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Saturday, July 07, 2007 Enia's Sanctum - Part 02

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‘Better use the force of nature than fight it. Better use the waterfall to open the mechanisms than to use magic to stop water from flowing.’ says Iris.

Robert and the others are not very impressed with this display. This is all too easy, and they are going into the cavernous shrine full of booby-traps to outwit and guardians to pass, not to mention the monsters and dark heroes. It’s a sure death for the ones who are not strong enough, smart enough, and lucky enough.

Carolyn calls for Chiel, ‘Chiel! Hide yourself in my bag, will you! This will be real rough for a little chap like you!’ Chiel the micha is yearning for more adventure, but it has no other choice but to obey its master, making a disappointed-like chi-chi sound and gets into Carolyn’s bag and hides its tiny wings inside its body.

Robert and his friends walk along the stone paths slowly and carefully. Iris hops along the paths easily. When she arrives at the tunnel, she looks back and sees her friends are lagging behind. She yells, ‘C’mon, you guys. Quick! The entrance is about to shut up any moment now! We must go past the tunnel before it does!’

Robert and his friends tread faster, but when they arrive at the last slippery paths, showered with waterfall, Chris and Carolyn slip and fall into the lake. Robert and Andreas quickly bend to save Chris and Carolyn, and they save Chris successfully with great effort. Carolyn, however, no one is near to her as her friends are far away from her in the tunnel. But before she can think of getting into the tunnel by swimming, the current from waterfall is beginning to force her adrift.
‘Robert! Heelp! HEEELP MEEE!’ Carolyn yells with despair, gasping in panic.

Before Carolyn loses her hope, a hand grabs her, and quickly pulls her up to the path. Carolyn looks up to see her savior, and apparently it’s Iris. Carolyn’s hatred towards Iris vanishes for a brief moment, but she immediately shakes her hand away.

Carolyn walks away on the steps, and without looking at Iris, she says, ‘Huh! I guess I owe you one. Thanks.’

Iris doesn’t respond, but quickly grabs Carolyn’s body and takes her into the tunnel.

Carolyn yells in protest, ‘Hey! I don’t need your help!’ as they arrive in the tunnel.

Iris says in an emotionless tone, ‘Look behind you.’

Carolyn looks back and sees the paths are already sunk below the lake, and the last path is sinking behind her. And now the tunnel is retracting into the waterfall. So Carolyn and her comrades immediately walk forward along the long tunnel into an opening.

Temple of Petra, carved on a mountain - A source model for Enia's Sanctum Entrance.

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