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Monday, July 16, 2007 Nature's Temptation (Pg 85) Part One

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Photo caption: Carnivorous Plants, Mutant Animals and Banshee

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As they come out from the tunnel, Robert and the rest of the party find themselves in a narrow valley full of various strange trees as though a jungle. A large stone plaque stands in front of them, roughly carved with ancient runes. Robert turns to Iris, but Iris as though she already knew what Robert is going to ask her talks, ‘We, the guides are given directions to Enia’s Sanctum only and not the details in the secret chambers. The information about it has been destroyed shortly after it was renovated to seal the Kraal’shazar. And of course we understand our own ancient writings. So, we have to decipher and find out the meaning of these riddles ourselves as clues to get pass these obstacles. Let me read it first.’
Iris reads the runes for a while, and after a bit of humming and nodding, she begins to interpret the riddle.

Mother of the Sun
Embraces the ones who are glad
With a heart so pure
That desires none more to add

‘It means we have to be ready on the path ahead, don’t be tempted to get and touch anything along the way. There must be hidden traps along the way.’
Robert says, ‘Well done, Iris. Let’s go, team. We’ll show Mother Enia that we are worthy to protect her.’
With encouraging cheers from the rest of the team, Robert’s party begins to walk along the forest-valley path carefully. There is no monster along the way, just more and more trees with various fruits and flowers, also rare medicinal plants that are known to cure almost any disease, neutralize any poison, and naturally ensure longevity. Among them are oak trees, beech trees, willow trees, mandrake roots, pearl onions, wolfsbane, rare yamimya flowers that are usually used to brew mortal wound healing potions, also kinds of plants that are not naturally exist in the continent of Aurelia: ginseng roots, giant purple mushrooms from Far-East Wushu and Ashura Empire, and spices from the tropical regions in Terra Eternia.
Farther through this long forest passage, Robert’s party find more and more wonders. Friendly, tame animals such as rabbits, squirrels and antelopes, and rare, strange animals, such as peacocks, birds of paradise, and many others fly and roam around, giving out senses of peace and beauty. And some more wondrous creatures come to sight: nymphs, the spirits of nature, watchers and acolytes for Mother Nature Enia, with appearances of beautiful women with shiny pearl, emerald, sapphire, pink-colored skins, not like normal skin colors. They wear no clothes, only their long hair with the same color as their skins and wreaths of leaves are covering their beautifully shaped bodies, enough to stir lust from men with weak hearts. They move gracefully here and there and they look happy all the time, singing beautifully in strange languages. Truly, the greatness of nature is all shown in here. But the passer-bys must remain strong-willed not to even pick anything from the abundance of supplies or drink from the stream that flows by and be content with their own provisions. Even the greedy and ignorant Christopher managed so far to contain himself, with a greater effort and continuous warnings from his comrades.
Suddenly, to their surprise, all things change. The once lush green forest turns into a forest of dead, rotten trees. The path becomes muddy. Leaves, fruits and flowers rot and melt as

(copied from pg.85 of my single-spaced first draft script)

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