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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FireHeart Game Walkthrough Chapter 5 Part 2

(Section 2)

Ylbarra Grad Mines

Entering from the bottom left of the map, there are two ways to go through this area: the hard way and the easy way.

The hard way is to explore this huge area by foot. It’s time consuming, yet it’s “safer” and more rewarding in terms of experience points, money and treasure chests.

Well, if you want to save time (you can enter this dungeon again later), you can choose the easy, express way NOW (because it won’t be available in the detour later) which is to ride the mine cart (mini-game). Since the tracks in this dungeon are treacherous, better set the 6 remote track switches first (just on top of the cart starting point).

Mini-Game: Mine Cart Ride

Note: You can always ask the track master for a new cart every time you are forced to detour or walk to the starting point.

The settings and results of the switches are as follows:
Default position when coming in: SWITCH A-F all OFF
Indicators: Red light: OFF, Blue light: ON, applicable to all switches of this type.
Switch Positions: A – B – C – D – E – F

SWITCH A: ON: Detour, OFF: Move on
SWITCH B: ON: Move on, OFF: Detour/move on by foot
SWITCH C: ON: Move on by foot, OFF: Move on
SWITCH D: ON: Got damage, lost 1000 HP each party member, OFF: Move on.
SWITCH E: ON: Move on, OFF: Instant death (GAME OVER)
SWITCH F: ON: Arrive at Ylbarra Inner Town, OFF: Move on by foot.

So, the best result will be earned by setting the switches:
A: OFF, B: ON, C: OFF, D: OFF, E: ON, and F: ON

And you’ll arrive in front of the entrance to Inner Ylbarra cavern town (walk on and exit straight to the right edge of the map).

Inner Ylbarra Town

In this suburb cavern town, you have the last opportunity to rest, restock and upgrade weapons and armor for the long fight ahead. Buy about 30-40 Healing Salves, I suggest. You can explore the town and pick up a hidden treasure on the floor near the water reservoir on the lower right corner of the map.

SPOILER TIP: DON’T buy the West Aurelia Map from the peddler. Informative as it is, it won’t be of much use if you use this walkthrough.

Exit the city, and you’re back in Ylbarra Mines. The mine cart is parked ahead, and there are three switches on top of it on the wall. Follow the chart below to set them up, and the best setting is:

SWITCH E (LEFT): ON: Proceed by cart, OFF: Proceed by foot
SWITCH F (MIDDLE): ON: Back to mine entrance, OFF: Proceed by cart
SWITCH A (RIGHT): ON: Arrive at Citadel Entrance (GOAL), OFF: Proceed by foot

After getting off the cart, walk on to the right to the healing crystal, save your game and then move up and exit the screen into a new area.

Ylbarra Citadel

Walk right up. Go past between the guards to trigger a cutscene that leads to the...

Emole Grad

The “Womb of Grad” or – in author’s term “Hall of the Mountain King”.
A cutscene autoruns here between your party and Haägi Thornhelm, the Grand Trow (Dwarf King). Cristophe’s burden is relieved, but you don’t have a chance to put any accesory on him because it’s instantly on to the BOSS fight:

BOSS: Frei Val’shka, the Ice Goddess
HP: 7500

As her name states, fire attacks are most effective on her. She is tougher than Jokulion – of course! Watch out for the Avalanche spell, because it’s coming out more often. And if you get one, the Silence spell won’t do much good with her high SPIRIT (magic).

Still, Goddess as she is, she’s but a spirit trying to re-materialize in this world by sucking life-force from living beings with power, so you can still beat her easier with your average party LEVEL of 15 – 18.

After the fight subsides, a cutscene ensues and you’ll end up back to the citadel again. If the scene doesn’t start automatically, walk down and talk to the innkeeper-like fat lady in the middle of the road, and off you go to the Ylbarra Mine entrance from the top right.

The mine cart is “jammed” this time so you just proceed by foot to the top left corner of the map (you can still hunt first), talk to Uli (the fat lady) again and follow her, exit to the top.

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