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Friday, July 23, 2010 The Fire Passes On - Part One

Cristophe Deveraux The Fire Passes On

Being a constitutional Empire, the Senate forms the legislative body of Arcadia. Ever since a century before the Deveraux Dynasty regime, when Arcadia was still a kingdom, the Senate has been performing these four objectives:

1. Determining the succession of power on the Emperor’s absence
2. Making laws for the Empire and evaluate Emperor’s edicts
3. Making changes to the Constitution, on the people’s approval
4. Representing the people in front of the government.

The recent battle in Myrcalia City and the devastation that followed the victory has brought about drastic changes, forcing the Senate to perform the objective they rarely faced.

Numgrant Judecium, the Senate Building is under renovation today, but the Senate Council is in session inside. The war damages are not so great, only sacrificing some comfort. The members have been aware that the little damage was because of the sacrifices from the soldiers and people defending this place, and the bloodstains here and there in the room serve as a reminder for all.

The Senate Chairwoman, Nicolette du Meir is an elderly woman in her sixties with a few words. She only likes to talk straight to the point like she is doing now.

‘As we are aware of, the Emperor of Arcadia, Sage the Fourth is no longer in condition to rule. His depression of the loss of the Crown Prince has escalated into symptoms of insanity. Therefore, the Senate recommends that Sage the Fourth, Marcus Deveraux is relieved from his duties as Emperor until we confirm that he is no longer insane. All in favor?’

Two hundred and twenty-two members of the Senate raise their hands. It’s a majority from the total two hundred and fifty plus the five superiors sitting in the middle of the Pentagon Hall of Virtuous Rule. Unanimous as is, the Chairwoman says,

‘All in opposition?’
Fifteen raise hands. The rest abstain.

‘So, it’s decided. Sage the Fourth is relieved from his duties and is no longer the Emperor of Arcadia. The next step is to appoint his successor. As the Crown Prince is no longer alive and the Emperor became absent and failed to appoint the next successor in line, by the power bestowed upon us by the Constitution and the people, we hereby appoint a new Emperor of Arcadia. If you have a suitable and legitimate candidate, do inform us, and we’ll consider it.’

A Senator gets up and shouts, ‘The Second Prince, Cristophe Jean de Galantine Deveraux! No one else by right is more legitimate than him!’

The Chairwoman replies, ‘Yes, Prince Cristophe is indeed legitimate. His family bloodline that goes all the way directly to Sage the Fireheart, our First Emperor and his virtues: strength, wisdom and courage as the Heir of Vadis are exactly what we need as the leader of our vast Empire. Is there any other candidate you want to suggest?’

The other Senators come up with a few names: An Archduke, another Deveraux from Sage the Third’s sister’s line and someone even suggests Carolyn Deveraux. The election is cast, and the result is unanimous.

‘The people have spoken. Therefore, as the representative of the people and keeper of Constitution, the Senate appoints Prince Cristophe Jean de Galantine Deveraux as the new Emperor of Arcadia. Long live the Emperor!’ concludes Chairwoman du Meir. All other members of the Senate also cheer. ‘Long live the Emperor!’
The hammer throws, marking another major change for the future of Arcadia Empire.

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