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Sunday, April 08, 2007 Robert's Scaly Teacher Part 2

As Robert uses this uppercut slash quite often in his fights, he has definitely no trouble performing it, especially with fire reinforcement that makes the skill more powerful. With the slash he leaps high to the air, and Algaban immediately shouts again,
Dragon Hammering Down, now!
Robert somersaults in mid-air and makes an overhead slash and a thrust downwards. He looks like a burning meteor bound for hammering destruction. Before his broadsaber Grimlock touches the ground, Algaban shouts again.
Change, Sleeping Dragon Curls Up!
Algaban’s disciple immediately lies down and slashes his saber circularly to a lower area, making a circle of fire on the floor. As he completes the circle, he immediately leaps up and ready to unleash another style.
Dances of Myriad Dragons!
Robert leaps, slashing upwards wantonly with his fiery saber. Flickers of fire fly haphazardly, spreading upwards. The lines of fire give a look – an illusion, to be exact – of myriad dragons charging upwards, giving the enemy no room to dodge or even escape. This style is perfect for breaking yourself free from lots of enemies surrounding you. But, by all means, don’t try this at home or anywhere!
Robert is still in mid-air when Algaban shouts into his mind.
Now! Supreme Absolution! Just the technique, mind you!
Robert vanishes! No normal eye can detect his movements, no breeze from his passing, no flickering lights from his Grimlock, nothing. With the skill alone the opponent’s aura can hardly detect him, as though there’s no heat whatsoever.
Then he reappears, holding Grimlock firmly with his two hands, his posture shows that he has just done sliding. Algaban comments,
I can still hear the wind passing when you moved, slightly. All in all, your skills still need more practice; it’s still a long way to go. But, I think you’re quite ready to use your new variants in a real fight out there.
Robert responds with a mild surprise, ‘So, you mean I can go to Valanis now?’
Of course, my little friend, you can. And here’s one more gift from me for you. From now on, you can summon me whenever you need me. Oh, yes, Robert. You can summon me like your friends summon their guardian spirits. But as I am still a flesh-and-bone being, you may want to give me a favor of unsummoning me to send me back to my post here in Hvalgarr. But mind you, as you will have to use much of your fire aura to summon me, use it wisely, only when you’re in a desperate trouble or facing an enemy far more powerful than your own. Always have your friends protecting you while you restore your energy when you’re weakened a bit after summoning, while I also fight for you.
When summoning, use this incantation: An Algaban me Aschi.
Remember this – you’ll have no trouble doing this because this spell is similar to your friends’. Well, as I have to remain here until I find some help; you’ll have to go there alone.
‘But, teacher,’ says Robert, ‘I still can’t beat you yet. The nearest I got was my sword on the scales on your tail, which also came with a price: I got hit with your tail. I think I’m not ready, Algaban.’
That’s what you think, my friend. But your sword in Omegron’s eye was convincing enough for me that you’re ready all along. Besides, I don’t believe one human alone can beat an ancient. A common dragon? Maybe. But an ancient? I helped a bit, right? So go, unite with your friends. Practice harder and the impossible will be possible to you. Combine your strength with intelligence and wisdom, and you’ll survive in your every endeavor.
‘Strength, intelligence, and wisdom. Thank you, teacher. Your words will always be in my heart.’
After saying that, Robert takes a deep, low bow in front of Algaban, showing gratitude and respect towards his mentor. Algaban looks at Robert for a while, and then she also takes a bow. Before Robert can ask about her reason, the ancient one explains,
And thank you too, Robert, for you and your friends have helped me and defended Adair’s Arsenal from Zal’fira and Omegron. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Now pack your things and get going, I’m sure your friends will be overjoyed to see you again.

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