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Friday, July 23, 2010 The Fire Passes On - Part Two

Cristophe is not too excited at all on hearing this appointment. He knows it: the very position he wanted to avoid all this time has become his responsibility now. He doesn’t want it, but it was bestowed to him. It’s unavoidable now and he knows it. In the post-battle situation and in the eve of a war, Cristophe’s coronation ceremony is not much of a jubilee.

The Archbishop puts the crown wore by the Kings and Emperors of Arcadia since the unity of the Duchies, Principalities and Kingdoms of Western Aurelia into the United Kingdom of Arcadia as response to the unity of Escudia and Corazon, the two kingdoms bound by marriage.

The Emperor’s scarlet-and-silver robe bearing the silver eagle insignia is draped upon Cristophe’s Armor of Righteousness, and the Scepter of Supremacy with a blue-white orb and a golden eagle on the top is handed to him.

And Chris rises. He looks around to the audience in the Great Hall. Father Bernides the morbit, Father Andreas Marvellini, the Chief Advisor Talbot du Bois with a sour face, his cousin Carolyn who looks proud with him, his ex-girlfriend Lavennia Iris the elf enchantress with a smile, and Dejan Pavlovic the Halfling animorpher bowing to him.

Viscount Adler and Eidos Crydias are also present. Don Hernan y Parvaez is nowhere to be seen, and Kyflynn’s team is not here too. Ah, how he wishes that his father and brother are here, though it might be for his brother’s coronation.

Chris turns to the platform and comes next to his wife, Eloise there. The Archbishop hands him a tiara made of sparkling diamonds. Eloise bows before him and Chris puts the tiara on her head, saying,

‘Eloise Deveraux-Galford, by the power bestowed upon me by Vadis the Right Way and the people of Arcadia, I hereby appoint thee the Empress of Arcadia, to rule the land with me together. Love thy people like a mother to her children, and be just as thou are wise. Only with that will our nation last and prosper.’

And then, the new Emperor and Empress walk out from the throne room to the royal balcony. A huge crowd gathers in the courtyard, filling up the space even on the outside of the main gate and all the way downhill to the city. Cheers of ‘Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress’ and sort reverberate, as though telling the whole world that Arcadia is still up and running, and a warning to all who seek to disrupt peace in here again.

Here he is now, the new leader of Arcadia, Emperor Sage the Fifth.


No parade, no royal banquet is held tonight, just small parties at homes and ceremonies and worships in churches and public places. This is the time of war, and the war-torn city of Myrcalia needs all the resources, time and energy to rebuild.

The night goes quite quick and early the next day the new Emperor Sage the Fifth is ready on the throne for the morning conference. For a good reason, the Empress is not doing her duties today.

After receiving reports, Chris receives congratulations from ambassadors and envoys from the kingdoms in Aurelia Continent and Eternia, bearing gifts of unique and immense value. The colorful gems-embedded scimitar from Meshallah, bales of purple silk cloth from Wushu, uthul frog gall elixir from Bresconnor, 10,000 years old ginseng from Taehon*), and a beverage from Borgia that brings back fond memories for Chris: Barabus.**)

(* Taehon: An empire like Korea in our world
(** Barabus: See Book One, Chapter Six

Then comes the Lorean envoy, Sir Keenan presenting a grand red cape embroidered with golden thread, once a favorite of Michael VI, the King of Lore in the time of Fireheart. Chris accepts the gift and asks Keenan about something.

‘Sir Keenan, do you hear anything about the one Robert Chandler? Is he in your kingdom now?’

‘Oh, that traitor, Robert,’ Keenan answers. ‘He is not officially in the open, mind you, but rumors have it that he’s been spotted in several places, mostly and recently in Alceste.’

‘So, what did your King do about it?’

‘He, as usual, doesn’t believe in rumors, but he entrusted Rael’charon to investigate.’

‘Rael’charon?’ says Chris in a cynical tone. ‘Good, very good indeed. I’m sure he can handle it well. And, I have a way to hasten him up. Scribe Nouganot!’

The royal scribe moves forward with a clipboard, a parchment and a quill, then Chris dictates a letter to him.

‘To the esteemed King of Lore, from Sage the Fifth, Emperor of Arcadia.
We thank you for such a magnificent gift, for honoring me with a treasured legacy from a great hero of old. In spite of that, we also heard that the traitor and fugitive, Robert Chandler is rumored to be in Lore. He has killed the Crown Prince of Arcadia, more probably killed Pope Xylen and most probably is the Heir of Vordac.

In the eve of war against the Dark Forces, we can break them from the start if we eliminate their leader. So, hand over Robert, dead or alive or we will attack Lore with full force. We give you one week to comply.

May Vadis show the Right Way to us all.’

The scribe then hands the letter to the Emperor. Chris examines it, then he nods and puts his stamp on the seal.

‘Send this letter through Melchior Express Deliveries, so it will arrive today. And you, Sir Keenan is to repeat my message to your King. The meeting is over now, and I wish to retire for the day.’

Saying so, the Emperor rises from his throne and walks out from the Great Hall.

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