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Monday, October 25, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Seven Part 1

FIREHEART – Legend of the Paladins
Book One: The Bounty Hunters


REMEMBER: Withdraw all your money from the bank in Medellar if you stored it. Better bear with the bandits some more (in case there are Melchior Bank agents in Gaea’s Grounds or Pyro’s Pyres). Make sure you get your “Vadis’ Blessings” meter to about 5000 or 10000 by giving alms to the poor / the church.

Enia’s Sanctum

From the world map, enter by stepping into the “tent” icon. As our heroes enter the vicinity of Enia’s Sanctuary, they are greeted by a welcoming committee: of monsters.
Just beat all monsters in the scene before “touching” the big guy (orc) blocking the pathway to the top. Kill ‘em all, go up and on to the next scene.

Waterfall Entrance

Just walk right up for a cutscene, and platforms rise from the lake water. Just “walk” to directions as directed (as if your mates instructed it), and hop along until you come to the front of the entrance gate. Hint: On the top leftmost platform go up into the waterfall – a place where you can save, rest (healing crystal) and shop (orc merchant). Go up to the first stage of Enia’s Sanctum named:

Stage I: Gorgon’s Groves

This area used to be a proving ground for people to be initiated as Enia’s priest. Now, the grove where fairies and nymphs reside is overrun by sinister banshees (who disguise as nymphs), mutants and assorted monsters.

When you arrive in the first scene, walk to the center and touch the epitaph there (with ACTION button) to read it (mandatory for story progress) and the roadblocks will be opened.

Take the way UP to the next screen. Now in each screen there are nymphs roaming around. Well, they are actually banshees disguised as nymphs, and they transform as soon as you touch them or they touch you.

If you download this game up to version 3B, you must face at least two groups of banshees on each screen. However, in Version 5 you can simply avoid the banshees roaming randomly and just go to the next scene (which will be improved if we can even get to make the sixth version).

Gorgon’s Groves itself is actually a mystical maze that can get everybody lost, no redo and no straight detour to the starting point.

So, this is the spoiler of the right route:

Enia’s Sanctum – Temple Entrance

We put no puzzle in this scene. Just walk through the unblocked path, explore and open all terasure chests in the area all the way and enter the temple in main gate in the center of the map.

Enia’s Shrine Room

Now this is another story-related, zero-encounter room used as a rally spot for the Light Side’s “Relief Forces”. If you should wonder what the “Three Gods of Trinity” look like, just touch the statues. Okay, so there are similarities with character graphics in other scenes, no big deal.

Just go to the center of the shrine to trigger a cutscene with Kyflynn Windwalker, Desmond Edmundsen and Vera Vyrkova, at the end of which they’ll join your party.

NOTE: We put a new “Party Management Menu” in Full Version 5 and up, but we still keep the “Party Log Book” system to prevent bugs and just in case we missed something during modifications.

After the cutscene, just walk up and talk to the elf in front of Enia’s statue. Galvanir Deneuve, that elf then goes into an opened secret hole passage on the floor and you just need to follow him to go to the next stage.

Before you go, spare a moment to touch and see Enia’s statue on the top center of the shrine, there’s a chance that a surprise gift might fall into your hands.

Stage II: Typhon’s Tunnels

The rune room is the first scene in the stage, and as usual, go up to it and press ACTION to read the riddle, and again, the roadblocks will vanish.

Before you proceed, MAKE SURE that you put Kyflynn in the main party throughout this stage plus Desmond for best elemental affinity against the guards in this “windy” stage.

Please note that this is the most treacherous stage in Enia’s Sanctum with a very complex route, so for you who wants lesser challenge, just follow the most recommended route in this SPOILER:
(refer to the map diagram above for more thorough information)

All Routes:

Tier 1:
A1 <= C6, A2 <= D4, A3 <= B6, A4 => E1, A5 => B2, A6 => C3
B1 <= F5, B2 <= A5, B3 <= C5, B4 => C2, B5 <= F3, B6 => A3
C1 <= E6, C2 <= B4, C3 <= A6, C4 => D1, C5 => B3, C6 => A1

Tier 2:
D1 <= C4, D2 <= F6, D3 <= G6, D4 => A2, D5 => G2, D6 => E3
E1 <= A4, E2 <= A5, E3 <= D6, E4 => F1, E5 => I2, E6 => C1
F1 <= E4, F2 <= G4, F3 <= B5, F4 => H3, F5 => B1, F6 => D2

Tier 3:
G1 <= H4, G2 <= D5, G3 <= I5, G4 => F2, G5 => I3, G6 => D3
HI <= J4, H2 <= I4, H3 <= F4, H4 => G1, H5 => E2, H6 => I1
I1 <= H6, I2 <= E5, I3 <= G5, I4 => H2, I5 => G3, I6 => BOSS

Recommended Route:

B5 – F3 – Check on the fat lady on the corner of room F, make sure KYFLYNN is in the main party, not standby – Exit through F4 – H3. If you can, come across and exit through H6 – I1 – In Room I, exit through I6 to enter the BOSS room. (Eww... Too easy?)

When you enter the BOSS area, take your time to replenish your health and save your game before going up to the center and trigger a cutscene and a battle with:

BOSS: Wyvern x2 (HP: 4500 x2)

Accompanied by the dark elves, wyverns a.k.a. wind dragons pack a very speedy set of attacks and are hard to hit on a defensive. Skills: Typhoon, Tornado and Whirlwind Slash.

After defeating the boss, just select the exit through the RIGHT tunnel (J2 in the map) to move on to the next stage: Gaea’s Grounds.

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