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Sunday, July 22, 2007 Nature's Temptation Part 03

Page 87-88

So the ill-fated wizard’s entire body immediately turns blue, and he dies with an awful scream of mortal pain, sinking into the swamp.
Four men and a woman fell in this attack, but the men and elves have slain many of the attacking banshees and mutants along their way. More and more attackers coming from every direction and the waves seem endless, but what frustrates the hunters the most is that the slain banshees and mutants are REGENERATING! Their wounds are mended, their severed body parts sprout again in their places, and they come back to life and immediately attack again.
No matter how powerful a man or elf is, he’ll soon be exhausted with this continuous attacks that will never cease until all ‘violators’ are slain. One of the hunters, a bounty huntress falls on her knees, her strength is failing her. She prostrates there and she seems like praying. Strangely, the mutants and banshees don’t attack her. She keeps kneeling there, with her eyes closed and overflowed with tears, muttering something like
‘Please… forgive me… spare my life… I have sinned…’
Andreas notices this and quickly yells, ‘Quick! On your knees and pray! Beg forgiveness from Mother Enia!’
Most of the struggling hunters including Chris are surprised on hearing this, but Carolyn, Iris and Robert who trust Andreas quickly get a grasp of the situation, and kneel at once. And then Chris and the others follow suit. Only a poor soul who thinks of this as an absurd thing to do keeps on fighting. And soon he is attacked by several mutants at once, leaving his mangled, dead body on the way, a horrifying mess of flesh and blood.
And the rest, all wounded in various degrees and certainly exhausted, kneel earnestly, all pray in their own words, for only one purpose, begging forgiveness from the exalted host of Enia’s Sanctum. The banshees and mutants stop their attacks and stand still, although surveying their opponents to get a true account of their behavior. Then, after a while, a banshee starts talking with a hoarse female voice,
‘All hearts are impure. All have sins and flaws. There are only two ways to sort this out. One is to purge the sinners like garbage from the house. We are just the executioners and the tempting scenery here is the trigger.’
Her voice changes into a soft, melodious voice.
‘But for the ones who repent and courageous and honest enough to admit their sins before Mother, they will receive Mother’s forgiveness as you are now. Feel free to eat the fruits and drink the water now, but if you harm the animals or violate the purity of Mother Enia’s Paradise again, we will strike the sinner down on the spot!’
As she speaks in her original soft voice, the forest banshee turns into a nymph again gradually. The mutant animals, carnivorous plants and the entire toxic forest environment also turn to normal again in a matter of seconds. All hunters there sigh in relief, thanks to the repentant bounty huntress. They all now walk carefully along the rest of the forest path and no one of them dares to touch anything at all.
At last they arrive in front of Enia’s Sanctum entrance, with a great doorway and two gigantic Enia statues on the left and right side of the doorway, all carved magnificently and beautifully on the rocky mountain slope. One Enia statue on the left is holding a flaming ball that represents the sun on her outstretched palms, and the one on the right is holding a carved tree on her outstretched palms. Lavennia Iris and other elf guides kneel at once in front of the statue, chanting their praises, ‘Emolë Enia amvuhai, omni Eternia machiche na.’ (Oh Mother Enia the Lifegiver, may all Eternia praise you forever). There is no effect upon the chanting, because it was not a password, just a prayer for Enia’s divine guidance.
‘Enia’s Holy Place’ says Chris, ‘at last.’

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