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Sunday, July 29, 2007 Cristophe's Princely Return

Hey, I'm back to book two again, I hope u guys don't mind! - BJ Vadis

Twenty miles away from Myrcalia, Capital of Arcadia Empire, a carriage and several horsemen are on the way. Judging from their speed, they obviously are not in a hurry.

‘Your Highness, we are approaching Myrcalia,’ says a guard in the front of the group.

‘We will rest here and prepare for zee welcoming ceremony in zee palace,’ says Talbot du Bois, the Arcadian Royal Advisor. ‘We have your tunic ready and...’

‘That won’t be necessary, Monsieur Talbot,’ says Cristophe, Prince of Arcadia. ‘This armor will suffice. We thank you for your concern, but we’d rather meet His Majesty in our true condition. Because we don’t return from a war and we don’t return victorious.’

‘But still, Your Highness, you need to show your authority...’

‘Don’t you dare question my thoughts, monsieur. You are my father’s advisor, but I’m still a prince and I can have you executed on the spot for rebellion against my decision!’

‘As you wish, my prince. As you wish,’ says Talbot submissively. Who knows what he’s thinking as he turns his face away from Cristophe.

That snake, Cristophe thinks. Don’t think you can manipulate me and my friends. I know you can do everything, so I don’t want to take any chances with you.

After the trials in Valanis, Cristophe doesn’t have to hide his identity anymore. He is now wearing gears fit for a prince: A full plate iron armor, iron gloves and iron boots, draped in a grand, crimson robe. He still wields his trusty long sword Wyrthal and Raven Shield, and rides Robert’s horse, Paeldagrin. He pats Paeldagrin’s mane lovingly.

Sorry, Robert. I took Paeldagrin with me to Arcadia without your consent. After all, you left in a hurry. I’ll take care of it until we meet again. Thoughts about Robert, his party leader, his mentor and his friend keep on ringing in Chris’ mind along the way. About how the silver-haired hunter was framed into murder. About how Chris can help him prove his innocence.

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