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Sunday, April 08, 2007 Robert's Scaly Teacher Part 1 (Chapter 9 - The High Priestess)


‘The safest place in the world is within one’s mind.’
- Azrael, the Archmage of Light

Robert’s Scaly Teacher

Robert Chandler the ranger is on all fours on the cave floor.
Are you okay, Robert?
‘Yeah, I suppose... Well, I am! I can’t believe this, teacher! A sweep of a dragon’s tail must’ve killed me at once!’
Then Robert’s teacher, the ancient dragon Algaban breathes fume from her nostrils on her beak and talks again, telepathically.
Always remember to anticipate attacks when attacking. Be aware of your surroundings. The good news is, you can now activate your fire aura at will, and use it as a shielding force on your body. That’s why you didn’t get hurt badly when my attacks hit you.
To improve your awareness, clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts. Think only of this fight, in this case, your sword and my tails, fangs and claws. By doing that, you can use your aura to detect any enemy close by.
Robert listens to Algaban attentively and seriously. Then, his face turns gloomy in an instant. Algaban notices this and asks,
You miss your friends again, don’t you?
As Robert finds it more comfortable to talk with his mouth than his mind as he is alone with Algaban, he answers, ‘Nothing escapes your sight, teacher. I admit that I’m worried about Carolyn’s well-being. Maybe that’s the thought that hindered me to unleash my full potential.’
Oh, not really. That thought is natural, Robert. It comes from your heart. You just need to adjust the timing of your thoughts. In a real fight, you put your life at stake. Forget your worries and don’t let your enemy put you into one. Focus on the fight, and you’ll prevail. Be distracted, and your worst fears will come true for sure.
If you decide to settle your worries first, don’t fight. Leave the fight and settle your worries first. If your enemy holds a hostage, let’s say, your loved one, focus yourself to rescue the hostage first before you go all out fighting. Should you fail and the hostage dies, focus back to your enemy again and settle your grief after you’ve won. The rest is up to you.
‘I understand, teacher,’ says Robert.
That reminds me. It’s been two months since we began our training, says Algaban. Now she talks more seriously. I’ve given you some new fire-reinforced variants for your sword skills and how to improve your aura to the highest level.
So now I want to see how much you’ve learned up to now. Show me the new variants and how much you’ve mastered them. Be careful and focus your energy, and don’t break anything here! Now activate your aura and boost it into its full potential!
Robert nods and moves into a stance. He activates his fire aura and begins to boost it with a long shout that goes louder and louder.
As he reaches the peak of his inner strength, the fire aura around Robert doesn’t look like fire at all, but bursting like a continuous explosion.
Good, you have reached the energy level required to use Regrets of the Dragon skill in full power, but if you can turn the fire aura to blue, the next level, only then you can unleash the full potential of the final and the most powerful Dragon Sword stance, Supreme Absolution.
Now, with low aura, show me Rising Dragon!

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