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Saturday, July 07, 2007 Enia's Sanctum Part 01

A natural waterfall, as documented in

Enia, Fairest Enia
Goddess of Corona, Mother of Eternia
With the graces of the sun she raises the world
Puts balance on nature, new replaces old
Vadis brings love and hope
So Enia’s children may grow and live
Adair brings limit of time
So Enia’s old ones be replaced and die

Enia, suffer that you are
Blessing and curse merge in one
Trapped in Vadis and Adair’s fight
Choose whom will you might?
When Vadis makes you smile
Your joy chops tears to grow life
When Adair bids you awake
Your hands work things for a change

Enia, nature’s mother is you
But your children go astray and deny you
Your tears drop all the time, along your path
Search and protect your children from their fathers’ wrath
When you find lost ones along the way
You embrace and bring them to stay
Having two lovers is a deed to pay
Will your children love you as they may?

Ode of Enia, verse 1 – 3
By Lucian Istrevent, Thyrine philosopher

‘Iris, will you cut that out?’ says Christopher, greatly irritated.

Iris is puzzled. ‘… but why? There are still seven verses to go!’

‘Hey, I know this Ode of Enia is a hit song in Thyrine, but you have sung it five times in a row already!’ says Carolyn, agreed with Chris for a first time since their argument in Ingvhus.

‘Will you be more creative and do something more useful this time… like guiding us?’

‘Hey, hey! You tough girl! I’m doing my job, you see? It’s just your hunting party is so boring that I tried to chill out a little bit. It’s you who should be creative! Make some fun for once! Don’t act like today is your funeral all the time!’ says Iris with a naughty expression on her face.

‘Why you…! Okay, for the first attraction, I’ll zap you to ashes! Magna…’

Andreas and Robert quickly shut Carolyn’s mouth and grab her magical trident Esthagar to prevent her from casting the Thunder Storm spell towards Iris.

‘Carol, stop! Don’t start again! Haven’t you heard my warning? Or should my kiliji does it for you?’ says Robert curtly.

Robert’s words for Carolyn are like a thousand kilijis piercing her heart. She loathes Iris even more for that, but her logic refreshes her resolve again and Carolyn walks away, ashamed with herself.

Robert tries to steer the party on the mission on hand by asking Iris, ‘Where are we now? Are we near Enia’s Sanctum yet?’

‘Oh, yes.’ Iris answers. ‘It’s well hidden, you know. The entrance is like a building carved on a mountain slope. And it’s camouflaged by a waterfall in front of it. You’ll notice if we are very close to the sanctum, we will encounter more and more monsters there. To enter is easy. You just walk through the waterfall to arrive there. Only we, the Thyrinian Elves and Terranovan Dark Elves know this, so naturally the heroes chosen by the dark side will be there, too.’
Andreas asks Iris, ‘Why Kyflynn was chosen by Thyrine, not Terranova? He’s a dark elf, for Vadis’ sake!’

Iris answers, ‘Well, his methods and principles – killing bad guys only – made him an outcast, banished from Terranova forever. Son of Adair he is, and he never cares much about Vadis, but Enia is always in his heart.’

Soon they find out that Iris’ words are all too true. A large concentration of monsters is in their way, trying to prevent them from going into Enia’s Sanctum or simply preys on them. Zombies and undead are also seen among them.

Robert gives a quick instruction, ‘Charge through them!’

Robert launches his Fire Slash once and cuts some of the zombies in half. Chris does his Three-Point Chain Slash; Carolyn casts her Fireblast and Iris shoots several times with her bow to clear up the monsters that are blocking their way and with Andreas they run through them.
Corpses and severed heads of kobolds, goblins, pixies, and several sorts of monsters are scattered everywhere, and also fallen heroes badly mangled and mutilated, as the result of the battles before this.

Amidst the battle, suddenly Iris yells, ‘Guys, Enia’s Sanctum is over there! Don’t waste time, follow me!’

She points at a waterfall in a distance straight ahead. Robert quickly beheads the kobold he’s engaging, and runs after Iris, followed by Andreas and Carolyn, and finally Chris too, just managed to kill his giant bat with a Three-point Chain Slash.

They soon arrive in front of a lake connected with a river, and there is a waterfall on the far edge of the lake. Water rushes down violently, and it’s impossible even to swim below it. No passage whatsoever below the cliff. It’s truly a natural barrier for anybody who tries to trespass to find out the mystery within. Strange, there is no monster around. They might’ve gone in on purpose with the help of the dark elves.

Iris stands in front of the lake, straight towards the waterfall, and then chants a mysterious spell with her hand raised and she gazes upwards, ‘Enia amvuhai um il vardeen nael imwa.’ (Oh Enia The Lifegiver and The Mighty Guardian, please let us in).

Iris’ chant in ancient elfish language, with exact tone and intonation, seems to take effect. The password triggers a rumbling sound below the lake, and stone cylinder-like paths emerge on the surface of the lake forming a line towards the waterfall. And then a tunnel moves out from the waterfall, providing shelter and passage through the violent ramming of the water above.

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