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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FireHeart Game Walkthrough Chapter 5 Part 3

(Section 3)

Falambum Vale

The hidden Valley of Wonders is indeed a place to rest for a while (before the storm). There’s a house in the middle of the vale, and in front of it a hooded dwarf priest is roaming/standing. Just don’t talk to him or enter the house yet.

Instead, talk to Uli to replenish your HP/MP (just like an inn). Roam around the vale or hunt in the mine again if you want to until you’re ready to proceed the story.

A wandering merchant is at the top left of the map in case you want to replenish your sundries.

The Robert’s Crossbow Practice mini-game (shooting) level 2 is on the top middle of the map. Just stand on the axis of the “+” sign and press ACTION button (ENTER / SPACEBAR) to play it for extra geines.

Cristophe’s Fishing Game: Get on the boat (ACTION button) and roam the area. When you get above the “fish trails”, just press ACTION button. Either you’ll get fish, salmon, nothing or battle with ferocious Sahagins.

The Nine Lucky Chests are on the top right of the map. You can choose to open only one, and all chests will be gone forever (unless you found a way to turn the switch “Magic Chests” ON again).

SPOILER: Here are the nine chests and the contents.
Chest 1: Wrapped Bow
Chest 2: Nothing
Chest 3: Ring Mail
Chest 4: Nothing
Chest 5: Special Spices
Chest 6: Spiked Shield (BEST)
Chest 7: Lost 500 geines
Chest 8: Get 100 geines
Chest 9: Battle with Mimic

After you’re done playing and leveling up, talk to Uli again to rest and then to the dwarven priest (if he’s still out of the house). Get ready, and enter the house to trigger an extended scene, until you end up behind bars.

Ylbarra Dungeon Cells

A savior comes and frees you from the cell, and at this point the priest, Paolo Marvellini joins your party. As the story demands, Cristophe, Rob and Carol put on their disguises and their entire look changes – note that their faces in battles and menu are still the same in case someone’s confused of who is who. Check the dungeon room for treasure chests, save your game and exit to the bottom.

Ylbarra Dungeon Level B2

As you come from the upper right corner of the map, go all the way to the upper left corner stairs exit, any path is okay.

The one you must beware of are the roaming dwarven guards, which, according to the story are to be avoided or back to the slammer upon “touching” or be touched by them. Observe how they move and sneak past them to proceed. Beware of poison gas trap in treasure chests.

Ylbarra Dungeon Level B1

Map Diagram:
Sections : Contents
TOP: DOOR F – Enter Cell for next area – SWITCH D – Treasure – SWITCH B – Treasure
MIDDLE: DOOR E – Event (don’t go up) – DOOR D – DOOR C – DOOR B – DOOR A

The upper floor of the treacherous Ylbarra Dungeon is heavily guarded by automatons disguised as stone doors and werewolves infiltrating this area for a reason unknown. The key to escape is to press the switches in order: A-B-C-D-E-F and a bit of patience.

From the healing point on the left, go down to turn SWITCH F OFF and go all the way up again and to the right. Save your game and then fill up all HP and MP, enter the second cell door from the top left and you’ll find a...

Secret Passage

A cutscene takes place and you’ll be thrown into battle with:

BOSS: Alpha Werewolf
HP: 6750

With 3 werewolves, this is a tough nut to crack. His wind attacks are Tornado (when he’s down to 20% HP) and Whirlwind Slash.

After you beat the boss, open the left treasure box for a bonus and move the right treasure box to the right like you do boulders so you can climb the rope and automatically move all the way back to the open space...

You come out from a shack in Falambum Vale and a cutscene ensues. The priest, Paolo Marvellini then joins your party permanently and your appearances are back to normal again as you remove your disguises. Rest up, save your game, play and shop around here some more, and if you’re ready just go to bottom right corner of the map and you’ll find me (an avatar of me in this game, tee hee hee). Just answer “aye” to my question and you’ll instantly view the next story cutscene.

Ylbarra Grad Mines

After the cutscene, you’ll find your hero on the upper left corner of the map. Just move about by foot because the mine cart won’t be available near the citadel or the inner town now.

This is your last chance to open all treasure chests in this area. Move all the way down to the mountain entrance on the bottom left corner. Save your game near the mine cart and move on to trigger three long, full scenes in three areas, automatically moving on to the next chapter.

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