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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FireHeart Game Walkthrough Chapter 5 Part 1


West Aurelia – World Map

For some reasons (including realism), you don’t steer the ship – the “captain” does, and it moves automatically. There are some monsters (even pirates) attacking your ship until you face:

MINI-BOSS: Sahagin 2x
HP: @ 1800

Strongest attack: Requiem of the Tides
Barracuda fish-like monster which lives mainly in water and as though “dragging” the host of the ship into water and attack its victims.

The ship then embarks in Vochaux City harbor. You have no business in Vochaux City, so go up the world map and follow the path (all other paths are blocked to save time) up and right into the mountains and entering...

Uvarse Village – Winter

Make sure you spare 1000 geines to rent a lodge here and just replenish your sundries.
IMPORTANT: Take off any accessory in Cristophe’s equipment – just in case.

Save your game and talk to the real estate agent girl on the center of the village to pay the rent and instantly move on to the next scene.

Quest: Help the Dwarf – Mainstream

After a scene, Chris is burdened with Blöin, an unconscious [Weighty Dwarf] (quest item) who needs to go to Grad immediately, which means he must carry (equip as accessory) the dwarf (who slows him down) all the way through the checkpoints until you meet the Grand Trow (Dwarf King).

Uvarse – Grad Road

Trekking to Grad in freezing winter is a great challenge. Go north through the village exit on the upper right corner of the map and in the next area, go right.

Along the road to Grad Mountains, you have to move boulders and clear the path by destroying huge heaps of ice. Of course there are monsters and the big one:

HP: 3000

On the end of the road, attacking by surprise. This giant-type foe has lots of hit points, yet it’s vulnerable to fire. After defeating the ogre, exit right of the map to enter the next area.

Grad Mountain

The journey continues through the snow-covered peaks of Grad. Just follow the path and push away boulders blocking the road. There will be dead-ends and detours, and there are some hidden checkpoints on which Chris has to equip the “Weighty Dwarf” quest item to pass. WARNING: Discard the “Weighty Dwarf” and you’ll be stuck in the game and must restart from the last saved game that item still exists.

Walk on and jump over broken bridges until you find the area with seven caves to go in and out. Follow the chart below for time-saving passage.

In: 1st (Top) left - Out: 3rd left, In: 1st (Top) right – Out: 2nd right
In: 2nd (Mid) left – Out: 3rd right, In: 2nd (Mid) right – Out: 1st right – PASSED
In: 3rd (Bottom) left – Out: 1st left, In: 3rd (Bottom) right – Out: 2nd left
In: 4th (Foot) right – Out: 2nd left

Exiting the area from the top right corner of the map, walk all the way down and then rightwise until you see the healing crystal Alluvium. Prepare your party with full HP and MP and save your game. Walk up, talk to the lady standing next to a bridgeless pond/chasm to trigger an event and battle with...

BOSS: Jokulion, the Ice Spirit
HP: 5200

As his name stands, he always use ice attacks and magic and is vulnerable to fire. Beware of his Darkness Attack (Status: Darkness), Temptation Song (Status: Confusion), Sweet Breath (Status: Sleep), Deep Freeze, and Frost Breath. If his HP is below 30% he will cast the ultimate spell: Avalanche.

So, use Robert’s Fire Slash and Carol’s Fireball to attack and Chris to heal with potions. Jokulion is accompanied with 2 Dire Wolves to spice things up.

After defeating Jokulion, a bridge will appear on the chasm. Just walk through it and “touch” the gate to enter the next area.

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