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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Skull Sword - by Virenne

I'm a 15 year old girl who fell in love with writing since I was 12. I've been longing to publish my book but I still hadn't got that chance. T_T View my complete profile

I’m trapped in the rose field,
Is this just another stupid dream like I used to have?
I raised my arms and I saw them bleeding,
The roses’ thorns cut my arms,
Oh great.
I ran and got rid of the roses from my way with my hands,
But this is just impossible!
Why are my hands bleeding, too?
Yeah right.
Not only the thorns, but also the petals are sharper than a razor blade.
I stopped running, this is just plain ridiculous.
I just stood there, and still bleeding.
Wait, what’s that light?
Come on, don’t tell me that’s Angel.
That is WAY too cheesy.
Besides, I’m not even sure I’m going to Heaven.
Oh, that’s not an Angel, thank God.
That’s...a guy???
Yeah right.
This is even cheesier than before.
“You have no choice,” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“If you keep standing there, you’ll die because of massive blood loss,”
“Yeah right,” I teased.
“But if you move, you’ll still die because of the same thing,” he didn’t listen to me.
“Then what should I do?” I asked.
“You’ll find it out soon if you’re smart enough to guess and to find it,”
Before I could say anything, he disappeared.
I sighed. Yeah right.
So the main point is, I’ll die.
The only difference is the matter of time.
Fine, then I’ll just keep walking.
Then, I felt like I stepped on something.
I looked down and it turned out to be a sword.
I picked it and smiled in victory.
“So he thinks I’m not smart enough, eh?” I said to myself.
Then, that guy appeared again.
He grinned.
Yeah, he grinned.
“So, this means I’ll survive?” I asked him.
He still grinned.
What’s that supposed to mean?
“Not really. My guess was right,” he leaned closer to me.
“I guessed you’d pick that sword instead of the white rose at the end of this field,” he continued.
“You picked the wrong way. But that means it’s your path,” he smiled.
“You tricked me!” I protested.
“No, you tricked yourself,”
I frowned and was thinking about throwing that sword away.
“Not the solution, sweetie,” he said like he could read my mind.
“Then what?!” I yelled.
“Walk along your path, it’ll lead you to your death,”
“You have no choice, remember? But you have to accept this gift whether you like it or not,”
“Yeah. Thanks to that sword, you’ll save a lot of people before you die,”
“I was actually hoping I’ll be immortal with this sword,”
“Nothing is immortal, everyone will die,”
“Okay now stop messing around with me, what sword is this?!”
“I thought you’d already know when you picked it, maybe you’re not smart enough,”
“This sword...” he continued, “is the Skull Sword..."
[End of Prologue]

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