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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heroes of Gaia

Heroes of Gaia, Free Browser Game, Online Game, RPG Game, Flash Game

Long before the Genesis, the land of Gaia was at a barbarous age of remote antiquity where no kingdom formally existed. Ancient Orcs, the forefathers of Kressia, were rulers of the land at that time. Their tribes scattered all over the whole land. A hero named Maganus, who claimed to be the “Envoy of Ancestors” created Bracada, a human kingdom of wizards. Maganus established a cooperative relation with Jag, the leader of Kressia, and gave them advanced technologies in exchange for abundant resources. From then on, the civilization of Gaia endured rapid development. Suddenly, the disappearance of Maganus and the death of Jag, the relation between these two countries started to deteriorate.

Without the wise leadership of Maganus, Bracada unleashed a war which lasted for 21 years and almost occupied the whole land after it. They defeated Kressia and it became a colony of Bracada.

The reign of Bracada lasted for nearly one thousand years which witnessed great development of the Land of Gaia in terms of productivity as well as culture. During this period, various races emigrated here from other lands, settled down, and started their happy life.

After the orcs endured much hardship, Tannon, an orcish leader, led an uprising which caused the collapse of the Kingdom of Bracada. Although Tannon overturned the reign of Bracada, the conflict hadn’t been eased.

Many hundreds of years past and the races were at peace and prospered as best they could. However, the undead race had other plans in mind. Dreadmoore, the leader of the undead race, was secretly plotting against the other races to rule the land of Gaia. During a council meeting between the races, Dreadmoore led an assassination attempt on the other leaders, killing all but Dagdalon, the leader of the elf race.

Dreadmoore and his followers invaded Zedonia immediately after Dagdalon’s escape. Upon his return, Dagdalon instantly summoned the elven army to fight against Dreadmoore’s demons. The human and orc races wanted revenge and allied with the elves to fight against the undead demons. With the three races combined, they were too powerful for the undead, but Dreadmoore was cunning and devised a secret plan against them.

During the night, he sent three demon spies into the camp of the human race, assassinated the general, and left a weapon known to be used by orcs. Upon discovering the assassination, the humans were enraged and demanded a meeting with the orcs and elves to explain the meaning of this. The orcs denied their involvement and claimed the undead were plotting against them. Blind with rage, the humans ignored the orcs and threatened to attack. A fight broke out between the humans and orcs. Sylvos, the captain of the elvish army, tried to break up the fight and was accidentally killed by Oruk, an orcish leader. To the delight of Dreadmoore, the alliance between the three races was now broken.

The war of the races went on for decades. There were countless battles with many lives lost and the land of Gaia had been separated into five different countries: Zedonia, Avalon, Kressia, Nazeterra, and Corobar. Each race has yet to write their name in the legacy of Gaia. Heroes will emerge and conquer those who are weak. Take fate into your own hands and become a hero of Gaia!

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