asterion was the one that found out Marin helped Seiya escape by reading her heart, and later defeated by Marin when Marin emptied her thoughts so that Asterion can no longer read her mind.
  • Centaurus Babel|Babel
Age: 17
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: February 27
Birthplace: Iraq
Training location: Kentaurus Island
Techniques: Fotia Roufihtra (Greek for Fire Vortex)
After Misty had been delayed at the beach, Babel returned to find him dead. Cygnus Hyoga appeared, suprised the Centaur Saint since he thought he had killed him before. But he had killed the Black Swan due to an illusion by Aries Mu. Hyoga overpowered the Silver Saint in no time and won the battle.
In the anime, Babel gained the upper hand over Hyoga in the colliseum until the Steel Saints interrupted the battle. Sky Cloth Sho absorbed Babel's attack. He was defeated by Hyoga, and while dying he was one of the only Silver Saints to recognize Saori as the true Athena.
Named after the ancient city Babel, known for the biblical story the Tower of Babel.
  • Auriga Capella
Age: 17
Height: 1.83m
Weight: 80kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: August 21
Birthplace: Greece
Training location: Greece
Techniques: Saucer Attack
He appeared with Dante and Argol after Jamian kidnapped Saori. He attacked with flying Saucers. He was defeated by Phoenix Ikki's Gemma Ken of seeing the illusion of his Saucer flying back and cutting him up.
Named after an actual star known as "the Charioteer". Often believed to be Hephaestus.
  • Cepheus Daidalos
Main article: Cepheus Daidalos
  • Kerberos Dante
Age: 17
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 93kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthdate: March 29
Birthplace: Italy
Training location: Italy, Sicilia Island
Techniques: 地獄の鋼球鎖 (Steel Ball Chain of Hell)
Equipment: Hell Hound Steel Spike Balls
He uses big steel spike balls and chains as weapons to attack the bronze saint Phoenix Ikki. During the chase after Saori and the others, Andromeda Shun stepped in. Dante's chain was no match for Shun's Nebula chain and he was defeated.
Named after the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri.
  • Musca Dio
Age: 16
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: July 10
Birthplace: Mexico
Training location: Mexico, Mexico Highlands
Techniques: Dead End Fly
One of the three silver saints sent after Seiya when Seiya was in the hospital, he was defeated when Seiya put on the Sagittarius gold cloth.
  • Crow Jamian
Age: 17
Height: 1.66m
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: July 27
Birthplace: Britain
Training location: Scotland
Techniques: Black Wing Shaft
Wit the ability to command Crows to do his bidding, he was sent to kidnap Saori Kido during the Silver Saints' order from Pope to eliminate the Bronze Saints. He was defeated when Phoenix Ikki came to the goddess distress.
In the anime, he accidentally tripped down a cliff when confounded by Saori's cosmo and fell to his death.
  • Eagle Marin
Main article: Eagle Marin
  • Lizard Misty
Age: 16
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: October 11
Birthplace: France
Training location: France, Cote d'Azur
Techniques: Mavrou Trippa (Greek for "Black Hole")
A beautiful narcissistic man who believe that the only true victory is winning without getting hurt or scars. His attack Marble Tripper is a huge white whirlwind. However Seiya proved him wrong and he admitted Seiya was right just before he died.
  • Whale Mozes
Age: 17
Height: 2.05m
Weight: 130kg
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: August 2
Birthplace: New Zealand
Training location: New Zealand
Techniques: Kaitos Spounting Bomber
Mozes returned to the beach with Asterion after both Babel and Misty had been delayed. There they both fought Marin and then Seiya, whom Mozes eventually got defeated of.
Named after the biblical religious leader Moses, known for his persecution of polytheists.
  • Lyra Orphée
Main article: Lyra Orphée
  • Ophiuchus Shaina
Main article: Ophiuchus Shaina
  • Canis Major Sirius
Age: 17
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 86kg
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: January 6
Birthplace: East Germany
Training location: Greece
Techniques: Great Mountain Smasher (OVA)
One of the three Silver Saints sent after Seiya while Seiya was in the hospital, he was defeated when Seiya put on the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.
In the anime he was revived in the Hades arc to fight the Bronze Saints again.
Named after the double star Sirius, also the name of the dog of Orion.
  • Sagitta Ptolemy
Age: 16
Height: 180m
Weight: 73kg
Birthdate: June 16
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Libya
Training location: Thebes, Egypt
Techniques: Phantom Arrow
Ptolemy is a saint that follows the orders he is given. When the four bronze saints arrive at the sanctuary he is there to greet them in disguise. But as soon as they come into the vicinity of the Aries temple he reveals himself and attacks them with a shower of phantom arrows.
However, the bronze saints realize they are all illusions and easily defeat him. There is yet only one golden real arrow that he shot, which hits Saori right in the chest. Before he dies, he tells them they must reach Pope Ares in less than 12 Houses so that he can remove the arrow before it pierces Saori's heart.
    • Dead Silver Saints

As seen on the tomb stones in the Hades chapter, there's quite a few Silver Saints that are already dead. Masami Kurumada has identified them as the following names:

Serge, Ludwig, Gilles, Helga, Jose, Algernon, Tess, Siroe, Edomon, Gavin, Juan, Baraba, Ivan, Kain, Isac, Tony, Cima, Timothy, Himrar, Migel, Nobo, Salomo, Van, Zola and Kim.

[edit] Gold Saints

  • Aries Shion
Main article: Aries Shion
  • Aries Mu
Main article: Aries Mu
  • Taurus Aldebaran
Main article: Taurus Aldebaran
  • Gemini Saga
Main article: Gemini Saga
  • Gemini Kanon
Main article: Kanon (Saint Seiya)
  • Cancer DeathMask
Main article: DeathMask
  • Leo Aiolia
Main article: Leo Aiolia
  • Virgo Shaka
Main article: Virgo Shaka
  • Libra Dohko
Main article: Libra Dohko
  • Scorpion Milo
Main article: Scorpion Milo
  • Sagittarius Aiolos
Main article: Sagittarius Aiolos
  • Capricorn Shura
Main article: Capricorn Shura
  • Aquarius Camus
Main article: Aquarius Camus
  • Pisces Aphrodite
Main article: Pisces Aphrodite

[edit] Other Saints

These characters are only present in the anime adaptation, novel, or other sources. As such, their canonicity is questionable.

[edit] Saints without constellations

  • Crystal Saint (Hyoga's first master)
Techniques: Diamond Dust, Freezing fist
In the Manga, Aquarius Camus was Hyoga's only master.
  • Docrates (Cassios elder brother)
Technique: Hercules Fierce Fist (ヘラクレス猛襲拳)
Ability to grow his body into the size of a giant, was defeated by the bronze saints.
  • Flame (Ennetsu) Saint
Techniques: Fire Screw
  • Leda
Techniques: Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン) (combine attack with Spica)
Saint in training under Cepehus Daidalos along side with Shun and June.
Also see Leda in Greek mythology.
  • Spica
Techniques: Double Nebula Chain (ダブル・ネビュラチェーン) (combine attack with Leda)
Saint in training under Cepheus Daidalos along side with Shun.
Also see Spica in astrology.
  • Spartan
Techniques: Psychokinesis
"He was created for the Anime. He used his psychokinetic powers to bring down the plane the bronze saints were in right before the fight against Algol and Shaina".

[edit] Ghost Saint

The following appeared in anime, Ghost Saint of Carribian. (幽霊聖闘士 )

  • Geist
Technique: ファントム眩惑拳 (Phantom Dazzling Fist Fantomu Genwaku Ken?), Thunder Claw
Sister of Shaina exiled to Carribian Sea due to a fire crime she did 10 years ago. Inorder to repay for her crime, she was to kill the bronze saint and return with the Sagittarius helm. However just before she was about to over come Seiya, the Sagittarius helm flow itself over and knock her down.
  • Sea Serpent
Technique: Unknown
One of three servants of Geist. He can create sticky material and attack swiftly by gliding.
  • Dolphine
Technique: ドルフィン流空中回転キック (Dolphine-Style Somersault Kick Dorufin-ryū Kūchū Kaiten Kikku?)
One of three servants of Geist. He's very agile and can attack using acrobatic movements.
  • Crag (Eel or Jellyfish like)
Technique: クラッグ流電撃百万ボルト (Crag-Style Electric Shock One Million Volt, Kuraggu-ryū Dengeki Hyakuman Boruto?)
One of three servants of Geist. He uses fabric lik ribbon or clothe that can shock his enemy with one million volt of electricities.
Japanese Wikipedia of Saint Seiya character list provides a link of "Crag" to Kraken a Greek mythological creature.

[edit] Steel Saints (only in anime)

The Steel Saints' armors were created by Dr. Mamori (supported on the beginning by Mitsumasa Kido). Unlike the other Saints, the Steel Saints' powers come from their robotic armors and not from the cosmos. They only appear on the Silver Saint Arc, and before the Bronze saints travel to the Sanctuary in Greece.

  • Daichi (大地 ) (Steel Saint of Fox)
Seiyuu: Teiyū Ichiryūsai (一龍斎貞友, いちりゅうさい ていゆう) also known as Suzuki Mie (鈴木三枝, 鈴木みえ, すずき みえ)
Land Armor or Land Cloth (ランドクロス) also as (Young)Fox Cloth (仔狐聖衣)
Armor in shape of a small race car or skate board in mainly yellow color.
Capable of generating earthquakes and combine attack with Ushio.
Seiyuu: Hōchū Ōtsuka (大塚 芳忠, おおつか ほうちゅう)
Aquatic Armor or Marine Cloth (マリンクロス) also as Sword Fish Cloth (旗魚聖衣)
Armor in shape of a small submarine or water glider in mainly blue color.
Specializing in sound waves and combine attack with Daichi.
  • Sho (翔) (Steel Saint of Toucan)
Seiyuu: Shigeru Nakahara (中原 茂, なかはら しげる) also seiyuu of Megrez Delta Alberich
Sky Armor or Sky Cloth (スカイクロス) also as Toucan (bird of giant beak) Cloth (巨嘴鳥聖衣)
Armor in shape of a small jet plane or air glider in mainly maroon red color.
Power of "sky waves", able to absorb enemy's technique blast and attack from air.

[edit] Bronze Saints

She appears in the novel Gigantomachia, where she is kidnapped by the Gigantes. To be used as bait and lure Athena to their den.

[edit] Silver Saints

Named after renowned mythical weaver Arachne.
Character created by the anime script writers. He was supposed to kill Seiya and Kiki after they go searching for a cure for Shiryu's blindness, but Seiya defeats him.
Disciple of the Gold Saint Shaka..
Character created by the anime script writers. He and his partner Shiva were disciples of Virgo Shaka, who sent them to kill Ikki as he was healing himself in a volcano before joining the Bronze Saints on the Sanctuary. They attempt to kill a girl named Helen to lure Ikki into a trap, but Ikki ultimately saves Helen and kills them.
  • Nicole (Saint of Ara)
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Greece
Training location: Unknown
Techniques: Unknown
Nicole is considered very clever in Sanctuary, in particular he has a vast knowledge about astronomy. The Ara Saint has the assignment to follow the Pope like a shadow and like a counterpart, to attract the enemies on himself. In the beginning of gigantomachia he's watching a Greek theater with Andromeda Shun when he is attacked. His hair is brown and he is also the master of Yuulij of Sextant.
Named after the Hindu God Shiva. Disciple of the Gold Saint Shaka.
Character created by the anime script writers. He and his partner Agora were disciples of Virgo Shaka, who sent them to kill Ikki as he was healing himself in a volcano before joining the Bronze Saints on the Sanctuary. Thye attempt to kill a girl named Helen to lure Ikki into a trap, but Ikki ultimately saves her and kills them.

[edit] Unknown Order Saints

Birthplace: Japan
Training Location: Sicilia
Techniques: Zanshin
In the Saint Seiya novel "Gigantomachia", Seiya and his comrades meets Mei who was one of the Children sent out in the world to train. Though he says his cloth is of neither Bronze, Silver or Gold.

[edit] Other notable characters

  • Alexer
Age: 19
Height: 1.84m
Weight: 80kg
Birthday: June 27
Blood Type: AB
Birth Place: Blue Grad near the North Pole circle
Armor: Blue Warrior cloth
Technique: Blue Impulse
He is the elder son of the ruler of Blue Grad, but also the leader of the Blue Warriors (written with the kanji 氷戦士, meaning Ice Warriors), and also the elder brother of a girl named Natassia. After capturing Hyoga as a potential ally, he kills his father to initiate his plans for taking over a warmer country. Yet his plans are disturbed when Hyoga escapes and takes a fight with Alexer. Though it is disturbed by the news of Natassia being frozen in ice as she prayed. Hyoga saves Natassia and the story ends with Hyoga walking away, while Alexer holding Natassia in his arms.
  • Cassios
Age: 15
Height: 2.01m
Weight: 128kg
Birthday: December 14
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Greece
Training Place: Greece
Seiyuu: Banjo Ginga (銀河万丈, ぎんが ばんじょう)
Apprentice and saint in training under Ophiuchus Shaina. During the fight for the Pegasus cloth, Seiya cut off one of his ears and he hated Seiya ever since. Casios has great respect and affection toward Shaina, however he realize that Shaina has affection toward Seiya. Motivated by this fact, he takes Seiya's place and dies during the fight with Leo Aiolia, in order to wake Aiolia from the control of Saga's Demon's Emperor Fist. In the anime he's the younger brother of Docrates.
  • Esmeralda
Age: 13
Height: 1.58m
Weight: 43kg
Birthday: August 25
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: A small local island near the Death Queen Island.
Seiyuu: Chisato Nakajima (中島千里, なかじま ちさと)
She was sold as work slave to a local abusive farmer with only 3 bags of grains. When Ikki first encounter her, Ikki mistaken her for Shun for they have the same facial feature with only different hair color and gender. She was killed by Guilty, master of Ikki inorder to provoke Ikki to draw power from hate. In the anime, she was Guilty's daughter.
  • Jacob
Age: 7
Height: 1.28m
Weight: 35kg
Birthday: February 4
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Russia, East Siberia
Seiyuu: Tomiko Suzuki (鈴木富子, すずき とみこ)
A kid who lives in a village near Hyoga's training place, he's a fan of Hyoga and often come by to check up on Hyoga at his training place.
  • Kiki (貴鬼, キキ)
Age: 8
Height: 1.30m
Weight: 34kg
Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Tibet
Training Place: Tibet, Jamir
Techniques: Telekinesis, ability to sense invisible energy force and ability to see invisible crack marks on saint cloths.
Seiyuu: Hiroko Emori (江森 浩子, えもり ひろこ )
Apprentice and saint in training under Aries Mu, like his master and grand master, Kiki also bears the two dots marks on his forehead. He never fights but can use a powerful telekinesis against normal humans as
  • Miho (美穂, みほ)
Age: 13
Height: 1.53m
Weight: 41kg
Birthday: April 15
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Japan
Seiyuu: Naoko Watanabe (渡辺 菜生子, わたなべ なおこ)
Seiya's best friend, she works at an orphanage, which in the anime is the same one where Seiya and his sister Seika lived before Seiya was taken away. Apparently she's in love with Seiya to some degree, and in a sense represents the point of view of the normal people who are mere witnesses to the struggle between the Gods.
  • Mitsumasa Kido (城戸光政, きど みつまさ)
Seiyuu: Kouhei Miyauchi (宮内 幸平, みやうち こうへい)
Foster grandfather of Saori, who adopted her and took her to Japan after finding a dying Sagittarius Aiolos in Sanctuary. In the manga, it was revealed that he was actually the birth father of all the orphans he sent around the world to be trained as Saints. In the anime, he merely took the children from various orphanages (sometimes even kidnapping them, as shown in Seiya's case), and sent them for their training. In order to hide the Sagittarius cloth from Sanctuary, he had people put additional work on it to mask the original shape of the Sagittarius cloth. Just before he die, he told Saori everything regarding the encounter with Aiolos in Sanctuary.
  • Natassia (Hyoga's Mother)
Seiyuu: Akiko Tsuboi (坪井 章子, つぼい あきこ) (Same voice as Lastelle's mother in Nausicaa of the valley of the wind)
She was Hyoga's mother and died when the ship sinks into the icy sea while they are on their way to see Mitsumasa Kido, Hyoga's father.
  • Natassia
Age: 14
Height: 1.62m
Weight: 57kg
Birthday: March 28
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Blue Grad, near the North Pole circle.
Younger sister of Blue Warrior Alexer, she has the same name as Hyoga's mother. In the manga, Hyoga encountered her during the conflict with the Blue Warriors.
  • Seika (星華, せいか)
Age: 16
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 51kg
Birthday: March 18
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Japan
Seiyuu: Yuriko Yamamoto (山本 百合子, やまもと ゆりこ)
Seiya's older sister, whom he has not seen in years. After he was taken away, she wandered the world looking for him. It has long been implied that Marin (Seiya's mentor) could have in fact been Seika, and some characters, including Seiya, thought it could be true (Marin and Seika even have the same physical characteristics: same age, same birthdate, same height, same birth place). Marin even has a brother she lost and was looking for. But Seika appeared as an independent character in the Hades chapter, completely amnesiac. Marin finds Seika and bring her along.
  • Shunrei (春麗, しゅんれい)
Age: 13
Height: 1.54m
Weight: 42kg
Birthday: April 20
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: China
Seiyuu: Yumiko Shibata (柴田由美子, しばた ゆみこ) , Eriko Sato (佐藤 江梨子, さとう えりこ) OVA version
Shunrei was an abandoned orphan found by Dohko in Rozan (China), she cares deeply for Shiryū, and her prayer for the Shiryu's safety in battle helped Shiryu through some of the tough fights.
Shunrei's name in kanji is (春麗) which is also the same kanji name for Chun Li in Street Fighter series.
  • Tokumaru Tatsumi (辰巳 徳丸, たつみ とくまる)
Age: 32
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 97kg
Birthday: May 5
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Japan
Technique: the moves of a Kendo Third Dan
Seiyuu: Yukitoshi Hori (堀 之紀, ほり ゆきとし)
Saori's butler, bodyguard and right-hand man. Was in charge of overseeing the orphans who were to be sent out all over the world to train and become Bronze Saints, and since he was extremely severe and downright abusive at times, most of them are resentful towards him. He always tries to be strong and protect Saori but even the Sanctuary soldiers can defeat him. He starts as a rather flat and downright abusive retairner for the future Saints, later develops as a man who was honor-bound to preotect Saori, and ultimately was the series' comic relief.

[edit] Anime only Characters

  • Ohko (王虎)
Technique: 猛虎烈風紫電拳 (Mokō Reppū Shiden Ken Fierce Tiger Gale Swordflash Fist?)
Seiyuu: Kazuhiko Inoue (井上 和彦, いのうえ かずひこ)
Exiled student of Dohko for breaking the rules and seeking fight with who ever he can. He returned to challenge Shiryu but was defeated in the end.
  • Phaeton
  • Helen
Age: 12
Birth Place: A small volcanic island in the Mediterranean sea.
In the anime, she was the granddaughter of a local chieftain who was killed by two Silver Saints, Agora and Shiva, for hiding Ikki from the Sanctuary assassins. Helen was thrown alive inside of a volcano when she attempted to help Ikki too, but she managed to climb her way up the volcano's walls and her struggle boosts Ikki up enough to kill Agora and Shiva and free Helen's village.
Apparently named after Helen of Troy, the famous Queen of Sparta.
  • Gigas

[edit] Notes

  • Supposedly, the Saints represent the 88 constellations, yet according to the official number of Saints given (12 Gold Saints, 24 Silver Saints and 48 Bronze Saints), there are still four unaccounted Saints. However, three Silver Saints and over thirty Bronze Saints never make an appearance.
  • The manga Episode G suggests that the four unaccounted Saints could belong to the Bronze Saints. Due Episode G's unknown status as Canon, this information may be unreliable.
  • In the Mythological Age, Cloth (or Cloths) evolved in God Cloth(s). This was stated by Hypnos and Thanathos in the original manga.
  • In Gigantomachia one of the four missing saints was suggested to be, Mei who wears the Cloth of Berenice.
  • "You can only use an attack on a Saint once, afterwards it will have no effect." This is a famous quote from many Saints, referring to how after they've seen an attack once, they would know how to counter it, and subsequent uses of the same attack would prove to be ineffective.
  • It was stated in the movie pamphlet of Saint Seiya (Gekijoban; the movie) that the cloths of The Southern cross, Shield and Orion are of the silver rank. Note: Kurumada himself participated in the making of the movie, and the cloths as stated in interviews about the movie in the Japanese magazine Newtype.

[edit] Odin's Asgardians (anime only)

  • Polaris Hilda: A beautiful and powerful young woman who is Odin's representative on Earth and priestess of Asgard, she is possessed by the Nibelung Ring (controlled by Poseidon) after rejecting his influence, and sets her sights on world domination in the name of Odin. Her younger sister Freya contacts Saori and asks her and the Saints for help.
Saori quickly sets up a strategy: she will take Hilda's place temporally as the one who prays to avoid the melting of the Polar Ice, while the Bronze Knights fight Hilda's Guardians to reach her. She's finally liberated after fighting Seiya, who awakened the Odin God Robe and the legendary sword Balmung with all Odin Sapphires, and returns to her gentle self. It's also revealed that Poseidon locked her spirit away in the Nibelung Ring as her body was controlled by him, torrturing her psychologically since she could only watch her warriors die one by one.
She's apparently named after Brynhildr, the strongest of the Valkyries in Norse mythology and one of the main characters in Richard Wagner's Tetralogy, as well as the hero Siegfried's love interest.
Seiyuu: Mitsuko Horie (堀江 美都子, ほりえ みつこ)
  • Freya: Younger sister of Polaris Hilda. After being the first person (aside from Alberich) who notices the drastic change in her sister, she seeks out help from Saori and her saints for help, freeing Hyoga from jail (he had been been sent as a scout and then captured) and joining him, therefore she's branded as a traitor by everyone. She was deeply saddened for the battle that she didn't not want to come to be between Merak Hagen and Cygnus Hyoga; Hyoga was her first friend (and possible love interest) among the Bronze Saints, but Hagen was her bodyguard and best friend since childhood.
She's named after Freya, the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology.
Seiyuu: Maria Kawamura (川村 万梨阿, かわむら まりあ)

[edit] Asgard God Warriors

  • Dubhe Alpha Siegfried
Techniques: Odin Sword, Dragon Bravest Blizzard
He is said to be the strongest warrior among the God Warriors and the second in command after Hilda. He is very loyal to Hilda and at times seem to have a crush on her. In the beginning, he does not believe the Saints when they tell him that Hilda is being controlled by the Niebelungen Ring. However, after Poseidon's Sea General Siren Sorento came out and told the truth, he switched sides and sacrificed himself to kill Siren Sorento (although Sorento was thought to have died, he actually survived and returns to Poseidon). His armor resembles the dragon Fafner. He is commented to be "invulnerable", just like the Norse legendary hero Siegfried, this fact maybe the reason why he is considered the strongest God Warrior.
Named after the Norse legendary hero Siegfried, central character in the opera Siegfried.

  • Merak Beta Hagen
Techniques: Universe Freezing, Great Ardent Pressure
Since he was a child, he lived in the Valhalla Palace training in the cold mountain peaks and some volcanic caves in Asgard with the purpose of protect Hilda and Freya. Jealous of Hyoga's relationship with Freya, Hagen fought against him but was defeated when Hyoga increased his cosmo. His armor resembles Sleipnir the eight-legged horse owned by Odin
Named after Hagen, the traitor who killed Siegfried.

  • Phecda Gamma Thor
Techniques: Mjolnir Hammer, Titanic Hercules
Thor was a poor Asgard villager, until he was severely damaged by the Valhalla Palace guardians when he tried to hunt near the Palace. Almost dying, he is healed by Odin's priest Hilda Polaris feeling by first time her pure and warm cosmo. Since then, he swore to protect her as her guardian . Despite noticing that Hilda's cosmo had changed, he fought against Athena's Saints hoping that she would return to being the kind person she once was. Finally, he asked Seiya to rescue Hilda after being defeated. His armor resembles Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, who faced the Norse god Thor at the Battle of Ragnarök.
Named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

  • Megrez Delta Alberich
Techniques: Amethyst Shield, Nature Unity, Honoo no Ken ("Flaming Sword").
Descendant of an important family of warriors and wise people in Asgard, Alberich was famous by his intelligence and cleverness. He was the only witness of the Hilda's possession by Poseidon's Nibelung ring. Taking advantage of this war, he planned to conquer the world. He defeated many of the Athena's Saints (including Marin). However, Shiryu with the help of his master Dohko finally defeated him. He was one of the most coward Saints as he could do the nature fight for him and used his intelligence to avoid fighting.
Named after the Norse mythical king Alberich of the dwarves, a sorcerer who guards the treasure of the Nibelung.

  • Alioth Epsilon Fenrir
Techniques: Wolf Cruelty Claw, Northern Gunrō Ken ("Northern Wolf Pack Fist")
Fenrir was a member of one of the most powerful and rich families in Asgard. One day when he and his family went hunting, they were attacked by a bear. Helped by wolves and abandoned by humans, he started to live with wolves adopting their life style. Later, he was chosen by Hilda as the Epsilon God Warrior. He died fighting against Shiryu when an avalanche fell over him and his wolves.
Named after the Norse mythical wolf Fenrir, who will swallow Odin during Ragnarok. His armor also resembles the wolf

  • Mizar Zeta Syd
Techniques: Viking Tiger Claw, Blue Impulse
He was the first God Warrior to appear in the Asgard chapter. He was sent to the Sanctuary to 'declare' war against Athena. He defeated Taurus Aldebaran with one blow (it was later revealed that a hidden force helped him). Then he went in Japan to kill Athena, he was stopped by Seiya and Shun, and he returned to his country waiting for the Saints to come and fight there. He was defeated by Shun's Nebula Storm in the Valhalla palace. Before his death, it was revealed he always knew about his twin brother, Alcor Zeta Bud.
His armor had the appearance of a green saber-toothed tiger, an animal that doesn't belong to the Norse mythology
  • Alcor Zeta Bud
Techniques: Shadow Viking Tiger Claw
Syd and Bud are twins who were born into a very wealthy family in Asgard. Due to local superstitions that twins bring bad luck to the family, Bud was abandoned by his parents. A poor man raised him as his own child, until one day, during hunting, Bud encountered his twin brother Syd and the parents who abandoned him. Hilda made him a shadow God Warrior, in which he'll replace Syd (if he dies) as the real God Warrior. He had hatred against Syd and yet after much convincing from Ikki, he realized that all his actions (helping Syd to defeat Aldebaran, and later Shun when Syd was losing the battle) was due to the fact that he loved his brother very much. He then carried Syd's body into the blizzard, where Bud presumably died, with the wish that he and Syd could again be brothers should they be re-incarnated.

  • Benetnasch Eta Mime
Techniques: Stringer Requiem, Kōsokuken ("Lightspeed Fist")
Mime grow up with his father Folker, a powerful warrior who trained him. One day, Mime discovered that Folker had cruelly killed his true parents. Guided by a strong feeling of fury, he killed Folker. After defeating Shun, who was disabled of using his chains, he fought against Ikki. At the end of this battle, he discovered (by being attacked with the Phoenix Hōō Genma Ken) that Folker was a good man who killed Mime's parents by mistake. His famous last words to Ikki were that he wished that in a new life they could both be reborn and be friends.
Named after the Nibelung Dwarf Mime, brother of the dwarven king Alberich, who trains and takes care of Siegfried
Mime (pronounce Mimay) has a similar attack style as Lyra Orphée, who is one of the most powerful Silver Saint under Saori Athena's banner.

[edit] Poseidon's Mariners

Age: 16
Birthdate: March 21
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 59 kg
Birthplace: Greece
Blood Type: O
Secret Moves: Infernal Seaquake, Divine Shot
Seiyuu: Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一, なんば けいいち)
Poseidon has been reincarnated in the body of a young man named Julian Solo, who is the owner of a large shipping corporation, which is one of the Graude Foundation's chief rivals. Julian has asked Saori to marry him, and was turned down. Thus, when Poseidon awakens within the young man, and Athena having turned down his proposition, both sides of his personality have cause to wish his rival no good. Having known each other socially, Julian and Saori are somewhat shocked when they discover each other's "secret" identities.
In Greek mythology Poseidon was one of the most important gods, and was full brother to Zeus and thus Athena's uncle.
  • Thetis (Mariner of Mermaid)
Main article: Mermaid Thetis
Age: 15
Birthdate: November 21
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 52 kg
Birthplace: Denmark
Blood Type: O
Secret Moves: Death Coral Trap
Seiyuu: Hiromi Tsuru (鶴 ひろみ, つる ひろみ)
The only female Mariner, she seems to be the equivalent of a Silver rather than a Gold Saint. Acting also as a messenger of Poseidon (besides Siren Sorento) She was responsible for "awakening" the spirit of Poseidon in Julian Solo by giving him the trident which is part of the Poseidon Scale (armor).
In the anime she is last seen in the form of an actual mermaid swimming in the ocean.
In the manga, it's suggested she's a dead fish found by Julian on the beach, a fish Julian helped years before.
Mermaids are mythological creatures who are half woman and half fish. The fact that she is from Denmark is a reference on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid,a Danish fairy tale about a mermaid.
Named after the sea goddess, Thetis, the mother of Achilles.

[edit] Mariner Generals of the 7 Seas

  • Sea Horse Baian
Pillar: North Pacific
Age: 18
Birthdate: May 7
Height: 1.81 m
Weight: 78 kg
Birthplace: Canada
Blood Type: A
Secret Moves: God Breath, Rising Bellows
Seiyuu: Sho Hayami (速水 奨, はやみ しょう)
Baian protects the first of the pillars the Bronze Saints must destroy in order to rescue Athena. Seiya had encountered the similar forcefield technique Baian used from his fight with Lizard Misty before and was able to ultimately defeats him.
Hippocampus (Sea Horse), in mythology, is a creature with the forefronts of horse (with webbed feet rather than hooves) and the rear ends of fish. Poseidon's chariot was drawn by hippocampus.
  • Scylla Io
Pillar: South Pacific
Age: 17
Birthdate: March 2
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 71 kg
Birthplace: Chile, San Felix Island
Blood Type: AB
Secret Moves: Queen Bee's Stinger, Eagle Clutch, Serpent Strangler, Wolf's Fang, Vampire Inhaile, Grizzly Slap, Big Tornado
Seiyuu: Issei Futamata (二又 一成, ふたまた いっせい)
He faces Shun and was defeated after Shun breaks all his attacks using Nebula Chain. Scylla's power includes the ability to project energy in the forms of several different animals.
In mythology, Scylla was a sea monster that had once been a beautiful sea nymph. The sorceress Circe grew jealous of her and transformed her into a hideous monster. From the waist up she remained a beautiful girl, but the lower part of her body was turned into six ravening beasts (wolf, queen bee, eagle, bat, snake and bear).
Named after one of the lovers of Zeus, a daughter of a river god who was turned into a cow and tormented by a gadfly by Hera until Io reached Egypt, where she was freed from her punishment and became a priestess of Isis.
  • Chrysaor Krishna
Pillar: Indian Ocean
Age: 19
Birthdate: August 10
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 80 kg
Birthplace: Ceylon
Blood Type: B
Secret Moves: Flashing Lancer, Mahā Roşni
Seiyuu: Masaharu Sato (佐藤 正治, さとう まさはる)
Like Shaka, his attacks projects a lot of Eastern religious symbolism. In Krishna's case, they are mostly Hindu in origin. His lance pierced Shiryu's shield and his Mahā Roşni(महा रोशनी Great Illumination in Sanskrit) blinded Shiryu but Shiryu was able to defeat him using Excalibur in the end.
Chrysaor, in Greek mythology, was born from the blood of Medusa when Perseus cut her head off. Some legends have him being Poseidon's son by Medusa. He himself fathered many monsters. Chrysaor appeared to be a handsome human man, and he was also known as the "chieftain of the golden spear", for the weapon he favored, reference to Krishna's mastery of his spear.
Named after one of the avatars of Vishnu, one of the three gods of the Hindu Trinity.
  • Lyumnades Kaza
Main article: Lyumnades Kaza
Pillar: Antarctic
Age: 21
Birthdate: August 19
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: 49 kg
Birthplace: Portugal
Blood Type: O
Secret Moves: Salamander Shock, morphing illusions
Seiyuu: Keaton Yamada (キートン山田, キートンやまだ)
Casa possessed the ability to transform into his opponent's most beloved one. He faces several of the Bronze Saints before Ikki shows up. Casa changes his form to become someone each of the saints loves, tricking them into letting their guard down so he can strike them when they least expected.
In mythology, the Lymnades were evil water demons, who looked like salamanders and hated humans. They had the ability to mimic the form and voice of anyone they chose to. Their favorite trick was to assume the shape of someone a passerby loved and when he or she got close enough, the demons pulled the humans into the water and drowned them.
  • Kraken Isaac
Main article: Kraken Isaac
  • Siren Sorento
Main article: Siren Sorento
  • Sea Dragon Kanon
Main article: Kanon (Saint Seiya)

[edit] Hades' Specters

[edit] Hades' Heralds

  • Hades (god of the Underworld)
Age: Unknown (his original body existed since the time of gods, resting in the Elysion field.)
Height: 1.84m
Weight: 73kg
Birthday: September 9 (The date born from Pandora's mother)
Secret Moves: Greatest Eclipse.
Defeated by Athena and Seiya once her Cloth was revived. The arch enemy of Athena for 243 years.
Also see Hades in Greek mythology.
  • Pandora
Age: 16
Height: 1.66m
Weight: 52kg
Birthday: September 3
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Germany
Seiyuu: Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾, さかもと まあや)
Hades' sister in this life time, at a young age, she opened the box that was sealed by Athena and released Hypnos and Thanatos. She was told that Hades will become her brother and she must protect him till the final battle begins. She commands the first wave of Spectres to attack the Sanctuary in the name of Hades in the final chapter. She was given a necklace that allows her to travel through different realms and has a complex relationship with Ikki due to their past regarding Shun.
Also see Pandora in Greek mythology.
  • Hypnos (god of Sleep)
Age: Unknown (existed since the time of god)
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 88kg
Birthday: June 13 (twin with Thanatos)
Secret Moves: Eternal Drowsiness.
Twin brother of Thanatos, he has golden hair and eyes, Hypnos is more careful and calculating. Eventually he was defeated by the Bronze saints once they obtained their God Cloths.
Also see Hypnos in Greek mythology.
  • Thanatos (god of Death)
Age: Unknown (existed since the time of god)
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 88kg
Birthday: June 13 (twin with Hypnos)
Secret Moves: Terrible Providence.
Twin brother of Hypnos, he has silver hair and eyes, Thanatos is arrogant and impulsive which led to his demise against Seiya in Elysion.
Also see Thanatos in Greek mythology.

[edit] The 108 Specters

36 Celestial Stars and 72 Terrestrial Stars makes up the 108 stars in total

[edit] 36 Celestial Stars

Not all celestial stars are presented in the series

Hades's Three Leaders or "Kyotos" (冥界三巨頭)

Note: due their names, they are nicknamed by fans as "Hades's Three Judges", but the only real Judge known is Minos.
  • Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Main article: Wyvern Rhadamanthys
  • Griffin Minos
Main article: Griffin Minos
  • Garuda Aiacos
Main article: Garuda Aiacos
  • Acheron Charon
Main article: Acheron Charon
  • Minotaur Gordon (Celestial Solidity Star 天牢星)
Age: 20
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 95kg
Birthday: December 18
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Poland
Technique: Grand Axe Crusher
  • Troll Ivan (Celestial Defeat Star 天敗星)
Age: 21
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 109kg
Birthday: August 30
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Russia, Evenkiiskii
Technique: Greatest the Perestroika
Seiyuu: Keiji Hirai
  • Balron Lune
Main article: Balron Lune
  • Sphinx Pharaoh (Celestial Animality Star 天獣星)
Age: 18
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 69kg
Birthday: November 19
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Egypt
Technique: Balance of Curse, Kiss in the Darkness
Seiyuu: Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一, すわべ じゅんいち)
  • Lycaon Phlegyas (Celestial Crime Star 天罪星)
Age: 21
Height: 1.89m
Weight: 81kg
Birthday: September 18
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Republic of South Africa
Technique: Howling Inferno
Seiyuu: Kiyoyuki Yanada (梁田 清之, やなだ きよゆき)
Named after Phlegyas in Greek mythology
  • Alraune Queen (Celestial Devilness Star 天魔星)
Age: 19
Height: 1.71m
Weight: 56kg
Birthday: April 15
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Germany, Freiburg
Technique: Blood Flower Scissors
Although Queen has a very feminine surplice and name, when Dragon Shiryu cut Queen's mask off with Excalibur, it was seen that Queen is male.
  • Golem Rock (Celestial Horn Star 天角星)
Age: 21
Height: 1.95m
Weight: 114kg
Birthday: June 17
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Republic of Madagascar
Technique: Rolling Bomber Stone
Seiyuu: Yasuhiko Kawazu (川津 泰彦, かわづ やすひこ)
  • Deadly Beetle Stand (Celestial Ugliness Star 天醜星)
Age: 22
Height: 2.58m
Weight: 240kg
Birthday: April 18
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Australia
Technique: Big Wall, Stand by Me
  • Basilisk Sylphid (Celestial Victory Star 天捷星)
Age: 19
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: July 20
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Belgium
Technique: Annihilation Flap
  • Harpy Valentine
Main article: Harpy Valentine

[edit] 72 Terrestrial Stars

Not all terrestrial stars are presented in the series.

  • Cyclops Gigant (Terrestrial Violent Star 地暴星)
Age: 20
Height: 1.97m
Weight: 108kg
Birthday: February 21
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Yugoslavia
Technique: Giant Hold, Big Knuckle
Seiyuu: Hisao Egawa (江川 央生, えがわ ひさお)
  • Dullahan Cube (Terrestrial Feminity Star 地陰星)
Age: 24
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 88kg
Birthday: October 9
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Cuba
Technique: Blood Spray, Death Messenger
During the invasion of Sanctuary, he was killed by Saga for Saga's own disguise.
  • Elf Mils (Terrestrial Weakness Star 地劣星)
Age: 22
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 78kg
Birthday: June 26
Blood Type: B
Birth Place: Ireland
Technique: Natural Teller, Earthquake Mixer
During the invasion of Sanctuary, he was killed by Camus for Camus' own disguise.
  • Papillon Myu
Main article: Papillon Myu
  • Deep Niobe (Terrestrial Darkness Star 地暗星)
Age: 25
Height: 1.81m
Weight: 80kg
Birthday: August 3
Blood Type: AB
Birth Place: Bolivia
Technique: Deep Fragrance, Dead Perfume
Seiyuu: Shingo Horii (堀井 真吾, ほりい しんご)
Named after Niobe in Greek mythology
  • Gorgon Ox (Terrestrial Course Star 地走星)
Age: 23
Height: 1.87m
Weight: 81kg
Birthday: November 7
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Danmark
Technique: Eye of Charge, Lock the Bay
During the invasion of Sanctuary, he was killed by Shura for Shura's own disguise.
  • Worm Raimi (Terrestrial Submission Star 地伏星)
Age: 29
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 51kg
Birthday: February 1
Blood Type: O
Birth Place: Laos
Technique: Worm's Bind, Roar Blood
Seiyuu: Kazuya Nakai (中井 和哉, なかい かずや)
  • Frog Zelos (Terrestrial Strangeness Star 地奇星)
Age: 38
Height: 1.49m
Weight: 55kg
Birthday: March 13
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Cambodia
Technique: Jumping Smash
Seiyuu: Bin Shimada (島田 敏, しまだ びん)

[edit] Other Specter

  • Markino (Skeleton, foot soldier)
Age: 19
Height: 1.55m
Weight: 51kg
Birthday: April 25
Blood Type: AB
Birth Place: Malaysia
Technique: Big Fart, Little Belch
Seiyuu: Naoki Tatsuta (龍田 直樹, たつた なおき)
Killed by Lune (Spectre of Balron, Celestial Courage Star 天英星) due to making loud noises in the court room.

[edit] Notes

  • Most of the 108 spectres are not actually named or characterized in any way in Saint Seiya series.
  • In Chinese classic of the "Outlaws of the marsh" or "Water Margin" talks about 108 warriors exiled into the marsh land due to the corruption of the government during Song dynasty (12th century) and their battles. Each of the 108 warriors have their own nick names, 36 Heavenly Spirits and 72 Earthly Fiends makes up the 108 warriors.
  • In Greek myth, Rhadamanthys, Minos and Aiacos were the Judges of the Underworld, and all three have surplice based on a winged-creature.
  • Niobe was a proud queen with seven sons and daughters who boasted she was better than Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis, and was punished by having all her children shot down by Leto's children until she had one each. Because she would not stop crying, Zeus turned her to stone and placed on a high mountain where when snow melts, it runs down her face as though still crying.
  • Charon was a ferryman, who transports people across the river Acheron in hell (for a price), similar to the spectre Charon
  • Pharaoh is the title given to kings of ancient Egypt, and many aspects of Sphinx Pharaoh's design was based on Egyptian mythology
  • Shion (Aries), Death Mask (Cancer), Aphrodite (Pisces), Shura (Capricornus), Camus (Aquarius) and Saga (Gemini) were revived together with a black version of their gold cloths called Surplices, same material of that of the specters.

[edit] Saint Seiya Movies

[edit] Saint Seiya the Movie Evil Goddess Eris (First Movie)

  • Eris: Goddess of Chaos
Goddess of discord, Eris tempted Erii with a golden apple to possess her and uses her as a tool to start chaos in this world. As she caught Saori Kido (Athena) she placed a golden apple in front of Saori's chest to drain her power and life force till the point that she no longer need Erii's body and proceeds with her plan to take over the world.
In Greek mythology, when Eris was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis due to her trouble making nature, she tossed a golden apple on the ground in front of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite that inscribed "to the most beautiful goddess" which sparked a contest between the 3 goddess and eventually lead to Trojan War.
  • Erii (絵梨衣): A volunteer at the orphanage (where Seiya grow up) whom was tempted by the golden apple that Eris sent in order to use Erii's body to come to this world. Erii and Hyoga had a close connection when they first met.

[edit] Ghost Saints ("Ghost Five", appeared in the first movie only)

The following appeared in the first movie, Five Ghost Saints (亡霊聖闘士5人) dead saints rised by Eris.

Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Training Location: Unknown
Techniques: Southern Cross Thunder Bolt
Seiyuu: Ryuusei Nakao (中尾 隆聖, なかお りゅうせい)
Christ died sometime before Athena was kidnapped, and is thus recognised by Hyoga in the purpose of Christ being the southern and Hyoga the northern cross. Feeling restless and tormented by his death as he lay in his grave, he put aside his saint title and joined Eris. Who revived him with a new body, but as he faces Cygnus Hyoga and gets an advantage over him. Christ is betrayed by Eris who sees this as a good opportunity and throws a spear from behind him and pierced right through his heart killing him and injuring Hyoga at the same time.
Named after Christ, the anointed one.
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Training Location: Unknown
Technique: Hunting Arrow Express
Seiyuu: Michitaka Kobayashi (小林 通孝, こばやし みちたか)
He has a similar personality as Pegasus Seiya, but he would fight to the death if it meant winning. He proves this when he faces Seiya, to first talk with him and then attack with all his strength. Unfortunately he is no match for Seiya, but one of the arrows from his attack Phantom Arrow Express makes it through Seiyas defense. As Seiya removes the arrow with ease he later tries to get Maya to tell where Saori is but leaves when he doesn't get a response. Maya says in his last breath that the arrow is actually poisonous, and only one is enough to remove your five senses.
  • Jaguar (Ghost Saint of Orion)
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Training Location: Unknown
Techniques: Megaton Meteor Crash
Seiyuu: Yuu Mizushima (水島 裕, みずしま ゆう)
Said to be one of the most powerful Silver Saints and served Athena with honor. But after he was killed he held a grief to being forgotten and the loneliness that comes with being dead. So he didn't hesitate Eris' offer and were soon revived with a new body to fight for the destruction of the world. Though as he faced Phoenix Ikki, he found this foes strength to be almost equal to his. Yet when Ikki explained the meaning of friendship the saints had, he hesitated for awhile but still continued to fight Ikki. Jaguar was interrupted when Pegasus Seiya obtained the Saggitarius Gold Cloth, and after having his strongest attack blocked by Seiya he was defeated by him. In his last words he confirmed that Seiya really was a true Saint.
Named after the Jaguar being a hunter, as Orion was.
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Training Location: Unknown
Techniques: Bone Crush Screw
Seiyuu: Keiichi Nanba (難波 圭一, なんば けいいち)
Yan is an apparent saint that died in vain, this may well have been caused by his straight forward and jump into action personality. As he was restless in is grave he gladly accepted Eris' offer, and where soon revived given a new body. He faced of with Dragon Shiryu and to his advantage, the Scutum cloth has a stronger shield than the Dragon cloth. So in a mere minute he had defeated Shiryu, but by gravely underestimating the Dragon saint he was soon defeated as Shiryu unleashed all of his cosmo into one single attack, and were killed.
  • Orpheus (Ghost Saint of Lyra)
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Greece
Training Location: Unknown
Techniques: Stringer Requiem
Seiyuu: Yuji Mitsuya (三ツ矢 雄二, みつや ゆうじ)
The legendary mythical person himself, as expressed by Andromeda Shun.
After his failure of bringing Eurydice back, he died with regrets. This led to that he gladly took Eris offer and got revived in a new body.
As he faced of Shun he seemed to be a calm and subtle person, but as the fight progressed he showed his evil side. After ensnaring and almost killing Shun with his Stringer Requiem, he was cut short with Phoenix Ikki's arrival.
Ikki used his Genma Ken to finish him, but since Orpheus already had suffered through hell hebrushed it of with ease. Wasting no time he attacked with his Stringer Requiem again, but this time Ikki unleashed his Ho o Yoku Tensho at him and he was killed.
Named after the Greek mythical musician Orpheus.

[edit] Saint Seiya: The Heated Battle of the Gods

  • Dorubar - He is at or above the level of Athena's Gold Saints. His primary attack is Odin's Shield. Seiya, in the Sagittarius Cloth, is barely able to defeat him.

[edit] Dorubar's God Warriors (appeared in the second movie only)

The second movie is Gods Heated Battle (神々の熱き戦い).

  • Loki - Is defeated by Seiya. His 2 Special Techniques are Shuugeki Gun Rou Ken (Wolves Attack), and Odin Tempest.
  • Uilr - He fights Shun, and gives Shun a beating until Ikki shows up to defeat him. Using a flaming sword, his Special Technique is Honou No Ken (Flaming Fist).
  • Runga - He is defeated by Ikki. His Special Technique is Mjollnir Hammer (he could be the basis for Thor from the Asgard TV arc).
  • Midgard (Hyoga) - A brainwashed Hyoga, he fights and is defeated by Shiryu. Even as Midgard, Hyoga uses the Aurora Thunder Attack.
  • Frey - Although he is a God Warrior, we do not see him in his armor, nor do we see him using a special attack. Also, he is not evil like the rest of the God Warriors. He sacrifices his life to save Athena and the world.
  • Freya - The sister of Frey, she is not a God Warrior.

[edit] The Legend of Crimson Youth (Third Movie)

  • Abel: The lost brother of Athena, he has come to take Athena with him and wants to "cleanse" the earth but he is eventually killed by Seiya using Sagittarius' Golden Arrow.
Many mistake Abel to be Apollo(being Athena's brother), the character is speculated as the unborn brother of Athena from Metis.

[edit] Corona Saints (appeared in the third movie only)

Third movie - The legend of crimson youth (真紅の少年伝説). The following are the Corona Saints under Abel.

  • Atlas (Corona Saint of Carina)
Technique: Burning Corona (バーニングコロナ )
One of the three Corona Saint of Abel, he has light green hair.
Technique: Golden Death Hair (ゴールデンデスヘアー )
One of the three Corona Saint of Abel, he has short blond hair and ability to control hair, he was defeated by Hyoga.
  • Jaō (Corona Saint of Lynx)
Technique: Shining Hell Claw (シャイニングヘルクロウ)
One of the three Corona Saint of Abel, he has reddish brown hair, died together with Gemini Saga when Saga sacrificed himself to help Seiya.

[edit] The Final Holy Battle (Fourth Movie)

  • Lucifer: The most evil of all evil, Satan himself in his true angelic form. He was defeated and cast out of heaven by the Archangel Michael. He appeared and killed off almost all of the Gold Saints with the help of his fallen angels, to try and take the blood of Athena so he may become the god of the whole universe.
Also see Lucifer in religion related topics.

[edit] Fallen Angels (appeared in the fourth movie only)

The following four Saint Demon Angels (Seima Tenshi/聖魔天使) are follower of Lucifer

  • Beelzebub (ベルゼバブ) (Fallen Angel of Seraph)
Technique: Garuda Hell Wing (ガルーダヘルウイング )
Also named as "Garuda The Eagle God" (神鷲ガルーダ).The strongest of all four fallen angel, he rides a flaming demonic horse and can also attack from soaring in the air.
Named after Beelzebub in demon related subjects.
Seraph is the highest level of the upper level angels, as stated in Bible, Seraph have 6 wings.
  • Astaroth (アシタロテ) (Fallen Angel of Cherubim)
Technique: Killer Fanged Cobra (キラーファングドコブラ)
Also named as "Double headed white king snake" (双頭の白蛇王)
Named after Astaroth in demon related subjects.
Cherubim is the second highest in the upper level of angels.
  • Moa (モア) (Fallen Angel Throne)
Technique: Demon Fantasia (デモンファンタジア )
Also named as "Beautiful Hunter of Souls" (美しき魂の狩人). Moa has beautiful appearance and uses illusion to attack.
Throne or Ophanim is the third highest in the upper level angels, as the carriers of the throne of God.
  • Eligor (エリゴル) (Fallen Angel Virtue)
Technique: (聖魔蟷螂拳 (Saint Demon Praying Mantis Fist Seima Tōrō Ken?)
Also named as "Golden Praying Mantis" (黄金の蟷螂). With sharp claws, he shredded Andromeda Shun's chain like paper.
Named after Eligor in demon related subjects.
Virtue is the second highest of the mid level angels.

[edit] Heaven Chapter Introduction~Overture~

The Olympian Gods are the main Gods in the Saint Seiya mythology. Their armors are called "Kamui", though they aren't used in the movie.

  • Apollo: Athena's older Brother, Apollo. Seen in the Heaven Saga. Apollo is the god of light, prophecy, music, and healing, not to be mistaken with Helios (god of the sun). One of the most powerful gods, he's said to have powers far beyond Athena's and Artemis'.
    Seiyuu: Kazuhiro Yamaji(山路和弘)
Also see Apollo in Greek mythology.
  • Artemis: older sister to Athena and younger to Apollo. Was the main villain in the Heaven Saga. She plans to destroy humans because they defy the gods. Artemis is goddess of the The Moon, wild and Hunting.
    Seiyuu: Yurika Hino(日野由利加)
In Greek mythology, Artemis is older than Apollo.
Also see Artemis in Greek mythology.
  • God: He is one of the gods that clearify the Gold Saint's Judgement, but he is not seen on screen. He could be Hephaestus, Hermes or Zeus.
    Seiyuu: Rumiko Kazama(風間ルミ)
  • Goddess: During the Gold Saint's judegement, there's a female goddess that can be heard. She could be either Hera, Demeter, Hestia or Aphrodite.
    Seiyuu: Yûji Nagata(永田裕志)

[edit] Angels

The Angels (written with the kanji 天闘士 meaning "Celestial Warriors") are the chosen warriors of the Olympian Gods. The name of their armors is "Glory". They are also some of most powerful foes Athena's Bronze Saints have ever faced. The cloths of Seiya, Shiryu, and Hyoga are all more or less destroyed in their respective battles against the Angels.

  • Icaros/Tōma (斗馬): The only human among the angels. He gives up his humanity to serve Artemis in order to be powerful like a god, and also turns out to be the long lost brother of Marin Eagle. However, by the end of the Heaven Saga movie, he sacrifices himself to protect Athena. Attacks with gold spears and electric charges. His finishing move is "Highest Altitude". He is supposed to have stats and attributes equal to Seiya, as they are the same size and share the same birthday.
    Seiyuu: Hikaru Midorikawa(緑川光), as a child: Fumiko Inoue(井上 富美子)
Based on Icaros, son of Daidalos; he flew too near the sun with wax-attached wings, then he fell into the sea and drowned.
  • Odysseus: Attacks with Energy Spheres. Absorbs energy attacks, can redirect or combine with his own power to make a reverse attack. He is defeated by both Hyōga and Shiryū. Much of the fight initially happens off-screen; Seiya, after regaining the Pegasus Cloth, stumbles upon Shun and Hyoga, both badly beaten by Odysseus, and their cloths smashed. Seiya then also takes a beating from Odysseus and has his cloth shattered as well. However, Shiryu and Hyoga are able to energize their Cosmos and finally (though just barely) kill Odysseus.
    Seiyuu: Hiroki Takahashi(緑川光)
Odysseus (Ulysses): King of Ithaca; husband of Penelope; wandered ten years after fall of Troy before arriving home.
  • Theseus: Uses wings to attack. Arguably the weakest of the 3 Angels, his finishing move is a Solar Beam. He tends to fly more than the other Angels, and is the first of the Angels to be defeated, by both Shun and Ikki. Although Ikki's attack is the one that finishes him off, Ikki would not have been able to achieve the victory without Shun's help.
    Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa(森川智之)
Named after Theseus, son of Aegeus; slew Minotaur; married and deserted Ariadne; later married Phaedra.

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