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Monday, July 16, 2007

God of War II - IGN Guide


Even in victory, Kratos was defeated. After toppling Ares, the reigning God of War, Kratos was made a god, but did not have his original wishes fulfilled. The cruelty of the gods will not soon be forgotten.
In God of War 2, it's Kratos's chance for vengeance. But traveling back in time to reverse fate won't be easy. The path to revenge is littered with obstacles, some small, some monstrous. With new enemies to battle and more bosses to face, this adventure will be Kratos's toughest challenge to date.
Forget the gods—may the Titans be with you.
In this God of War 2 online strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // General tips for stringing combos and building Kratos's strength.
WALKTHROUGH // Comprehensive God of War 2 walkthrough with puzzle solutions and boss tips.
SECRETS // Unlockable info, plus tips for collecting all Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers.

Walkthrough : (Table of contents)

Table of Contents
God of War 2 is a seamless adventure with no defined stages. To break up the walkthrough into consumable segments, we've separated the walkthrough into sections based on save points. Each save point has a unique name that you can see when you load your game. Match your save point to the list of save points below to find the section of the walkthrough you need.

Rhodes Rhodes Bathhouse Rhodes Palace Eastern Ramparts Return from Hades Lair of the Titan The Hand Cavern Fire of Olympus Typhon's Cavernous Prison The Temple of Lahkesis The Garden of Lahkesis Pathway to the Steeds The Steeds of Time The Divine Pools Destiny's Atrium The Bog of the Forgotten The Temple of Euryale The Ruins of the Forgotten River of the Forgotten The Temple of Euryale Lowlands Vista Euryale's Defeat Catacombs of the Fallen Courtyard of Atropos The Edge of Creation Courtyard of Atropos Crossing the Lowlands The Great Chasm The Face of Atlas Inside the Mighty Titan Ascension of Atlas The Great Chasm The East Auditorium Auditorium of Lahkesis The East Auditorium The Garden of the Gods Sacrifice to the Fates The West Auditorium Entrance to the Underground The Phoenix Chamber Releasing the Phoenix Temple of the Fates The Throne of the Fates The Temple of the Oracle The Throne of the Fates Before the Loom The Loom Chamber The Summit of Sacrifice

Guide by: Mark Ryan Sallee

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