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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thaia, Queen of the Ljosalfars

Chapter Three The search for truth

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Thaia entered the family’s very large library surveying the filth. Thaia and Kaylee had decided not to clean some of the rooms until it was necessary to do so. Thaia walked over to the heavy window coverings to admit the blinding rays of sunshine. Long graceful fingers of light streaked across the dust filed room. The light revealed millions of little partials of dust dancing in her wake. Thaia struggled to open the old windows, the weather seemed to seal them shut. Finally she managed to reveal the beauty outside. A soft sweet-smelling breeze flooded the stale smelling room with the sent of spring’s reluctant arrival. Thaia leaned out the opening into the sun, closing her eyes she took in the sweet breeze. Silently Thaia listened to the sounds of birds singing high up in the trees. Slowly, Thaia turned to the room and her spirits seem to warm. Memories of her mother and father settled in her mind. Thaia could remember her father as he sat next to a roaring fire reading to her of fairies and princesses. Her mother would sit near listening to his stories. Opening the room up helped to lift the spirits that seemed to linger; the room was not so forgotten! Thaia could not help but to dwell on her parents as she stood in the middle of the library. Surrounded she felt, by Natalia her mother and Terrence her beloved father. The cool breeze seemed to move around the stale smell of her fathers cigar smoke, and she swore that she could smell her mother’s perfume. As if they still sat in the room with her. Goose bumps ran up and down Thaias body at the thought. Natalia had been a very beautiful and graceful woman with her blond hair and shining blue eyes. Her mother didn't stand more that five foot one inches tall, but she had a powerful presence about her. Natalia had confessed to Thaia that all of the females born in her family were about the same size. . . .short! Thaia was not surprised to only hit five-foot herself. Natalia had tried to help her daughter with her concerns by telling Thaia that" there would not be a more powerful being anywhere in the worlds". Thaia had always thought of her mother as a hippy, or even maybe a witch. Natalia denied of course Thaias allegations. Natalia continued to teach her about herbs, sun, moon, stars, and mother earth. Her mother was not weird about her teachings it was all very scientific actually. The knowledge according to her father had to be learnt by all the women and passed on to the next generation. It was important to her father so she tried to make it important to herself also! Natalia made it a point to make Thaia learn a new "recipe" every night after her home work had been finished. Walking around the room, a sparkle from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Thaia turned to a shining altar, the sun cast a spot lite on it. Natalia had made the altar to support a glass case that held her family tree. A thick cover of dust clung to the glass protecting the lives of her past. Thaia had no knowledge of the past, her mother always told her "when you are ready" then would say no more. Thaia gazed down trying to decipher the foreign language, as she had done for hours as a child. Thaia turned to the rest of the room and thought to herself, ‟where I should start? What was she actually looking for”? Thaia thought for a second about going through the crawl space again. With Kaylee gone she was free to explore without worry for her safety. But instead Thaia decided to wait and see what she found there first. Maybe her mother had left a journal or some kind of record Thaia thought ass he stepped over the old creaky wood floors. Thaia wasted no more time as she headed straight for the boxes in the corner of the room, she would start there. Thaia went through every book and paper she came across, not to overlook anything. Deep in thought Thaia almost didn’t hear it, slowly she let the papers in her hands fall to her lap. A strange creeping noise came from the wall behind her. The room began to move as noise came up through the walls and floor boards. Thaia did not dare move until she had a better idea of what actually was happening. The noise snapped loudly then it happened, with a crash part of the wall directly behind her fell. Scrambling back on her hands in the spider position, Thaia narrowly escaped being hit. "What in the hell was that?" She said to the empty dust filled room. She did not move until the dust settled. The room cleared, Thaia could see that half of the wall had fallen away, leaving behind a hidden door. Cautiously she moved forewords, for a better look. The wood door was bleach white with an elaborate brass door knob. Thaia slowly moved a hand to the door knob and gave it a turn, the door was locked. Stepping back Thaia let her eyes roam the beautiful carvings that covered the frame. Thaia thought the carvings looked like the ones on the strange tower. A warm glow caught Thaias eyes. She could see light come from the key hole! Curious Thaia kneeled down to peer through the key hole. A room hid behind the door, stunned Thaia moved away from the key hole. She sat back on her heals and laughed. It was then that Thaia noticed the warm light coming from the bottom and top of the door. Sure it could not be her imagination Thaia moved closer to the key hole and peered inside again. It was a very long corridor with a large fire place at the end. The warm light came from a lit fire. Windows covered the outer walls, most of the glass seemed to be beautiful stained glass. The room itself had a look of a library, book cases lined the middle of the room. Chairs and tables took up any other space left. Thaia once more sat back on her heals. It made no sense she thought. Thaias eyes caught sight of a window next to the hidden door. Getting up Thaia moved to open the window. Pushing up Thaia easily opened the window. Bending over Thaia hung her head out. Somewhat to her surprise there was not a room there. Open space occupied the space where the room should have been. Slowly Thaia pulled her head back into the house. Turning she moved for the door once again. Bending down on one knee she peered into the strange room once more. It was still there, but not there? Thaia sat back on her heals, she stared at the key hole. Thaias mind seemed to have difficulties processing what her eyes were telling her! A sudden thought hit Thaia, would her mothers key unlock the door? With hast she jumped up and ran to the second floor to retrieve the strange old key. Thaia sprinted up to the fifth floor with key in hand, she came to a stop in front of the door. Slowly with shaking hands Thaia tried the key, it fit! Slowly she unlocked the door and pushed it open. To her surprise the sweet smell of lilacs hit Thaias noise. Cautiously she entered the room. Thaia stopped just a couple of steps inside the door, she could hear music. Thaia tilted her head to pin-point the music box kind of noise. Thaia thought she could hear a couple different songs playing lightly in the back ground. Beautiful she thought as she eyes caught sight of strange exotic fabrics, rich woods, and thousands of leather bond books. Thaias eyes roamed the entire room moving there way to a set of golden stair cases. A golden corkscrew made it’s way to a glass bottom loft. Thaia could see glass cases lining the wall with what look to be trophies’. Movement caught her attention from one of the cases, the trophy’s seemed to also be the source of the music. Turning Thaia walked the hole length of the room searching for–anything. But what exactly was she looking for, something strange she thought? The entire room was strange and out of its place in reality. Stumped Thaia reached for one of the many books. Thaias eyes roamed the beautiful book cover, the title was written in a beautiful un-known language. Thaia paused as she felt a strange sensation surge through her arms. The book vibrated in her arms. Slowly Thaia laid the book down on the nearest table and opened the cover. A black smoke bellowed out of the open book, choking her. Thaia stumbled away from the smoke, her eyes and lungs burned horribly. Thaia made it out to the library and closed the door behind her. The smoke did not fallow her out, nor could she smell the rancid–what ever the smell had been. Locking the door once again Thaia decided to retire for the night. But she had every intension of rising early to continue her search. Thaia knew now that something big was hidden for her to find. Thaia decided to go back down into the basement in the morning and search every inch of the house._________________I would love some feed back, and a lot of help. First time writer Thanks StephanieLast edited by Stephanie on Sat May 05, 2007 9:54 am; edited 7 times in total

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