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Thursday, October 28, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Seven Part 2

Stage III: Gaea’s Grounds

At the start of this “earth” area in Enia’s Sanctum, again you find an epitaph in the center of the first room. And again, just touch that epitaph to get the story going and the roadblocks vanishing.

A new hero joins your ranks: Adler von Bachmann. He joins your party straightaway in Version 5 and up, otherwise you may choose not to add him now because he will stay in the active party and cannot be removed until the next stage.

The challenge is somewhat simpler than in previous 2 stages. You just have to follow the road, unlock the switches and beat all the rock golems “blocking” the road.

However, spike traps are going up and down everywhere, just proceed carefully and study the trap timing so your party won’t lose HP needlessly.

(Text Version) Room Layout

--------------- (BOSS) ----------------
(8) Switch B – (9)up to BOSS – (10) Switch C
- (7) is cancelled, goto straight to 9 -
(6) Switch A – (5) intersection – (4) left
(1) Rune Room – (2) right – (3) up

Route Overview:
R1 – R2 – R3 – R4 – R5 – R2 – R5 – R6 (Switch A) – R5 – R9 – R8 (Switch B) – R10 (Switch C) – R9 – BOSS

Also, there is a roadblock in room 5 and two in room 9 which must be unlocked by pulling levers (switches). Switch (A) in room 5 is unlocked by pulling lever (A) in room 6 (after a cutscene with Sheena, Baxter & Ellephar).

Switch (B) and (C) are in room 9. To unlock switch (B) move the lever on the center of the map in the middle of a pool of “tricky” spike traps.

To unlock switch (C), go to room 10. There, you must do a “Mole Stomp” mini-game. Just go around the “sandy area” within the fence and press ACTION button randomly to stomp the mole out of the sand. Stomp three moles (out of 4 in the area) and the switch will be unlocked.

In the BOSS room, just walk up to face the guardians of Gaea’s Grounds:

BOSS: Giant Stone Gargoyles x2 (HP: 5000 x 2)

If one is not challenging enough, we give you two! Yes, people! These winged stone dragons action-packed with fire and earth-based attacks and thick stone skin for ultra-defense are very tough indeed! Beware of their Paralysis Breath skill, it’s as lethal as any Basilisk would have!

Other skills: Slow move, Dragonbreath & Earthquake.

After beating the BOSS, however, comes another trouble. The nine tiles at the center of the room are actually switches which must be pressed by pressing ACTION button on top of each to unlock the combination key on the elevator gate.

The tile sequence is:

(1) – (2) – (3)
(4) – (5) – (6)
(7) – (8) – (9)

Normally, without this walkthrough you just need to guess the right combination and ask the four NPCs around the area for clues.

Up to Full Version 5, the only right sequence is: 6-3-1-8 (which Father Paolo gives).
The lift gate opens automatically, but this sequence also triggers another roadblock: the orcs.
Prepare your party first with full HP and MP with Kyflynn and Iris in the main party, walk up and “talk” to the orc to trigger a battle with...

HIDDEN BOSS: Behemoth (HP: 8800)

The Ancient Earth Dragon, Behemoth Barudan actually supports the Gremion Orcs and the Dark Side. As his enormous size can tell, he got plenty of HP, defense (115) and attack (131) power. Spirit (113) is also great, and its only drawback is Agility (63).

A 4-member party with average levels of 22 and up won’t get too much trouble subduing this HIDDEN BOSS.

After all is done here, just walk into the crystal-powered elevator and descend to the next area.

Stage IV: Scylla’s Chills

This “Chill Zone” is actually a 17-room ice cave forming a single snowflake (see the diagram map).

As you exit the elevator, just go right up and talk to the long-haired man on the upper left: Don Hernan y Parvaez. You can skip talking to him if you want and go farther to the top exit of the map.

A man with white mustache stands on the exit. Just press ACTION button and talk to him, and you’re now acquainted with Erydos Crydias (“Eidos” in version 1-4) from Parthenia. Thus, he and Hernan join your party in standby mode.

Naturally, Robert and Carolyn’s fire skills are of great advantage in this stage.

Area 2, the top room is the rune room. So, as usual, just press ACTION button at the epitaph to get the story going and the roadblocks vanishing.

Beware: There are hidden traps that can confuse Robert, Chris, Adler or the entire party (random effect). So just be prepared with lots of items such as Mandrake Roots or Mandrake Extract, or party member with [Cure] skill.

As you might’ve observed, the elevator down to the next stage is locked shut, and you must unlock it by “touching” the locking crystals in sequence, that is A-B-C-D. Get the wrong order, and you’ll need to do it from the start again (just like in Yggdrasil Forest).

To make things short, just see the diagram and go to the crystals straightaway.
Note: Room 13 is a blocked way. Just avoid entering this path unless you want to get the treasure chest by entering from the left.

SPOILER: The complete route is: (text version)

Crystal A:
(1) up – (2) rune room – left to (11) – down to (6) – unlock Crystal (A) – left (10) – down to (3) – right to (1). Check: Crystal A appears here.

Crystal B:
(1) up to (2) – right to (12) – down to (7) – unlock Crystal (B) – up to (12) (except if you want to check room (13) first) – left to (2) – down to (1) – check Crystal B.

Along the way, you need to exit to the bottom of the core area (1) to area (5). There, you see 3 orcs standing side-by-side. Just walk farther downwards to trigger a cutscene and a duel between Robert (alone) and:

MINI-BOSS: Bragl Dar’gum Stormbringer (HP: 5000)

Powerful that he might be with the earth moves which are originally his, Robert can defeat him at level 20 and up (see the movie footage in

TIP: Just always seek to stun / paralyze Dar’gum with items and his “rather unoriginal” skill, Sandstorm Skirmish.

After that fight comes a cutscene that results in Dar’gum joining your party.
Back to the “crystal-touching” rituals.

Crystal C:
From room (5) go left to (16) – up to (8) – unlock Crystal (C) – left to (17) – up to (3) – right to (1), check Crystal C is lit.

Crystal D:
(1) – right to (4) – down to (14) – left (9) – unlock Crystal (D) – right to (14) – up (4) – left (1) – check Crystal D is lit and restore full + save your game.

After you touch all 4 crystals, go back to Room 1. Refill your entire party’s HP & MP and touch the roadblock to the bottom elevator. Alas, it doesn’t open, instead it plunges you into battle with:

BOSS: Ice Elemental Generator (HP: 9500)

ATK: 140, DEF: 112, SPI: 128, AGI: 92
Skills: Water Cannon, Maelstrom
Vulnerable: Fire, Lightning
Immune: Water

Here, this diabolical machine is accompanied by four ice elementals. Up until Version 5, we don’t bother adding events to add a new ice elemental every say, 5 turns or so to accommodate the story, because it’ll make this BOSS too powerful than it actually is. Instead, it uses powerful WATER spells including Maelstrom to attack you (and never physical attacks).

Disable the machine, and you may pass this stage, descending with the elevator to the next stage: Pyro’s Pyres.

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