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Thursday, October 28, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Seven Part 3 (Final)

Stage V: Pyro’s Pyres

The plot thickens as more heroes come rushing in. In the rune room (C3) for instance, just touch the epitaph and the story moves on.

At the end of the cutscene, a hero named Alexis Deveraux, Crown Prince of Arcadia joins your party (it’s in version 5 and up. In previous versions, you can add him using the Party Log Book after Sheena’s event in (B3) Note that in version 1-3, Dar’gum, Sheena and Alexis are selectable only by passing that event B3).

The party setup is: Alexis, Hernan, Vera and a healer, either Iris, Chris or Paolo.

To pass this stage, your job is to open the four gates in (D3) by operating four switches A-B-C-D. Refer to the cluster map for location of switches.

The map itself is as follows: (16 cells, text mode)

A1 – A2 – A3 – A4
B1 – B2 – B3 – B4
C1 – C2 – C3 – C4
D1 – D2 – D3 – D4

Switches are in:
SWITCH A: D1 (enter from D2)
SWITCH B: A3 (enter from A2)
SWITCH C: B4 (enter from A4)
SWITCH D: C1 (enter from A1 – B1)

The Complete Route:
Switch A:
C3 – C2 – B2 – C2 – C1 – D1 – D2 – D1 – Turn Switch A off.

Switch B:
D1 – D2 – D1 – C1 – B1 – A1 – A2 – Top right to A3 – Turn Switch B off.

Switch C:
A3 – A2 – A3 – A4 – B4 – Turn Switch C off.

Switch D:
B4 detour – A4 – A3 – (B3 going to B4 to get Sheena – A3) – A2 – A1
B1 – Down left to C1 – Turn Switch D off.

So, just follow the route and turn off the switches in the A-B-C-D order. Remember, get the sequence wrong and you’ll have to do it from the start again.

Along the way, in cell (B3) you’ll get a mandatory cutscene (just approach the girl merchants to trigger it) involving Sheena, Baxter, Ellephar, the girl scouts and a battle with dark elves and orcs.
At the end of which, Sheena Mekh’ta the Corsair will join your party (or selectable from the Party Log Book).

Move on all the way through (C5), (D5), (D4) and finally (D3).
If you haven’t opened the four gates, you can detour through (C3) or (D4) and go all the way to the switch in question.

If you have opened them all, just exit downwards to...

Lava Cave

This is the area where the Sanctum and the Sanctum Guardians get their energy from. In this BOSS area of Pyro’s Pyres you just need to go down and center by defeating the Fire Elementals blocking your way.

At the center of this area, make sure you have your party all-prepared, restored and Herman and Vera are in your main party. And on to a surprise attack by:

BOSS: Fire Wyrm (Battle 2x @ HP:9000)

Just like in the story, there are two of them. Up to Version 5, the battle is of two consecutive rounds, In each you’ll battle the wyrms one at a time. The wyrms are too tough if you fight 2 of them at once, but hey, we can fix that on popular demand in maybe version six or so.

Basically, the fire wyrms use powerful fire-breathing attacks and quite vulnerable to ice and water, so with an average level of 23+ or so, they won’t be too tough customers.

With the fire wyrms out of the picture, you are free to go. REMEMBER to move up and go to the bottom corner left and right to open two treasure chests with powerful items inside.

Finish what you need to do or left behind – including recruiting Sheena.
Take out all your money from the bank if you haven’t do so already.

Make sure you’re all ready because there will be NO TURNING BACK after this.
When you do, just walk downwards from the center area where you fought the BOSS and a hidden switch on the floor will trigger a long story-related cutscene that will eventually transport you to the next stage.

Stage VI: Saturn’s Space

Whew, that sacrificial pit just now is just a magical illusion and you land on the upper right corner of this one-map stage.

Here, Father Bernides the morbit (were-rabbit) will heal your entire party for free, and Akh’mal the minotaur shaman will sell you godly, hyper-expensive weapons not released yet in the original story. If you have enough money, just buy one or two because you can still take on the FINAL BOSS without them – only if you want to find out how powerful the actual godly weapons actually are...

Like in the story, there are five bosses in this stage and it’s better if you fight them in this order: Eshmyr, Jokl, Borg, Vyr and Voltar.

To take on the first BOSS – Eshmyr the Wind, set your main party to Dar’gum, Adler, Desmond and Iris as support (suggested formation). Walk counter-clockwise along this labyrinth-like map, and move to the center of the map from the north. “Touch” the wind-icon roadblock there to engage the first of five:

MINI-BOSS: Eshmyr the Wind (HP: 10000)

Also known as Windmare, it’s very agile, so the suggested formation party will be your best bet to defeat it quicky. Beware its [Tornado], [Typhoon] and [Slow Move] skills.

Finished with it, and on to the next MINI-BOSS. Continue counter-clockwise and enter the center platform from the west. Set your main party to: Robert, Carolyn, Paolo and Sheena, restore fully all party, touch the “water” west icon to battle with:

MINI-BOSS: Jokl the Water (HP:10000, ATT:145, DEF:112)

This water elemental alligator monster can overwhelm any foe with the most powerful water attacks. With Rob and Carol in the party bombarding Fire Slashes, Fireblasts and Fireballs, the battle can somewhat become easier.

Repeat the process after taking care of Jokl – go left, follow the road counter-clockwise to the south part. Don’t forget to explore all corners of this map and open all treasure chests to get the best weapons and armor in the game and the most powerful item: [Divine Retribution].

About [Divine Retribution] item:
If you give alms to the church or the poor, let’s say 5000 geines at most, this item will give you much leverage when battling the last BOSS, because the randomized 3500-5000 damage it can cause to enemy consumes an amount of [Vadis’ Blessings] meter gained from the alms. It’s a consumable one-use item, so spend it wisely.

Back to the track, go from the southern part of the map to the center. Set your party to: Alexis, Cristophe, Kyflynn and Iris and touch the south “earth” icon and engage:

MINI-BOSS: Borg the Earth (HP: 10000, ATT: 150, DEF: 138)

With its big HP and physical attack and defense, Alexis and Chris will be the best bet to endure this fight.

Done with “earth”, next is “fire” from the mid-east. Set your party to optimum with Hernan, Vera, Erydos and Paolo.

EXTRA: See the blinking star just northeast from the center of the map just when you come near the fire icon? Just walk up to it and press ACTION button, and you’ll get the ULTRA SECRET BONUS – as thanks for reading this walkthrough.

MINI-BOSS: Vyr the Fire (HP: 10000)

With Attack 155 and Defense 96, Vyr has the strongest attack power of the five with skills of: Dragonbreath, Flame and Spirit Oblivion.

Just as other BOSSes, just make use of element affinity to gain advantage.

After taking care of the large lizzy, restore all your party’s HP and MP and select your best or favourite members for the starting grid. Save your game, move to the void in the center of the map to trigger a battle with:

BOSS: Voltar the Lightning (HP: 10000)

ATT: 150 / DEF: 114 / SPI: 140 / AGI: 123

This lightning phoenix might not be the toughest of the lot, but its “flying” attribute makes it hard to hit, earning it the last BOSS place of the five.

We suggested you to select your best, strongest members of your party because after this comes the non-stop FINAL BOSS battle, so rather make sure your best four finish Voltar so you won’t have to waste a turn changing party members in battle. Again, anyone is okay. Level 25+ is preferable.

After battle you’ll be instantly transported to to:

Core of the Universe

Aegis the Thunder Bird - Carolyn's Guardian Spirit is here.

A long, story cutscene starts automatically, thus plunges your party into a series of battles with:

FINAL BOSS: Chimera and Paliades

Chimera: HP: 16300, ATT:160, DEF: 130, SPI: 140, AGI: 100

Paliades: HP: 7000, ATT: 150, DEF: 120, SPI: 130, AGI: 100

Wielding the Deathblade Kraal’shazar, Paliades’ attacks are of dark powers, inherited from Vordac the Dark OverLord. So, naturally, Cristophe is the best to deal with him.

As for Chimera, just make sure that your HP is high and somebody is reserved to heal your entire party every 2 turns or so. That monster is actually a merging between Borg, Voltar, Jokl, Vyr and Eshmyr, so it uses all the most powerful attacks of any element that can deal around 1000 damage each, affecting the entire party.

Just work on the weaker Paliades first with Cristophe as anchor. With Paliades out of the picture, you can concentrate on Chimera. Again, the skill [Sandstorm Skirmish] can be of tactical advantage.

During beta-tests, we worked very hard to adjust the toughness of this monster, and if this setting is not “killing” enough, please let us know.

Eventually, if you ever beat this BOSS, congratulations – but it’s not over yet. Paliades still has the last ace in his sleeve and uses it by merging his body into Chimera, forming into one ultimate monster:

FINAL BOSS: Chimera Paliades
HP: 25000, ATT: 180, DEF: 130, SPI: 150, AGI: 100

We’re talking EXTREME here. Up to Full Version 5, you’re given a chance to restore your party’s HP and MP first before engaging Chimera-Paliades. Again, choose the best among your party members, save your game and you’ll automatically engage him.

Chimera-Paliades has two new ultimate attacks: [Cataclysm] and [Apocalypse], the non-elemental super-explosions. [Apocalypse] in particular can cause critical damage to party members until they’re low on HP.

So, this is a good time to use the ultimate magic item: [Divine Retribution]. The rest depends on your strategy, timing and a bit of luck.

A long cutscene that involves clicking SPACEBAR every now and then ensues, after which you only need to walk down to the portal down the screen that teleports your avatar to the final area.

Enia’s Sanctum – Temple Entrance

You get no enemy encounter here, but if you should want to wander around again through Gorgon’s Groves, beating monsters and such with your ultimate skills, just go ahead. Just consider the story is already finished.

If you don’t or you’ve had enough wandering around, all you have to do is walk under the blimp (a.k.a. Airship Aurora) and press ACTION button to “ride” in it. The ending scene ensues, and as we say in the “Credits” section, congratulations for finishing the game and thank you for playing the game and reading the walkthrough.

A little note, if we ever going to make the sequel of this game: FireHeart – Masks of the Soul, we won’t use any of the saved game from “The Bounty Hunters”. There might be undiscovered bugs or a feel of imbalance in this game, so we welcome feedbacks in or any of our threads in RPG Maker forums, and we’ll work on the improvements right away.

Again, we thank you for downloading and playing this game.
Come forth Paladins, fulfill your destiny!

Andry Chang for Vadis Productions
October 28, 2010

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